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Sigma Alpha Epsilon donors are part of a lively, distinguished community—donors who share a belief in the transformative power of education and individuals’ capacity to better our world through leadership, scholarship, service, and friendship.

Learn more about how the Foundation celebrates philanthropic leadership, including special access and courtesies for society members and recognition on our Donor Honor Roll below.

Lifetime Giving

Founders Circle

The Founders Circle is a lifetime giving society for donors whose cumulative support totals $5,000 or more and gives us the opportunity to acknowledge generous lifelong donors who have made a significant investment in our mission – advancing True Gentlemen through the power of philanthropy.

The SAE Foundation is honored to recognize our time-honored donors through the following Founders Circle levels:

Silver Level: $5,000 – $9,999

Gold Level: $10,000 – $24,999

Pearl Level: $25,000 – $49,999

Amethyst Level: $50,000 – $74,999

Onyx Level: $75,000 – $99,999w

Ruby Level: $100,000 – $149,999

Aquamarine Level: $150,000 – $249,999

Emerald Level: $250,000 – $499,999

Sapphire Level: $500,000 – $999,999

Diamond Level: $1,000,000+

Founders Circle Benefits:

  • A Founders Circle lapel pin each time you achieve a new giving level
  • Special recognition on the Donor Honor Roll
  • Stories about the difference your Philanthropy makes in The Record (print & online)

    Heritage Society

    The Heritage Society honors brothers who choose to remember SAE in their estate planning. Heritage Society donors have documented planned gifts on file with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation.

    Already have SAE in your estate plan? Document your gift. Please contact or send a letter to 1856 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL 60201 to be recognized as a member of the Heritage Society.

    Annual Giving

    Archon Circle

    The Archon Circle is an annual giving society for donors who contribute $500 or more to the Annual Loyalty Fund in a fiscal year (July 1–June 30).

    Archon Circle Levels:

    Chronicler: $500 – $999

    Herald: $1,000 – $2,499

    Warden: $2,500 – $4,999

    Archon: $5,000 – $9,999

    Minerva: $10,000 – $24,999

    Phi Alpha: $25,000+

    Archon Circle Benefits:

    • Special recognition on Donor Honor Roll
    • Special annual gift from the SAE Foundation
    • Exclusive invitations to National and Foundation events
    • Stories about the difference your Philanthropy makes in The Record (print & online)
    • Discount code to the
    Phoenix Circle

    Click here to join the Phoenix Circle

    The Phoenix Circle is a giving society for donors with a monthly gift of at least $25, allocated entirely to the Annual Loyalty Fund or 50% to the Annual Loyalty Fund and 50% to the restricted fund of their choice.

    Phoenix Circle Benefits

    • Phoenix Circle lapel pin
    • SAE Gifts
    • Special recognition on the Donor Honor Roll
    • Stories about the difference your philanthropy makes in The Record (print & online)
    • Monthly discount code to the
    Phi Alpha Club

    The Phi Alpha Club is an exclusive giving society for undergraduate members. With a $25 minimum donation to the Annual Loyalty Fund, undergraduate members support SAE philanthropically, receive a Phi Alpha Club lapel pin, and receive special recognition on our donor honor roll.

