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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Service Center is dedicated to building working relationships and connections with our campus partners. We sincerely value your dedication to the on-campus fraternity/sorority community and all you do to promote the success of fraternity/sorority life as a whole. We look forward to working and connecting with you about our chapter on your campus!

Our Mission is to advance the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service for our members throughout life. The True Gentleman is our creed that we expect our members to uphold and emulate.

Read on for some important things you should know about SAE as a campus partner.

Brothers from the Start

Sigma Alpha Epsilon proudly eliminated “pledging” in 2014. We do not see the value of class distinction, and it does not build brotherhood. Today, our potential new members are issued an invitation, or a “bid,” for membership and are to be initiated as full members within 96 hours of its acceptance. We do not condone hazing of any kind. If we are alerted to its occurrence, we take every action possible to hold individuals and/or chapters accountable while helping correct the course. If you see, hear, or become aware of any accusation of misconduct or behavior that you believe to be inconsistent with our policies and procedures, please reach out to the Chapter Services Consultant assigned to your institution. Our goal is to be #1 in relationships with our campus partners so we can address issues and collaborate to ensure that our members and the students on your campus are safe.

365 Recruitment

SAE chapters are encouraged to recruit new members year-round. Our 96-hour bid to initiation process and member onboarding education make it easy for chapters to practice 365 recruitment. We encourage our chapters to focus on building relationships with other students and organizations. By not relying on a formal recruitment period, our brotherhood can grow stronger no matter the time of year. Having a 365 recruitment model provides our chapters with the time to build genuine relationships before bidding and increasing the number of quality members. Our Recruitment Challenge emphasizes the importance of the 365 recruitment model and provides the opportunity for some friendly competition and an incentive to win recruitment gear.

Member education

All Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters are required to follow our standard member education program. The Phoenix Member Education Program consists of Member Onboarding and Brother-to-Brother Lessons. Member Onboarding offers programming for Candidates for Membership and initiated members. Initiated members welcome the new members into the Chapter or Emerging Chapter and reflect on their membership thus far. Brother-to-Brother Lessons are continuing education sessions meant for all brothers of the Chapter or Emerging Chapter. These lessons are facilitated by the Member Educator or other chapter officers at chapter meetings. Chapters must complete 18 Brother-to-Brother Lessons each year (9 each semester or 6 each quarter). A lesson scheduling worksheet is provided in the back of the Phoenix Member Education Manual to help them plan and organize lessons for the term. Chapters can substitute and utilize campus resources or other programming as Brother-to Brother Lessons as long as they fall within one of the six categories: Ritual and the Fraternity, Scholarship and Academics, Leadership and Campus, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Health and Safety, and Service and Community. More details about the Phoenix Member Education Program, including the full Phoenix Member Education Manual, can be found on the Member Education page of our website.

Member Safety

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is committed to the health and wellness of our members. The Fraternity Service Center has prioritized our continuous educational efforts to provide resources to our members and raise awareness of the health and safety issues we face on our college campuses. Through our resources like the Phoenix Member Education, online learning courses, and health and wellness resources, we are giving our members the health and safety resources they need now more than ever.

Minerva’s Shield is SAE’s official health-and-safety guide, which details expectations, protocols, and crisis procedures that all members are expected to understand and follow. Sigma Alpha Epsilon maintains a zero-tolerance policy for behaviors and actions that violate our regulations or deviate from our creed and values. This guide provides a foundation for risk prevention throughout our chapters nationwide. The categories included in this guide are our membership agreement, reducing risk, event planning, crisis management, and our amnesty policy. We hope that you will take some time to review this guide.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Staff does not approve or register events. In the event of a crisis, we have a crisis management protocol plan in Minvera’s Shield. If there is an incident, it must be reported to the Fraternity Service Center within 24 hours through our Incident Report.

As a campus partner, we know safety and risk management is a huge priority for our members and the whole fraternity/sorority community on your campus. We cannot have eyes and ears at all of our chapters, and we hope you will contact us with your concerns if you see, hear, or experience anything you believe to be inconsistent with our creed or values. Please feel free to review the rest of our policies and procedures on our Resources page.

Educational Programs

In 1935, SAE was the first Fraternity to develop and implement a National Leadership School for our members. Today, we offer our annual Ritual Academy and Leadership School. These programs are available to all of our members throughout their undergraduate experience. Each program is based on leadership theory and builds leadership competencies and skills to set members up for success. Every graduating participant from one of our programs receives a Competency Guide detailing the skills and competencies they gained by participating in the event to market themselves for their future career/professional endeavors through their resume and/or interviewing process. We are invested in our members’ future, and our programs prepare them to lead on campus and in their future careers. Follow these links to learn more about our programs, scholarships, and chapter awards.

Stay Connected

If you’d like to keep up with what SAE is doing around the country, we hope you’ll take the time to read our online news magazine, The Record Online. You can also stay connected through our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. We also encourage you to tell your SAE chapter to tag us or let us know about the great things they are doing on your campus so we can highlight their great work! We would also like to hear from you! If our chapter on your campus is exceptional and you believe they should be recognized, complete our Good News Submission Form.

Have Questions or Concerns?

We value your dedication to our members and the entire fraternity/sorority community. Please communicate with us if you have any celebrations, questions, or concerns about the SAE chapter on your campus. Meet our Fraternity Service Center team and get their contact information. Every campus has a designated Chapter Services Consultant, who is your primary contact regarding your SAE chapter. The Chapter Coverage Map can help you determine your assigned consultant.


We do not condone or tolerate hazing. We take action immediately if we are notified of any hazing. Additionally, we partner with Hazing, which provides an anonymous hotline for students, friends, and families to use whenever they have concerns. We investigate any and all accusations made. You may reach us at (847) 475-1856, our central office number, or at (888) NOT-HAZE.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a Diversity & Inclusion Position Statement and a Non Discrimination Policy to ensure that we promote, support, and value diversity and inclusion within our organization. We do not condone or tolerate discrimination in any form

We have compiled an Important Dates and Deadlines Resource to ensure our members have these dates in one document. We also have additional resources on our Resources Page. Please remind our members about the forms and deadlines.

Please contact our Growth Team at

We provide the QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer) Gatekeeper Training free of charge to any member who signs up. Please visit our QPR Program page to learn more about QPR.

Our national service and philanthropic partners are NMDP, Children’s Miracle Network, Movember, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Visit our Service & Philanthropy page to learn more about these partners initiatives.

On our resources page, we have a Philanthropy & Community Service Report Form. We would appreciate it if you encouraged and reminded our members to complete this form after each philanthropic and service event hosted on your campus!

The SAE annual awards program is for chapters, individual members, Alumni Associations, House Corporations, and Advisory Boards. The Fraternity Awards Competition is designed to give our members greater recognition for our chapters’ hard work. All award applications and their criteria are listed on the Fraternity Awards Competition page