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Billing & Invoices FAQ

How do I make a payment?

Go to Vault > SAE > SAE Billing > Pay Now. OmegaFi Bill Pay clients can contact their CSR and/or use the Bill Pay menu. Regardless, please type “Spring Invoice” in the notes field.
Checks written to “Sigma Alpha Epsilon” can be sent to Ross Pometta, 1856 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60201.

Who and what charges make up the spring invoice?

All members with a status of active, abroad, pending inactive, or pending expulsion are part of the invoice on September 15. Fall initiates from 2018 are not part of the fall invoice.

When will the health-and-safety rate be finalized?

August 30. Direct rate questions to John Kovalan, Senior Director of Chapter Development, at

How do I setup a payment plan if I can’t pay the full amount due on September 15?

Request a payment plan via e-mail to on or before October 1.

When are late fees applied to unpaid balances?

Late fees for the fall invoice will be applied starting October 16, and each subsequent month for unpaid balances past due. Late fees are also applied to payment plan installments 30 days past due.

I have members who are inactive but are on my invoice. How can I get them removed?

To qualify for inactive status you must be a member for two years or more and in good standing with the chapter. To be awarded inactive status it requires a 3/4 vote of approval from the chapter and approval of the Province Archon before September 15. You can list an individual as pending inactive during the approval process. To complete the process, forward details from the chapter vote, and a supporting email from the Province Archon to

I have members who were expelled but are on my invoice. How can I get them removed?

Complete the expulsion process and form at before September 15. Once submitted the member(s) will be removed from your roster. While the process and forms are being completed, the individual(s) status can be modified to pending expelled status on the member’s record in the Chapter Roster section.

I have members who were suspended but are on my invoice. How can I get them removed?

Mark the member(s) as suspended on their record in the Member Roster section before September 15. When selecting the suspended status, indicate the reason why they were suspended (i.e., academics, behavior, or financial) and include applicable notes.

I have members who have graduated, not returned, or transferred. How can I remove them?

Visit the Member Roster section. Select Alumnus Graduated or Transferred from the member’s record before September 15.

I have active members that are not included on the fall invoice, how can I add them?

Please e-mail with the names of anyone missing. Fall initiates from 2018 are not included.

How do I handle a member’s resignation?

Members, who are not delinquent in accounts, may resign their membership by e-mailing their resignation notice with a specific rationale to their Eminent Archon and Additionally, resigning members must relinquish their membership materials to the Eminent Archon including badge, membership card, and certificate. Resigned members must be reminded they are not released from the pledge of secrecy given at the time of their initiation. If members left in bad standing, or without dues being paid in full, list them as suspended until a trial is held for expulsion. Thereafter an Expulsion Form can be filled out from to remove their membership.

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