    Donor Honor Rolls

    Donors who made a contribution in 2022.
    Donor Name
    Phoenix Circle
    Archon Circle
    Annual Giving Level FY23
    Dr. Patrick L. AbbottCalifornia ThetaSan Diego StateMinerva
    Mr. Jason David AbboudArizona AlphaArizona
    Steven D. AbellMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Richard AbelsonOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Robert Ray AbensIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Deran Coe AbernathyTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    David J. AblesCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Steven Nicholas AbrahamNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Joseph F. Abrutz, JrArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Peter Eric AccicaMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Michael Joseph AchoMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Douglas James AckermanOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Stephen C. ActisColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Mr. Joseph Michael AdamchakFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Jamie Frank AdamkiewiczMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. Brian Joseph AdamsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. H. Mark AdamsMississippi ThetaMississipi StateHerald
    Mr. Joe H. AdamsNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    Mr. John B. AdamsIdaho AlphaIdahoChronicler
    Mr. Joseph Porter Adams, JrOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Keith B. AdamsPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Dr. Mark T. AdamsIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Ronald A. AdamsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Craig G. AdamsonUtah PhiUtah
    Mr. David Henry AffeldtMaryland AlphaTowson
    Danford Scott AfongOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Taylor Stephen AgricolaAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. David Francis AhearnMaryland AlphaTowson
    Dr. Robert Joseph AhernNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Ray Shamsul Ferree AhmedMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore CountyChronicler
    Richard C. AhrensFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Gabriel AichholzerFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Bruce L. AielloOhio GammaOhio
    Mr. Andrew Curtis AikenGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Dale Dean AipperspachNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. James J. Alaimo, JrConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. James AlbertKansas BetaKansas State
    James Edward Albrecht, Jr.California NuCal State-Northridge
    Bradley Allan AlbrightCalifornia PiCal State-Fullerton
    James Powers AlderMissouri GammaWestminster
    Bruce E. AlexanderOhio NuToledo
    Earl E. Alexander, JrCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Fred S. Alexander, IIITexas AlphaTexas Tech
    James AlexiouMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBostonChronicler
    Mr. Randal P. AlfordMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Stewart F. Alford, IIIMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. John D. Allemang, JrPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. Ben L. AllenOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Brian William AllenOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    LTC Brooke Edmonston AllenOhio MuDenison
    Joann Allen
    Mr. Terry W. AllenCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Gerald J. AlleyneNew Mexico SigmaNew Mexico Highlands
    George V. Allison, JrNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Robert G. Allison, MDCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Thomas Wayne Allison, JrFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. Jon Stacy AlmerasIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Gideon T.J. AlpertPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Daniel L. AlsakerIdaho AlphaIdahoWarden
    Mr. Robert G. AltmanCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mrs. Lisa Kent Altmeyer
    Mr. Benjamin Isaac AltoseOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Ricardo AlvarezFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Franklin A. Alvey, PhD ThDOregon AlphaOregon State
    Laura Amesti
    Mr. Garrett Christian AmmonsMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Edgar A. AmsdenNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Charles W AnchorsPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. C. Matthew AndersenIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Antonio Dominico AndersonNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    Byron F. AndersonUtah SigmaWeber State
    Mr. Cory Nathan AndersonIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Dennis Ward AndersonOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Ian AndersonTennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Jack B. AndersonMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Joe Edward AndersonKentucky EpsilonKentuckyChronicler
    Dr. Joe Buddy AndersonLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    Mr. Matthew Michael AndersonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Paul Henry Anderson, JrTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Mr. Robert E. AndersonIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Ronald E. AndersonIowa GammaIowa State
    Sloan Anderson
    Mr. Thomas Lane AndersonWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Geoffrey L. AndresOhio NuToledo
    Curtis Darshant AndrewsIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Mote W. Andrews, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. Jason Paul AndrickMaryland DeltaFrostburg StateChronicler
    Jeffrey C. AngellOhio MuDenison
    Marc Charles AngeloNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Timothy Patrick AngerMississippi DeltaMillsaps
    Duane A. AnkneyOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Shepard B. AnsleyGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. William Bonneau Ansley, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. T. Mark AnwanderKansas BetaKansas StateChronicler
    Dimitri ApostolidesOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Eric Alan ArbogastIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Paul ArchambeaultVirginia AlphaRandolph-MaconHerald
    Mr. Frederic Mendell ArcherdNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Drew ArellanoIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    William Byrd ArendTexas ThetaBaylorChronicler
    William B. ArendWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. David L. ArendtIowa DeltaDrake
    Jerry R. ArmbrechtOhio MuDenison
    Leonard H. Armistead, IIITexas DeltaSouthern MethodistChronicler
    Milton P. ArmorMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. James H. ArmstrongOhio MuDenison
    Mrs. Megan Armstrong
    Mr. Herbert Arnold, IIITexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    James David Arnold, PA-CMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mrs. Leslie Ann Arnold
    Tracy Arnold
    Mr. Dan Edward AronIndiana GammaIndianaHerald
    Dr. Frank J. AscioneMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Nicholas Kenneth AshtonCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. John Eric AskelsonCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Robert S. AthensFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Robert V. AtkinsNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Thomas E. AtkinsWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Preston J. AtkinsonUtah SigmaWeber State
    Michelle Aubrey
    Mr. Louis P. AuerbachMichigan ZetaFerris State
    Lewis H. AugspurgerIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Mr. Gregory Jordan AugustineNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Alex Min Tun AungNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    LTC Peter Vincent AustinKansas GammaWichita State
    Robert R. AustinOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Carlos F AvilesIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Matthew James AxeenCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Mr. Carl J. AycockMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Blaine Kennedy AyersKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Evan Bret Azriliant, EsqNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    John Ernest William Baay, IILouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    COL Gary P. Baber, USAF (Ret)Arkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Jonathan William BacaNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Prentice Alvin BacaNew Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Mr. Reg BaconArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Michael Alan BaderOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Joshua Dana BaerPennsylvania PhiCarnegie MellonChronicler
    Charles P. BagbyAlabama MuAlabama
    Andrew Bailey, VICalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Rev. Dr. Merle V. BaileyCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Robert E. Bailey, CPAIndiana GammaIndiana
    Ronald D. BaileyOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Thomas C. BaileyTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Donald H. BairdIowa DeltaDrakeChronicler
    Mr. Cole Nicholas BakerIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Gregory A. BakerPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Honorable John Gatch BakerIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    Mr. Richard J. BakerOhio NuToledoChronicler
    Mr. Richard L. BakerTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. Robert J. BakerMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Dr. Erik BakkenArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. James Xavier BalandranTexas ChiTexas-DallasHerald
    Mr. Diamante Cortez BalcazarMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. Aaron J. BalchPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Dr. Charles M. BalchOhio NuToledo
    David Bradly BalchMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. Jim Mathew BaldridgeIowa SigmaSimpson
    Barry S BaldwinIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. Bruce Allen BaldwinIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. James Patrick BaldwinArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. James Patrick BaldwinFlorida RhoEmbry-Riddle [FL]
    Mr. James J. Baldwin, IIIGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    John E. BaldwinMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    James G Bale, EsqKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Jeffrey Joseph BallPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Thomas Raymond Ball, IIIOhio NuToledo
    Logan BallardCalifornia NuCal State-Northridge
    Eugene F. BalogOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Jacob B. Balsley, IIINorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    Whitney Balzer
    Mr. H. L. BanagaCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Dr. Louis H. BangertMassachusetts Iota-TauMITHerald
    Alfred E. BanholzerOhio GammaOhio
    Mr. Michael Lee BankertMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Robert H. Banks, JrMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Andrew Thomas BarbeTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. Robert A. Barber, Jr.South Carolina GammaWofford
    Thomas Richard Barber, JrFlorida UpsilonFloridaChronicler
    Gov Haley R. BarbourMississippi GammaMississippiHerald
    Mr. Teddy R. BarclayKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Dennis Loyal BargerOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Benjamin BarhamMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Benjie Dwight BarhamMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Douglas L. BarhorstOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Aaron BarkerColorado PhiColorado-Colorado Springs
