Start A Chapter

From start to finish, our goal is to create strong chapters and ensure that our members have the best experience possible. Below is the process we take in starting chapters. For more additional information or to inquire about starting a chapter, please contact Jamil Tharp at

How To Start A Chapter

  1. Inquiry
    Made by a university or a group of students where Greek Life is interested in expanding their Greek System.
  2. Research of Institution
    Our Expansion & Growth team researches the opportunity and determines the viability of each expansion opportunity.
  3. Approval by Expansion & Growth Team to Form an Emerging Chapter
    If the opportunity is approved, a group would begin working on the requirements to form an Emerging Chapter. At this point, the group is not allowed to use any branding or insignia of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in any form.
  4. Membership Selection
    The minimum requirements to form an Emerging Chapter are having a group that is at least 50% of the average fraternity size on the selected campus with every person having at least a 2.5 GPA.
  5. Emerging Chapter Formation
    After meeting the minimum requirements, the group needs approval from the university, the Expansion & Growth team, and Supreme Council to form. When approved, alumni will conduct an Emerging Chapter ceremony, where the group is formally recognized by the Fraternity. This allows them to officially to begin progressing towards becoming a charter.
  6. Officer and Member Development
    The men invited to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon will begin working with an Emerging Chapter Services Consultant and alumni to identify leaders and to begin the member education process. Staff and alumni work with the group to develop all of the necessary programs and policies to become a successful chapter.
  7. Follow Up
    Following Emerging Chapter formation, the Emerging Chapter Services Consultant will visit at least once a semester or more depending on each Emerging Chapter’s situation. The Emerging Chapter Services Consultant will also be in constant contact with alumni, undergraduate officers, and campus officials. We view the establishment of an Emerging Chapter as an investment in the Fraternity and the host campus, and will do everything possible to protect that investment and ensure that we establish the most successful Emerging Chapter possible.
  8. Periodic Evaluation
    The Emerging Chapter will be in constant contact with an Emerging Chapter Services Consultant about current progress towards becoming a chapter. Staff and alumni will make evaluations during regular follow-up visits and through discussions with alumni, undergraduate officers, and campus officials.
  9. Converting to a Chapter
    Our goal is to convert an Emerging Chapter to a Chapter 18-24 months after initial approval. Upon completion of all Emerging Chapter requirements; approval by the Province Council, investigation team, and Supreme Council of the Emerging Chapter’s installation application; staff and alumni members will conduct an on-site installation and the formal Initiation Ceremony.
  10. Ongoing Support
    After transitioning to chapter status, we’ll continue to provide support through regular staff and alumni visits as well as other lines of communication at least twice a year. Additional support occurs at our numerous conferences, through mailings, alumni guidance, and with other resources.