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Diversity & Inclusion Position Statement

The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members based upon the ideals set forth by our Founders and as specifically enunciated in “The True Gentleman.” As such, it is critical for our members to be active, thoughtful and informed citizens in society.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon seeks to ensure that our members understand that diversity, in its many forms, is understood, respected, and valued. Furthermore, we seek to ensure that the diversity of our membership is inclusive in our discussions, thoughts, and operations as an organization. It is not by diversity alone, but by inclusivity, that the true strength of diversity within an organization can be achieved.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has adopted the following definitions for the organization:

  1. Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, cognitive abilities, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs.
  2. Inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. An inclusive fraternity promotes and sustains a sense of belonging; it values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, abilities, backgrounds, and ways of living of its members.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon seeks to ensure that:

  1. Diversity and inclusion are strongly advocated for our members and supported by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee;
  2. Diversity and inclusion be introduced into the systems, structures, and culture of the Fraternity;
  3. Expertise and leadership is provided on diversity- and inclusion-related matters;
  4. Policies are developed to further improve the fraternity climate; and
  5. Resources and direction for infusing diversity and inclusion into various educational programs are provided.

The vision for diversity and inclusion in Sigma Alpha Epsilon is that the Fraternity will model the way in integrating diversity and inclusion practices, policies, and discussions in the interfraternal world.