    John S. Barker, IIIIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Kenneth A. BarkerOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Joseph Daniel Barlar, JrAlabama ChiSouth Alabama
    Mr. Kevin Sean BarlasMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. C. Jay BarlowTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Harmon H. Barlow, IIIKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. James W. BarlowOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Chad Edwin BarmettlerColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Mr. Brian D. BarnardFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Jonathan Lloyd BarnardGeorgia OmegaKennesaw State
    Harris H. Barnes, IIIMississippi ThetaMississipi StateHerald
    Mr. James Leander BarnesMissouri Kappa-ChiMissouri-Kansas City
    Mr. William E. BarnesOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Perish Trevor BarnetteMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Ronald L. BarnumKansas GammaWichita State
    Fred F. Barrett, MDTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    John F. BarrettOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Richard C. BarrettConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    David Wayne BarrickIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    Mr. Nicholas Michael BarsalaOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Paul Jon BarstadNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    George J. BartelmeOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. Brett Harris BarthPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Dr. Frederick J. BartizalIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Ronald Arthur BartleetCalifornia ThetaSan Diego StateHerald
    Mr. William N. BartoloneOhio LambdaKent State
    Alton B. Barton, Jr.Ohio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Christopher J. BartonCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. David I. BartonConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Jones Roger BartonMichigan Epsilon – Section AKettering
    Mr. Kenneth A. BartschNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Alexander James BastaniMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBostonHerald
    Mr. Antonio Maynard BatangMaryland MuMcDaniel
    William Mark BatemanNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Jesse R. Bates, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. John Dodd BatesNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. Mark W. BatesGeorgia EpsilonEmoryChronicler
    Carmelo L. Battaglia, PhDFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Kyle David BauerWashington BetaWashington State
    Michael B. BauerWashington BetaWashington State
    R. G. . BauernschmidtVirginia TauRichmond
    Mr. Jeffrey R. BaugusIndiana EpsilonEvansvilleHerald
    Brian Anthony BaumMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Dr. Dennis D. BaumOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Robert W. BaumPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    Mr. Jonathan S. Baxt, (Ret.)Oklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. Richard P. Baxter, Sr.Iowa GammaIowa State
    Howard E. Baybrook, Jr.Ohio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Emile J. BayleLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    David A. BeachTexas DeltaSouthern MethodistChronicler
    Mr. Garret Lindsey BeachFlorida LambdaLynn
    Kelley Thomas BeachIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    Mr. Austin Cole BeachemOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    C. Victor Beadles, IIIGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Donald R. BeallCalifornia ZetaSan Jose StateArchon
    Dr. Timothy Campbell BealsWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Bond W. BeamsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Bradley J. BeanFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. William G. BeanUtah UpsilonUtah State
    Korey Franklin BeardenIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Henry A. Beattie, IIIMississippi ThetaMississipi StateWarden
    Mr. James J. BeattieNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Bruce A. BeattySouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Robert R. BeattyPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Lewis D. BeattyOregon GammaWillamette
    Dr. Walter Phil BeaverIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Barry Jay BebartOhio EpsilonCincinnatiHerald
    Mr. William George Bechtel, IIMichigan Epsilon – Section AKettering
    Mr. Gilbert L. BeckCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Parker BeckTexas TauTexas A&M
    Mr. Ronald Vance Beck, IIAlabama EpsilonTroy
    Mr. Dean BeckfordMassachusetts Tau-GammaSalem State
    Mr. Hugh Beckham, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Brent Douglas BeckleyMontana BetaMontanaArchon
    Mr. Joe K. BecknellGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Paul BecskehazyCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Dr. Clifford P. BeeMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Lynn C. BeebeNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Michael Allison BeelerIowa GammaIowa State
    Dr. George Marvin BeemanColorado DeltaColorado State
    Laura Beiter
    Mr. Robert L. BelichickOhio GammaOhio
    Mr. Charles A. BellNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Michael King BellSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-ColumbiaHerald
    Mr. Robert E. Bell, Jr.Oklahoma KappaOklahomaHerald
    Mr. Ronald Jay BellFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. William Forrest Bell, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Robert Thomas BellanovaFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. Ronald Keith BelyeaNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Charles C. BenedictGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    CAPT Charles H. Benjamin, USNR (Ret) PhDCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. Raymond Scott Benjamin, CSPSouth Carolina UpsilonCharleston
    Mr. Denzil Page Bennett, IIIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Nathan P. BennettOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Robert J. BennettIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Gregory Todd BenningerCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    William Dean BennisonIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    Mr. William R. Benthall, IIPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Roy B. BentsonIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Dr. William F. BentzOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Dr. Howard L. Berg, IICalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. John A. BergNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Joseph E. Berg, IIICalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Peter W. BergOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Richard C. BergKentucky KappaCentre
    Mr. Dean Alec BergerMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Philip W. BergerIowa DeltaDrake
    Shawn Bergquist
    Mr. Paul Martin BergstrandSouth Carolina UpsilonCharleston
    Robert W. BergstromCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Mr. Michael Scott BerguinNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mrs. Sasha Beritiech
    David Willard BerkowIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Arlene R BerkowitzArchon
    Bruce L. BerlageMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Oscar Julian BerlangaVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Anthony J. BernardOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Dr. Terry H. Berner, ODSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Dr. Franklin BernhoftNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Ananias Miles Beronich, EdDIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Thomas O. Berryhill, Jr.Florida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mr. Patrick A. BerschauerWashington BetaWashington State
    Dr. Neal R. Berte, EdDOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Ryan BertramVirginia TauRichmond
    Dr. Gregory E. BertucciLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Benjamin H. Best, IIMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Kenneth W. BestGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Russell William BestOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Dr. Robert Partridge Bethea, SrSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Christopher Anthony BezichCalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Ms. Laura Bianchi
    Alexander J. BibbsIllinois EpsilonBradleyChronicler
    Mr. F. Gilbert Bickel, IIIMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. Joel H. BickerstaffGeorgia PsiMercerChronicler
    Charles Graham BiddixNorth Carolina AlphaNorth Carolina State
    Mr. Anthony James BielMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Elton Bienvenue
    Mr. Thomas E. BieryOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Basil Raymond BigbieOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Brian Carlin BiggsOhio NuToledo
    Ralph G. BiggsCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Sean Craig BilbyVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Drew BillingsIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Steven Mark BilskiOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Brooks Earle BingmanOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. David Vaughn BinneyArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. William Jeff BirchLouisiana AlphaLouisiana
    Mr. Christopher Andrew BirdArizona AlphaArizona
    Christopher William Bird, Sr.Tennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Nicholas Christopher BirtcilOregon GammaWillametteChronicler
    Mr. Frederick R. BischWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Adam Scott BischoffIndiana GammaIndiana
    David D. BishopIowa GammaIowa State
    Dr. Leonard L. BissonnetteIndiana AlphaFranklin
    David Ernest BitnerWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Terry Lee BitnerTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Brad Bjornstad, MDFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. Donald A. BlackCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Dr. E. Russell Black, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Jody Verne BlackburnIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Randy S. BlackburnIllinois DeltaMillikinHerald
    Mr. Thomas Edward Blackburn, IIIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Shane Alan BlackfordMontana BetaMontana
    Mr. Ryan Edward BlackwellMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Timothy Frank BlackwellCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Geoffrey Neal BlakeCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. Alton E. Blakley, JrTennessee KappaTennessee-KnoxvilleHerald
    Mr. Charles R. BlancettKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Duane E. BlanchardMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Ryan Leroy BlanchetteMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Carl Wayne Blankenship, Jr.Tennessee EtaUnion
    Jerry B. Blankenship, MDOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Robert A. BlaseMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Dr. Robert L. BledsoeWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Timothy Charles BlekCalifornia Alpha-BetaCal Poly-Pomona
    Mrs. Hannah Cotton Blenden
    Mr. James David BlewPennsylvania Beta-PhiMansfield
