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As a core principle of SAE, service is the best way to build brotherhood and give back to your community at the same time. By holding a True Gentleman Day of Service, you will also remind your campus and local community that SAE follows through on this value by leaving a positive impact. 

A True Gentleman Day of Service is any service project or event held by a group of SAEs. Collegiate chapters and colonies, alumni associations, or any group of members may choose to organize a TG Day of Service. Groups are encouraged to have multiple TG Days of Service and are welcome to hold them at any time throughout the year.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon values service to others and our global community, as conveyed through our mission and vision. What better way to live our values than a True Gentleman Day of Service: serve your community with your brothers.

Check out the provided resources for picking a project, planning your event, getting the most out of your service experience, and reporting your impact.