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Crisis Management Protocol

Our Crisis Management Protocol can be found as part of Minerva’s Shield A copy of the protocol should be posted in all chapter facilities, and the Eminent Archon and Health and Safety Officer should have a copy readily available at all Sigma Alpha Epsilon events. Additionally, the chapter should regularly update their contact information to ensure this protocol can be carried out effectively. 

Steps to follow in case of an emergency:

  1. If anyone has been injured or is in danger of injury or loss of life, call 911. NEVER HESITATE TO CALL 911.
  2. The Eminent Archon (or the officer next in line if the EA is not present) takes charge.
  3. Restrict access to the chapter house immediately, and escort all guests out.
  4. Permit only your members and appropriate officials to enter. Assign one or more responsible members to guard the door calmly.
  5. Do not tamper with any part of the area involved in the incident, specifically that which might be construed as evidence or involved with the incident.
  6. Notify your Chapter Advisor, House Corporation (if applicable), your Chapter Service Consultant, and Province Archon.
  7. Assemble your members in a group (in case of fire, assemble outside in front, near the street). Remind members that only the EA or chapter advisor can speak for the Fraternity. Members are not to speak to anyone about the crisis.
  8. Do not discuss details, speculate on events or otherwise elaborate on the situation. Often, litigation follows a crisis, and your statements could be used in court.
  9. Contact appropriate campus officials.
  10. Cooperate with appropriate authorities.
  11. Clothing or items with the Fraternity’s name or letters should not be worn during the investigation period.
  12. Submit an incident report online at within 24 hours of the incident. Be as detailed as possible.
  13. If you or any members are approached by the media, law firms, or investigators, refer them to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Service Center at