    Mr. James A. BlickleMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Lyle W. BlissPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. Todd Alan BlodgettIowa DeltaDrake
    Annelise Blom
    Mr. Lloyd Joseph BlondinTexas ZetaTexas-Tyler
    Colonel H. Bloom, IIIPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Michael BloomMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Trevor Lee BloomOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Leigh Varner BlossTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. Leonard H. BlountGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Neil D. Blue, Jr.Louisiana Tau-UpsilonTulaneChronicler
    LT Darrin Thomas BlumeCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Robert B. Blumer, MDTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. Chad Everett BobbIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Robert P. BoboltzMichigan ZetaFerris State
    Mr. Donald M. BocchiMichigan AlphaAdrian
    CPT Zachary Ryan BockMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Mr. Robert E. BodagerIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. A. William Bodine, PhD (Hon.)California DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Nicolas Junichiro BoedekerWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Robert E. Boen, JrMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Jarold W. BoettcherKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Anthony BoghosNevada BetaNevada-Las Vegas
    Mr. Andy Michael BohneNew York Tau-GammaRochester
    Mr. Todd BolenIowa DeltaDrake
    Dr. J. Carroll BoleyTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Robert William BoltonWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Ronald David BonadurerIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Austin C. BondTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Robert C. BondKansas AlphaKansas
    LTC Ronald M. Bond, USAF (Ret)Pennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Thom Bernard Bondus, IIIIndiana GammaIndiana
    Lonnie L BoneMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. Charles Lawren BonesSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. James Alan BonillaCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Mr. Peter Philip BonnellWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. John C. BonnettPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    Mr. William Chiles BooherTexas EpsilonHouston
    Gavin Wesley BooneSouth Carolina PhiFurman
    Loren J. BooneSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Mr. Donald Arch BoothPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Gregory G. Boren, MDOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Mr. Rick BorgCalifornia TauCal Poly-San Luis Obispo
    Mr. Lonny D. BorrSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Ralph Boscia
    Mr. David Anthony BossIndiana BetaPurdue
    Brian John BosseCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Steadman Cornell – Seth BostonSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    Robert C. BottomsGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Sherwood M. BoudemanIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Griffin Thomas BoumaMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Christopher Jack BowdenAlabama ChiSouth Alabama
    Dr. Jeffrey John Bowe, DBAIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Bradley James BowenCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Joseph P. Bowen, SrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Dr. Robert L. BowenCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Leonard E. BowerNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Clyde Findley Bowie, JrVirginia UpsilonHampden-Sydney
    Dr. Chris Johan BowmanOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Stanton Robert BoxOregon BetaOregon
    Mr. Adam Robert Boyd, Esq.Wyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Brandon Cole BoydTennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Mr. Charles P. BoydMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Frank E. Boyd, IIINorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    Dr. James H. Boyd, PhDIndiana DeltaDePauw
    James Curtis BoydTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Robert D. BoydPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Stanley C. BoyleMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. Timothy Michael BoyleMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Gary J. BoyntonFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Fred H. BrackneyTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Jeffrey Dana BradfordNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    Jack C. BradleyKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Richard Detlef BradyCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. W. Michael BradyOhio GammaOhio
    Albert L. BrahmPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. James T. BrananGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Dr. William J. Brand, JrCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Seawell J. BrandauTennessee NuVanderbiltHerald
    Mr. William Dayton BrandenburgIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Thomas A. BrandesOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Honorable Greg Dean BrandtIowa DeltaDrakeChronicler
    Mr. Donald R BranstetterKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Rodney Paul BrantleyMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Drew Taylor BrantonFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Allen R. BraseCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mrs. Jo Ann Mitchell Brasington
    Mr. Michael R. BratcherTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Dr. Herschell Marvin Bratt, IIIIllinois Delta-PiDePaul
    Charles S. BrattonLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    George William Braun, IIICalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Trevor Hays BrauserColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Andrew BrawnerMinnesota GammaGustavus Adolphus
    Mr. A. Sid Bray, JrArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    James H. BrayGeorgia PsiMercer
    Geoffrey R. BrazerMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Rhett Matthew BredyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Tod H. BrendlenNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. James R. BrenemanKansas BetaKansas State
    Mrs. Roseanne Brennan
    William J. BrennanOregon AlphaOregon State
    Dr. George H. Brenner, JrArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. John Edward BrennockOhio BetaJohn Carroll
    Gregory Paul BrennyIowa GammaIowa State
    Scott Randall BrentonOregon AlphaOregon State
    Samuel L. BreuklanderCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Donald William BrewTennessee RhoChristian Brothers
    Mr. Steven R. BrewerKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Forney Stevenson Brice, JrAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. Robert Anthony BriceOhio MuDenison
    Mr. Josh BrickerIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Bert E. Bridges, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Elwyn Tomlinson BridgesSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. Lynden P. BridgesWashington GammaPuget Sound
    David Earl BridgewaterIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Harold M. BrierleyMaryland BetaMaryland-College ParkPhi Alpha
    Victor Arvia Bright, IIINew Mexico TauNew MexicoChronicler
    Paul F. Brinkman, JrCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Dr. Arthur M. BrittonGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Dr. Christian L. BrixMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    COL Russell M. BroadwellOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Douglas Bruce BrockCalifornia RhoPacific
    Mr. Edwin S. Brock, Jr.Ohio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Jacob Ryan BroganMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Michael J. BroggiIowa DeltaDrake
    Ben A. BrollierTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Mr. Matt Stephen BromIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Missy Brookfield
    Mr. Richard Miles BrooksWashington GammaPuget SoundPhi Alpha
    Stacey Neal BrooksOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Collin John Brooks-SicilianoIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    James C. BroomeGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Thomas C. BroomeGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Ansley Brown
    Mr. Bradley C. BrownPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Charles Martin BrownIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    David N. BrownOhio NuToledo
    Frank R. BrownCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Jerry J. BrownMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Dr. Larry C. BrownTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee StateChronicler
    Dr. Lewis L. BrownGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. Randall Earl BrownOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Randall Lee BrownOhio ThetaOhio State
    Richard Coleman BrownPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Soren Meyer BrownCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. W. Lawrence BrownGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. Joe A. BrowningIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. David M. BruiningIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Frank Swayze BrumfieldMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Harris Clayton BrumfieldMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Bernard E. BrummellNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Cheryl Bruner
    Mr. Patrick T. BrunetteOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dan Jerome BrunnertMissouri DeltaRockhurstChronicler
    Mr. Eric Anthony BryanCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. James S. BryanPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    Mr. Paul David BryanOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. Robert Eugene BryanIndiana GammaIndiana
    William A. BryanCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Dr. William A. BryanFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. William L. BryanKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Dr. Robert H. BryantMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Donald Ross BrydonTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Stephen Anthony BuccoMassachusetts EpsilonEmerson
    Mr. Hal Barry BuchananTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    CPT J. Walter Buchanan, USNRArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. M. Todd BuchananMississippi SigmaSouthern MississippiHerald
    Robert L. BuchsOhio SigmaMount Union
    Alan C. BuckIndiana ZetaBall StateChronicler
    Ms. Cari Leigh Buck
    Mr. Daniel K. BuckOhio MuDenison
    Todd W. BuckMassachusetts KappaMassachusetts
    Mr. William Ray BuckberryKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Christopher Nolan BuggGeorgia MuGeorgia College
    Mr. Gary Scott BuhlerGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Andrew T BuhrowIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Rev Franklin B. BuieSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. John Anthony BulcockKansas GammaWichita State
    Mr. Jack O. BullOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Robert B. BullaArizona BetaArizona StateChronicler
    Mr. Travis BullockMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Jeffrey Neil BumpIowa GammaIowa StateChronicler
    Mr. Grady Newsom BunnGeorgia PhiGeorgia TechHerald
    Ms. Katie Burchett
    Mr. Spencer David BurchfieldAlabama MuAlabama
