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Sexual Misconduct & Assault Position Statement

Our creed, “The True Gentleman,” speaks to the values we live as SAE men, especially that of respect for men and women on our campuses. As a fraternity, we reaffirm that sexual harassment, misconduct and assault of any person will not be tolerated by our members. So too, conduct that is considered abusive and aggressive — be it physical, emotional or mental, including sexual acts that are demeaning to others — will not be tolerated. We commit to become leaders in educating our members and non-members to prevent sexual assault not only in our chapter houses but also on our campuses and in our communities.
Our public statement provides a framework to use when combating any level of sexual assault, misconduct and rape in our chapters.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon seeks to prevent sexual misconduct, assault and rape on our campuses.

We are committed to prevent sexual harassment, misconduct, assault and rape by working with and promoting educational efforts related to the 2013 Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SAVE Act). Sigma Alpha Epsilon supports programs focused on education and collaboration with campus and community organizations.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon commits to using a proven educational curriculum to educate our collegiate members and alumni about sexual misconduct, assault and rape prevention.
Educating members and alumni about bystander behavior, healthy relationships and respect for others is an integral part of our True Gentleman Experience member-education platform. We recognize that education is imperative regarding the horrific impact that sexual assault may have on the victim. We also seek to work collaboratively with other campus- and community-based organizations, including sororities, campus-rape crisis and mental-health organizations, to develop educational programming toward a widespread, healthy campus culture for all students.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon commits to working with university and college administrators and our criminal-justice system in addressing specific incidents.
We acknowledge that each college and university has unique disciplinary policies and codes of student conduct and that each alleged rape and sexual assault is a serious crime. We support the respective disciplinary processes and encourage the use of university base resources in a manner that respects the interests of both the victim and alleged perpetrator.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon believes it is essential to engage our alumni in the effort to combat rape, sexual misconduct and assault.
Brotherhood in the fraternity is a lifelong commitment, and many alumni work closely with our chapters. Alumni are often the first party to be contacted when an incident occurs. Alumni are role models with the responsibility to help our collegiate members learn to respect others. With regard to our alumni, we seek to:

  1. Help alumni understand the current laws, policies and issues surrounding sexual assault, misconduct and rape;
  2. Reaffirm our alumni’s responsibilities as educators and role models for our men;
  3. Ensure that our alumni understand and support our process for handling allegations; and
  4. Provide education and tools to support all members of the Fraternity.