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Leadership School

Are you an undergraduate who wants to take your knowledge of the Ritual to the next level? Learn from some of our top ritualists during a weekend of Ritual education, discussions and training. The Institute is a great way for brothers to learn more about our Ritual and how to apply it to their daily lives.


Leadership School provides a big picture look at fraternity leadership and a deeper dive into what it means to serve the Fraternity and our community. It is an immersive learning experience in which collegiate brothers will focus on building the skills needed to serve in any leadership role. 

This 5-day institute brings collegiate brothers through the full cycle of collegiate membership, beginning with Member Onboarding and a mock Initiation. The week rounds out with the alumni graduation ceremony and an overview of what it means to be an alumni member and opportunities to continue their involvement.

This program is open to all collegiate active brothers. Alumni have the opportunity to participate as facilitators, alongside our National Ambassadors, who serve as peer facilitators.


Leadership School will build leadership competencies needed to lead within the Fraternity, your community, and professional roles.

By attending Leadership School, members will:

  • Develop leadership skills needed to be successful in any collegiate officer role. 
  • Gain knowledge of leadership, recruitment, and Ritual activities to bring back to your chapter.
  • Learn about alumni involvement opportunities.


Please review the information above for full details on the program before registering. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with the Education Department at

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