    Harrie G. BurdanPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Harrison Richard BurdgeTennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Douglas J. BurgumNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Peter McKale BurkOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Brent Curtis BurkeIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. George Gerald BurkeOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. Richard M. BurkeNebraska IotaCreighton
    Jonathan BurnellOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Stephen A. BurnettSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. John H. BurnhamMaine AlphaMaineChronicler
    Mr. David Charles BurnsGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Jonathon Richard BurnsOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Robert T. Burns, CLUPennsylvania GammaLafayette
    Charles C. Burrow, IIIArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Stephen M. BurtIndiana GammaIndianaHerald
    Von BurtMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Percy D. Burton, IIIArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Ralph W. Burton, JrWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Stephen C. BuschmanMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Gregory P. BuschmannMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Robert L. Busey, Jr.Pennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. Darrin S. BushNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Miller W. BushMississippi ThetaMississipi StateChronicler
    Mr. Matthew James BusserOhio LambdaKent State
    John Van Butcher, Sr.Missouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Laurie Butcher
    Mr. Lawrence ButkusMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Donald ButlerArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Steven Clay ButlerMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Richard L. ButoutMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Richard L. ButtonOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Dennis Matthew ButtsOhio LambdaKent State
    James M. ButtsIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Blake Adam ByrdTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Jeffrey Craig ByronKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Mr. Julian Keedy Byron, JrArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Keith N. BystromNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Rafael Jacob CaballeroMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Joseph Donald Cable, JrMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. George E. CadmanFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. George Elbridge Cadman, IVFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Marvin L. CadwellPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Clinton Donald CainTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Dennis A. CainKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Tucker Edward CainSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Gene Lewis CalaiOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Brendan CalamitoFlorida GammaFlorida SouthernChronicler
    Douglas A. CalendineOhio NuToledo
    Mr. John P. CalfeeFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Earl L. CalhounKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. James Patrick Callahan, Jr.Ohio KappaBowling Green State
    Leslie G. Callahan, IIIPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Michael CallahanLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Timothy A. R. CallahanAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Dr. William M. CallahanGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    james Donald callaway, JrFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    William M. CallicottTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Dirk Shannon CalvertIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Robert E. CamblinIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. James E. CaminisOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Robert Anthony Campagna, JrPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Alex Bennett CampbellColorado DeltaColorado State
    Colin CampbellFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. David Richard CampbellFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Jack D. Campbell, Clu ChfcNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Robert J. CampbellMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Stan R. CampbellIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. Walter J. CampbellMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. William T. CampbellNorth Carolina XiNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Dr. Brian Joseph CandellCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Joseph Bryan CanterOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Joseph E. CantrellOklahoma MuOklahoma StateChronicler
    Selina Cardenas
    Mr. Randolph B. CardozaTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Thomas William Carey, JrMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Mr. Rodney Eugene CargillNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Armand T. CarianNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mark S. CarlieNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    Mr. Brian Joseph CarlinArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. James R. CarlingVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    John P. CarlsonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Rex Ronald CarlsonNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaHerald
    Mr. Charles Bennett CarltonAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Gino CaroscioIndiana BetaPurdue
    Chris T. CarperOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Charles Samuel Russell CarrVirginia OmicronVirginia
    William Hopkins CarrVirginia UpsilonHampden-Sydney
    Mr. Patrick Lindsey CarrollNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Robert Earl CarrollOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Robert F. Carson, IIPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. Jordan M. CarterKentucky BetaWestern KentuckyChronicler
    Kenneth Park CarterTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Terry Layne CarterOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Robert B. CarusiCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Vincent Richard CarusoOhio LambdaKent State
    Carl Martin CasaleOregon AlphaOregon State
    Gregorio CasalenuovoCalifornia NuCal State-Northridge
    Jeffrey Scott CasawCalifornia OmicronUC-Riverside
    Mr. Warren Noel Casey
    Jeffery Lee CashGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. J. David CasonTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    William M. CasselArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Patrick Michael CassidyIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    John Stanley CastellIndiana BetaPurdueHerald
    Noel F. J. CastigliaConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Roberto CastroFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Willard Hughes Catlett, JrWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Paul James CatunaCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Lincoln Hunter CaudillKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Mr. Robert Edward CavanaghWashington BetaWashington State
    Dr. Edward E. Cave, IIIIllinois DeltaMillikinHerald
    Mr. James M. CayceGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Joseph M. CaytonTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Mr. Cooper David CecilIndiana ZetaBall State
    Carlos Cevallos
    Ms. CC Chace
    Mr. Tom Aden ChadwellCalifornia PiCal State-FullertonArchon
    John D. ChaffeeIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Thomas Elliott ChaffeePennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    George ChalmersNew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. Jack Micheal ChambersPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Lawrence T. Chambers, JrOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. M. Eastman ChanceIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. George E. ChandlerOregon GammaWillamette
    Mr. W. Brant ChandlerTexas AlphaTexas TechWarden
    Eric K. ChapmanNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. James Williams ChapmanMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. William C. ChapmanOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. Ted Hunter ChaseTexas KappaNorth Texas
    Mr. Joe Stewart ChasenIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Diego Andres ChavezCalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Mr. Roger ChavezNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    John R. Cheadle, JrIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. David F. ChelesnikKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. W. Dennis CheroutesColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    John P. Cherry, PhDSouth Carolina PhiFurman
    George B. ChesleyMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. John M. ChilcoteCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. Gary A. ChildressCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Joseph A. ChillemiCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. Alfred Ruben ChisholmSouth Carolina UpsilonCharleston
    Mr. Arthur B. ChoateFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Richard Wayne ChoromanskiPennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    Debashis ChowdhuryMinnesota AlphaMinnesotaArchon
    Mr. Henry E. ChristenberryTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Michael Andrew ChristensenIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. Scott Noel ChristensenWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    William R. ChristensonOhio GammaOhio
    Jeff James ChristiansonWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. Jeremy Tyler ChristoffOhio NuToledo
    Blake M. ChristophGeorgia EtaOgelthorpe
    Chad Leonard Christopherson, USAFSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Mr. Norbert Han ChungCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    W. Daniel ChurchOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Steve Wayne ChurchillIowa GammaIowa State
    Leslie Cifone
    Mr. Peter J. ClancyFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Thomas Bolton ClancyIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Anthony Vincent ClaridadesWest Virginia GammaWest Virginia
    Dan ClarkCalifornia GammaSouthern CaliforniaChronicler
    Mr. David Verne ClarkNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Elgin Lester Clark, IIMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Fred D. Clark, IIIConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Jerry Lester ClarkUtah PhiUtah
    Mr. John Caples ClarkOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Robert W. ClarkOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Robey A. ClarkTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Ted Brently ClarkVirginia TauRichmondChronicler
    Sen. Eugene S. Clarke, IVMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Michael A. Clarke, DDSCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Phillip Petro ClarkeMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Grant Wilbert ClaspellIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Ms. Linda Clatterbuck
    Mr. Cameron ClauseMinnesota GammaGustavus Adolphus
    Mr. Luke Daniel ClausenIowa DeltaDrake
    Braydon ClayIowa GammaIowa State
    David D. ClaypoolMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Tyler Matthews ClaytonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. Ronald N. ClazieCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. Michael Andrew ClearyFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    H. Ray ClemTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Stephen Charles ClemensCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. William B. ClementArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Dr. John O. Cletcher, Jr.Massachusetts GammaHarvard
