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Billing & Invoices FAQ

Who, and what charges make up the spring invoice amount due on February 15?

The spring invoice is composed of up to three line items: (1) Annual Dues, (2) Half Health-and-Safety Fees, and (3) Fidelity Bond Insurance. Members with a status of active, abroad, fall initiate, pending inactive, or pending expulsion are billed $105 for Annual Dues on February 15. Fall 2020 initiates are also billed a Half Health-and-Safety Fee, and each group is billed a $200 flat rate for Fidelity Bond Insurance coverage. Spring 2021 initiates are not billed on this invoice. Please continue reading for more information on how to process various member status changes, including those that require a process to be completed before the February 8 roster deadline.

Where can I find my group’s 2020-2021 Health-and-Safety Rate Summary and read more information about it?

Vault > Communications menu > Resource Center > Fall & Spring Invoice Resources. Your Fall 2020 initiates are billed half that rate.

When and where can I review the amount due for the 2021 Spring Invoice?

Starting December 15, visit > Vault > SAE menu > SAE Billing > Scheduled Invoices. Include that expense with your spring budget. On February 15, the invoice charges are due and post to the Statement of Account screen under the SAE Billing section.

How do I make a payment?

Visit > Select the Vault App from the upper right grid > Select SAE menu > SAE Billing > Pay Now. OmegaFi Bill Pay clients can contact their CSR and/or use the Bill Pay menu. In any case, type “Spring Invoice” in the notes. E-check payments are preferred, but checks payable to “Sigma Alpha Epsilon” can be mailed to Ross Pometta at 1856 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60201.

Can I make a prepayment towards the 2021 Spring Invoice before it posts on February 15?

Yes. Review Vault’s Member Roster first, and then review the scheduled invoice amount due. Afterward, make a payment.

How do I set up a payment plan if I can’t pay the full spring invoice amount due on February 15?

If needed, please request a payment plan via e-mail to before February 1.

When are late fees applied to unpaid balances?

You may request a payment plan via e-mail to before February 1.

When are late fees applied to unpaid balances?

Late fees (Fraternity Law 54.B.1) for the spring invoice will be applied on March 15, 2021, and are applied each subsequent month for unpaid balances that are past due and not on an approved payment plan. Late fees are also applied to unpaid payment plan installments that are 30 days past due. Groups who do not honor their payment plan terms may risk not receiving one in the future.

The 2021 Spring Invoice is based on Vault’s Member Roster. Where can I review my group’s Vault Member Roster?

Vault > Chapter menu > Member Roster. Check-in with your members and review their status before the February 8 roster deadline.

I have members who are suspended. How can I remove them from the active roster?

Mark the member(s) as suspended on their record within Vault’s Member Roster section before February 8. When selecting a suspended status, indicate the reason they were suspended (i.e., academics, disciplinary, or financial) and include applicable Member Status Notes. To reinstate suspended members to good standing, simply change their status to Collegian Active. For members who have been suspended for more than 2 semesters, please consider the Expulsion or Resignation process mentioned below.

I have members who graduated, are not enrolled in courses this spring semester, or transferred. How can I remove them?

Visit Vault’s Member Roster section before February 8, and click on the member’s name. Edit the Member Information section by selecting Alumnus Graduated or Transferred. Add appropriate Member Status Notes. Members graduating in May are not alumni yet.

How can I edit the status of a member who is listed as Collegian – Fall Initiate?

That member status isn’t editable by officers to ensure they are billed for Half Health-and-Safety Fees on the spring invoice. To edit their status, email with the names of any Collegian – Fall Initiates who need their status changed and include what change needs to occur. For suspended members, including the type of suspension (academic, financial, or disciplinary). For expelled or resigning members, follow the processes mentioned below. Fall Initiates are not eligible for inactive status.

I have members seeking inactive status. How can I get them removed from the active roster?

To qualify for inactive status (Fraternity Law 14.B), you must be a Fraternity member for two or more years and in good standing with the chapter. To be awarded the status requires a 3/4 vote of approval from the chapter and an email approval from your Province
Archon. During the approval process, you may list an individual as pending inactive. To complete the process, forward details from the chapter vote and an email of support from the Province Archon to before February 8. Otherwise, they are billed.

I have members who were expelled. How can I get them removed from the active roster?

Complete the expulsion process mentioned in Fraternity Laws and submit an expulsion form from before February
8. Once the form is submitted, the member(s) will be removed from your roster. While the process and forms are being completed, their
status can be modified to pending expelled or suspended on their individual member record in the Member Roster section.

How do I handle a member’s resignation request and ensure they aren’t part of the spring invoice charges?

In accordance with Fraternity Law 14.C, members who are not delinquent in accounts may request to resign their Fraternity
membership by e-mailing their resignation notice with a specific rationale to their Eminent Archon and, and by
relinquishing their membership materials including badge, membership card, and certificate, to the Fraternity Service Center at 1856 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60201. Then the Supreme Council can vote to accept the resignation request. Members who complete that process before February 8, and whose resignation is approved by the Supreme Council, won’t be billed for on the spring invoice. Additionally, members requesting resignation should be reminded that they are not released from the pledge of secrecy given at the time of their initiation. If ineligible members request to resign without dues being paid in full, list them as Suspended: Financial with appropriate Member Status Notes until a trial is held for expulsion or they resolve the balance.

I have active members that are not included on the Spring Invoice or member roster. How can I add them?

Please e-mail with the names of anyone missing for assistance.

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