    CPT Jerome L. Cleveland, USN (Ret)Florida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Anthony Brian ClickTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Mr. Harold H. Clifford, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahomaWarden
    Ms. Jennifer Clift
    Mr. Demetri ClikasFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Thomas M. ClikemanWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Ethan Thomas ClineCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Mr. Christopher Andy ClyceTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. John E. CoalsonFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. E. Frederick CoanIndiana DeltaDePauw
    John J. Coates, JrOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Peter V. CochranPennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    Stephen E. CockrielCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Michael Andrew CoelhoTexas ThetaBaylor
    W. Lee CoffeyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Gene CogbillArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Bradley Mark CohenArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Jonathan Andrew CohenWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Conrad Colby, RRT PhDMontana BetaMontana
    Mr. James G. ColeWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Richard A. Cole, SrMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Mr. Robert A. ColeFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Bestor Wynne Coleman, IIIAlabama MuAlabamaHerald
    Mr. Gregory James ColemanCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. James A. ColemanIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Michael Jay ColemanFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Robert D. Coleman, JrMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Mr. Ronald Raymond ColemanKansas GammaWichita State
    Dr. P. Andrew Coley, JrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. John D. ColleyLouisiana AlphaLouisiana
    Mr. Brian P. CollinsMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Mr. Bryan CollinsIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    James Vernon CollinsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Robert J. CollinsPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    William Prout CollinsonMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Mr. Stephen William ColovasMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Chad Jeremy ColstonCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. David J. ColtenNew York EpsilonRensselaerChronicler
    Mr. Robert N. ColvinNew York DeltaSyracuse
    Mr. Jimmy R. ComerMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Benjamin Robert ComptonCalifornia Alpha-GammaCal State-San Marcos
    Mr. Craig A. ComstockOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Jonas Thomas ConcklinFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Stephen John CondakesMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Mr. Ryan Kyle ConleyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Michael Christopher ConnerIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. Kyle Steven ConradSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    Mr. Frederick A. ContiConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Paul David ConwayPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    Mr. Edward M. CookVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Edward J. T. CookVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Matthew Johnston CookNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. Sean Michael CookOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Thomas M. CookFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]Chronicler
    Mr. Christopher James CookeArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Bradley Scott CooperIndiana GammaIndianaWarden
    Gary W. Cooper, CBAIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Gary N. cooperTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Lloyd C. CooperIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. William F. Cooper, CTCFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    David Banks CopeMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Mark David CopmanMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Gary Eugene CorbinOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Mr. Michael James CorelliIllinois GammaNorthern IllinoisHerald
    Mr. C. Jack CorganOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    John S. CorkinsCalifornia IotaCal State-FresnoChronicler
    Mr. Vaughn S. CorleyArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Barrett Neal CorneliusMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Kevin Allen CoronaCalifornia OmicronUC-Riverside
    Mr. Adam Bothwell CorriganTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Hugh Daniels CorriganFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Tod Michael CorrinOregon DeltaLewis & Clark
    Mr. L. Barry CorsOhio EpsilonCincinnatiChronicler
    Mr. Marc Anthony CorsiniGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Anthony Peter CortesFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Deidre Cortney
    Robert Stephen CoryMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Michael Anthony CosentinoArizona AlphaArizona
    James Francis Cosgrove, JrPennsylvania GammaLafayetteHerald
    Ronald I. CoslerOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Joseph Michael Costello, Jr.Ohio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Kevin Robert CostelloTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    David Bruce CostnerTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. Michael Stuart Cotter
    Mr. Alan H. CottleWashington GammaPuget SoundChronicler
    Mr. James O. CottonGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Paul Bryant CoueyTexas ThetaBaylor
    Theresa Kauffman
    Mr. John C. CoulsonIndiana BetaPurdue
    Roger W. CoulterKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Jack Edwin Counts, JrOklahoma KappaOklahomaMinerva
    Mr. Jack Edwin Counts, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Steven E. CountsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Pat M. Courington, JrAlabama IotaBirmingham-SouthernMinerva
    Mr. Robert C. CournoyerMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Richard Ross CourtneyOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Brent L. CousinoOhio NuToledo
    Mr. David A. CovertFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mrs. Ellen A Cowan
    William S. CowanSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Ms. Sydney Cowen
    Mr. Gary L. CowgerMichigan Epsilon – Section BKetteringWarden
    Donald C. Cowles, IIIMontana BetaMontana
    Carter M. CoxTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Christopher Verploeg CoxOregon DeltaLewis & Clark
    G. Bridger CoxOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Ms. Jennifer Cox
    Mr. Terry C. CoxOhio GammaOhio
    Tom G. CoxColorado DeltaColorado State
    William B. Cox, IIITexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Mr. Robert L. CrabbCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Dale E. CraddockOhio LambdaKent State
    Kirstin Crago
    Mr. C York Craig, JrTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Peter H. CraigPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    John P. CrainOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Charles Franklin CraneTexas ThetaBaylor
    Mr. Mica Shane CranfillKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. David P. CrawfordOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Robert E. CrawfordPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Seth CrawfordTexas EpsilonHouston
    Melissa Crea
    Mr. Gary B. CriggerMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Dr. Gary A. CringanCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Nicholas CrippenKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Gary Matthew CrnkovichIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. David V. CrockettOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Ronald W. CroneArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Peter M. CroninOregon BetaOregon
    Leroy K. CrosbyNebraska Lambda-PiNebraskaChronicler
    Mike W. CrosbyNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaChronicler
    Mr. Bruce Mitchell CrossPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Cory Damon CrossOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    David H. CrowlOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Sean McCall CrowleyArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Mr. Scott Robert CrozierArizona AlphaArizona
    Paul A. CrugerFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Gary T. CrumTexas DeltaSouthern MethodistArchon
    Mr. Nathaniel Zane CrunkiltonSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    Robert Louis CrushKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    John Culler, Sr.South Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. William S. CulwellTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Richard Thomas CummingsMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Stephen D. CummingsColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Darren Lindsey CundiffKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Roger E. CundiffNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Timothy John CunninghamSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    Luke Michael CurleyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Alicia Curran
    Mr. Mike CurranMissouri DeltaRockhurst
    Mr. David Alan Curry, JrKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. William D. CurtinConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    MAJ John P. Cusack, USA (Ret)New Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Michael CusackMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Michael L. CuttingOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. James H. CypherMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Dr. Joseph Czika, Jr.Ohio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Jason Henry D’AngonaFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mr. Dharius Rossi DaduyaTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    David C. DaggettNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Robert Jay DaggettNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Daniel F. DahlkeIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Mr. Michael Anthony DaigleFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Dr. Patrick Reed DaileyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Steven Lee DaileyIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. Timothy Jay DalyFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Robert Chris DamaroCalifornia Alpha-GammaCal State-San Marcos
    Mr. William C. DanielGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Jim J. DanielsFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. William Paul DappSouth Carolina NuClemson
    Dr. Douglas Duane Darling, PhDNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Samuel Bruce DarrinOhio SigmaMount Union
    Dr. Laurence A. DarrowCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Mr. Dominic Joseph DasherOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Cristian Manuel DasilvaOhio NuToledo
    Gary C. DatersIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. William F. DaughertyPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. John Marshall DaumGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Sumter M. Davega, JrSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    MAJ Raymond Mark Davids, USMC (Ret.)Maryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Garber A. Davidson, Jr EsqCalifornia BetaUC-BerkeleyChronicler
    Mr. George P. DaviesArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Brittan Michael DavisNorth Carolina OmegaWestern Carolina
    David F. DavisCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Gerald D. DavisMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Dr. Jerry A. DavisAlabama MuAlabama
    Mr. John W. DavisOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Dr. Jonathon Eric DavisLouisiana RhoLouisiana Tech
    Joseph Holmes Davis, IVAlabama MuAlabama
    Mr. Joseph Robert DavisKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Lee Reagan DavisMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Martin C. DavisArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Nicholas Foster DavisKansas DeltaFort Hays State
    Mrs. Patricia A Davis
    Mr. Raymond H. DavisFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Richard D. Davis, MDOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Theodore E. Davis, Jr.Connecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Todd B. DavisIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Tom L. DavisOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Whit Davis
    Timothy J. DavissonMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. David W. DawsonPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Timothy Joseph DawsonIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Brian Glenn DayCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Todd C. De BinderMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    John M. Dean, JrTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. Kevin Michael DeanOregon GammaWillamette
    Mr. John Alston DeasSouth Carolina UpsilonCharleston
    Sarah DeCent
    Lon W. DeckardKentucky EpsilonKentuckyChronicler
    Mark Okey Decker, Sr.Ohio LambdaKent State
    Vasillos Pete DedesCalifornia PiCal State-Fullerton
    Dr. Charles D. DeemOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Dana P. DeerIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. John Michael DegenovaOhio AlphaYoungstown StateChronicler
    Mr. John F. DekemaCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Joseph H. Delaney, MDWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Davin Navarro DeleonTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Mr. Charles E. Delinks, JrOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. James P. DellnerOhio MuDenison
    Mr. David E. DeMersNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Laurence W. Demuth, Jr.Colorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. Andrew Joseph Den BoggendeFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Lance Attilio DeNardinIndiana DeltaDePauwHerald
    Denise Denise Morrisette
    Mr. Arthur L Denton, IIITexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. William R. DentonConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Robert John DeputyIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    Mr. Anthony Richard DesalvaPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Raymond A. DetournayIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Frederick B. Devitt, Jr.Virginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Eric Loren DeVriesIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. David Duane Deyer, Jr.Kentucky SigmaLouisville
    Dr. Joseph C. Di RaimondoWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Mr. John Alexander Di ZeregaNorth Carolina OmegaWestern Carolina
    Mr. Joseph Dominick Diaferia, III, CPATennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Harry J. DiamondOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Matthew Patrick DiceSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Robert H. DickFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. Steven L. DickersonIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Robert Anthony DickinsonCalifornia AlphaStanfordArchon
    Mr. Roger Campbell DickinsonOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Sam Gunnar DickmanFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Dr. John Allen DiddleTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Donald J. DieboldOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Luke DiedrichLouisiana ChiNicholls State
    Thomas E. DierckmanIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Rolf Christian DietrichsonOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Erwin Joseph DillPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Roy Brice Dille, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    John A. DillinghamMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Peter W. DillonColorado ChiColorado-BoulderChronicler
    Mr. John Hodges DiltsGeorgia EtaOgelthorpe
    Jason Ronald DiluigiCalifornia OmicronUC-Riverside
    Robert E. Dilworth, MDLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Steven Corey DittmerMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Mr. Judson Willard DivincenzoOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Herman L. Dixon, JrTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. James Franklin Dixon, III
    Randy Lee DixonMaryland AlphaTowson
    Dr. Robert L. DixonSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. Paul Richard DobbelhoffIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Dr. Joe W. DobbsCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Frank Joseph DobnikarOhio NuToledo
    Dwayne E. DobsonArizona AlphaArizonaChronicler
    Karl T. Dockray, MDTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Carla Dodds
    Jay Scott DoedenIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Craig L. DoeringVirginia AlphaRandolph-Macon
    Daniel A. Doherty, IIIVirginia TauRichmond
    Mr. Sean Bryant DohertyCalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Mr. Tanner DolbyArizona AlphaArizona
    Honorable M. Ronald DoleacMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    David M. DollTexas EpsilonHoustonHerald
    Mr. James A. DominaIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Theodore A. DominoUtah PhiUtah
    Marie Donahue
    CAPT Vincent D. DonileIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Thomas Michael DonlanIllinois BetaIllinois
    Dr. Charles Leonard Donlin, JrMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Joshua Thomas DonlonPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Chester J Donnally, JrTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Terry L. DonnanNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Albert Edward Donor, IVNew York BetaLong IslandChronicler
    Mr. Albert E Donor, III
    Mr. Caleb Nathan DooleyIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Kerry P.J. DoranIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. Harry P. Dorlon, Jr.Alabama MuAlabama
    Mr. Will E. Dorroh, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Barry Mark DorskVirginia AlphaRandolph-Macon
    Mr. Christopher Alexander DosinConnecticut Nu-EtaNew Haven
    Clifford C. Dougherty, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    James Ray DoughertyMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Paul J. DoughertyNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Karl DoupArkansas BetaArkansas-Little Rock
    Mr. Edward Francis DowFlorida RhoEmbry-Riddle [FL]
    Mr. William A.B. DowellAlabama IotaBirmingham-SouthernHerald
    Mr. Michael George DowlingOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    David John DownPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    John F. Downes, JrMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Dr. John A. Drees, PhDIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Dennis M. DresserIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. Philip H. DrewIndiana GammaIndiana
    H. Perry Driggs, JrMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. Joe D. DromppArkansas BetaArkansas-Little RockHerald
    Mr. Brandon Michael DroneyOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Robert G. DrothlerOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Shane Edmund DrozdowskiMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. Marc McKenna DrummondOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Michael Reber DrummondNorth Carolina DeltaNorth Carolina-Wilmington
    Mr. Robert C. DruryKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Dillon Giles DuboisNorth Carolina EpsilonAppalachian State
    Mr. George A. Dubois, IIColorado DeltaColorado State
    Ronald W. DuboisCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. A. Thomas DudleyGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. Phillip J. DuffyTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Brian Murphy DugganMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    William R. Duke, JrTennessee TauTennessee-Martin
    Mr. D. Peter Peter DunbarIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Matthew Paul DuncanWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Thomas S. DuncanGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Sean Michael Duniven, MBACalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Aaron Charles DunlapFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Kimbrough L. Dunlap, IIITennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Kenneth O. DunnIndiana AlphaFranklinChronicler
    Dr. Robert J. DunnTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Terrence P. DunnMissouri DeltaRockhurst
    Mr. Danny M. DunnawayMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Eugene V. Dupreau, IIICalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Diego DuqueKentucky SigmaLouisville
    Mr. Blade DurbinTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    James Chester DurdaMinnesota AlphaMinnesotaHerald
    Mr. Thomas Anthony DurdaMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Ted P. DurdelMichigan AlphaAdrianChronicler
    Mr. Andrew F. DuretteNew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. James Palmer DusenburyPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Nancy W. Dutro
    Mr. Matthew John DvorakOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    John G. DyckmanMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Michaela Dyer
    Mr. Stewart Allen DyerWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Laurence A. DykesPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Randall W. EakinNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. James H. EarleCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Tyler Shawn EarleNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    CPT Richard A. EasonTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Robert E. EastIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. James Allen EasterlingAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    CDR James W. Eaton, JrNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. James C. EbersoleTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Betty Ebinger
    Shawhin Michael EbrahimiNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Christy Echols
    Mr. Frederick E. EckertNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Michael Bruce EckhardtOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. David Eugene EckmannIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Paul Brian EcoffeyNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    CPT Lawrence E. Eddingfield, USN (Ret)Idaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Troy Matthew EdelenKentucky KappaCentre
    Dr. C. Scott EdenfieldGeorgia SigmaValdosta State
    Carl E. Edwards, JrOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Charles B. EdwardsFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Douglas Gene EdwardsIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Edward B. EdwardsOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Mr. Greg Edwards
    Mr. Robert Henry EdwardsOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    LTC William E. EgenIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Andrew J. Eggenberger, PhDPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    John Jacob Eichhorn, Jr.North Carolina XiNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Martin C. EichingerMichigan ZetaFerris State
    Mr. R. David EickMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Kyle Gene EinckIowa SigmaSimpson
    Ms. Allison Eklund
    Mr. James L. EkstromMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Kenneth R. ElderOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Stephen McDonald Eldridge, CPATennessee EtaUnionArchon
    Mr. David L. ElertMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Peter F. ElespuruMontana AlphaMontana State
    Dr. Brian Randolph ElliottNew York AlphaCornell
    Randolph S. ElliottGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Robert Chadwick ElliottWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Mr. William A. ElliottMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. James G. EllisNew Mexico TauNew MexicoArchon
    Mr. Peyton B. EllisFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Rainer P. EllisNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Rob Arthur Ellis, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgiaHerald
    Mr. Stephen Walker EllisPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    William E. Elmore, JrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. Robert Oakley ElrodSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. Jason Scott EmbryKentucky BetaWestern KentuckyChronicler
    Dr. Frederick M. EmerichWyoming AlphaWyomingChronicler
    Mr. Ronald E. EmmersonOregon AlphaOregon State
    Dr. Gregor K. Emmert, Sr.Ohio TauMiami [OH]
    Craig EneySouth Carolina UpsilonCharleston
    Mr. Roger W. EngebretsonNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Peter James EngleIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Andrew Clayton EnglishIowa SigmaSimpson
    David Alan EnglishOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. John C. EnglishMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Anthony E. EngstromMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. George Raymond EnyeartPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Robert B. EricksonColorado DeltaColorado State
    Robert L. ErwinMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Mark Philip EsbensenCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Ellis Zachariah EstesKentucky KappaCentre
    Mr. William J. EthertonGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    CPT Mark R. Eubanks, USN (Ret)Mississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Richard Marcus Eubanks, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. John Charles EvanillaCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. Austin John Evans, Esq.Wisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Dennis Edward EvansIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Mark D. EverhartOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Matthew David EversdykeOhio SigmaMount Union
    Dr. Lloyd K. Everson, JrNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaChronicler
    Mr. Michael L EvinkSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Thomas W. EwingIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Travis Dow EwingMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Ross Joseph FabriziOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Ronald W. FahlePennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Harrison P. Fail, JrFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Dale J FairbanksCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Bruce Cedric FalesIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Michael Baker FalesColorado ZetaDenver
    Robert J. FaleskaCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. Daniel E. FankhauserKansas BetaKansas StateChronicler
    Evan Reade FarberNew York OmegaBinghamtonChronicler
    Mr. Juan Ignacio FariaMassachusetts Tau-GammaSalem State
    Mr. Colin A FarleyNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Stephen Lefoldt FarrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. William D. FarrOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. James D. FarrarIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Gino Vincente FarraraCalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Kenneth James FarrellOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. William Patrick Farrell, IIIOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Robert Don FarringtonCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Franklin H. Farris, JrKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    David C. FaulMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Robert J. Fauls, JrFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Dr. Ronald M. Faust, PhDIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Joseph Cook FavaFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Joseph B. FeaganesWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Aaron Jacob FedermanOhio NuToledo
    Jason William FeehanIowa BetaIowa
    Mr. James G. Felakos, Sr.Ohio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Douglas J. FelderCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. Robert J. FenaCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Robert W. FennellMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    COL Terry M. FenstadNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Thomas P. FeretOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Theodore M. FergesonTexas AlphaTexas TechChronicler
    Donald D. FergusonWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Harold L. Ferguson, JrMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Stephen Dana FergusonFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Robert C. FernandezFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mr. Joseph L. FerrantinoMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Louis A. Ferraresi, Jr.Massachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Vernon P. FerrellWest Virginia AlphaMarshallHerald
    Mr. Michael Lore FerverdaIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Tyrell Anthony FiducciaCalifornia Alpha-GammaCal State-San Marcos
    Mr. Hal Wilson Field, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. John W. FieldFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Ethan Henry FieldmanFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Michael M. FieldsFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Casey H. FierceCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Bill D. FifeIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Lawrence FikesArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Jim Filarski
    Marc A. FilesWisconsin BetaRipon
    Mr. John B. FillionIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. John M. FillmoreGeorgia PsiMercer
    Gabriel FinchWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Floyd H. Fincher, JrArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Bradley Lowell FineCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Robert J. FingerCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Dr. J Michael FinleyMichigan GammaMichigan State
    LTC Robert W. Finley, Jr USAF (Ret)Washington BetaWashington StateHerald
    Mr. Nicholas Craig FinnesgardNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Paul James Finney, SrIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Cory Michael FischmanFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    CAPT Ben H. FishbeinMaryland AlphaTowson
    Gary E. FisherOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. James C. FisherIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. Stephen Douglas Fisher, CpcuOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. William Kevin FisherColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. William Richard FisherIndiana AlphaFranklin
    James C. FissingerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Melissa Fitzgerald
    Mr. Thomas J. Fitzgerald, JrCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. Joseph L. FitzgibbonsLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Adam Joseph FitzpatrickMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    William Randy Fitzpatrick, JrKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Stephen R. FitzsimondsIowa DeltaDrakeArchon
    Mr. Andrew Clarke FlandrySouth Carolina NuClemson
    Mr. Benjamin F. FlegelWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Mr. David William Gilbert FlemingMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. Stephen Rood FlemingIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Thomas L. FlemingFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    John Jameson FletcherMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Scott Douglas FletcherIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Kirk B. FloryOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Andrewc FloydKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Gary E. FlynnCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    David William Foerster, MDOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Blake Robert FolTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Charles L. FoleyFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    LTC Paul P. Foley, USA (Ret)Massachusetts KappaMassachusetts
    Mr. Christopher Vaughn FolkmanOregon AlphaOregon State
    David Parker FolksOklahoma KappaOklahomaHerald
    Mr. Gary Alan FooteKansas AlphaKansas
    Bradley Kean ForbesCalifornia PiCal State-Fullerton
    Frank S. Forbes, IIMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Charles G. ForemanOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Dr. Lee A. ForestiereLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Louis J. ForgetGeorgia SigmaValdosta State
    Mr. Gregory Michael FormanMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Earl Frederick ForstIndiana GammaIndiana
    Isaac FortnerIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Frank FosheeAlabama EpsilonTroy
    Kevin L. FosheeAlabama EpsilonTroy
    Mr. Bruce A. FosterIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Gregory Adam FosterCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. James Wilson Foster, IIIMississippi DeltaMillsaps
    Mr. Kent Jay FosterIowa DeltaDrakeChronicler
    Venise Fournier
    James E. FousheeCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Michael Douglas FoutsIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Ashleigh Fox
    Sheldon FoxIndiana Iota-PiIUPUI
    James M. M. FoyWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Henry H. FrainWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Mr. David Bruce FraleyKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Ms. Kelly Frammartino
    Mr. Trevor Douglas FramptonCalifornia Alpha-AlphaSonoma State
    Robert Howard Frank, IIKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. William D. FrankColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Richard Michael FranklinMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Robert L. Franklin, IIIIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Donald J. FranksPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Roy W. FranksOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Brian Nevin FrantzVirginia ZetaVirginia Tech
    Mr. Gayle M. FranzenMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Curtis R. FrasierArizona BetaArizona StateWarden
    John K. Frazier, MDCalifornia KappaUC-Davis
    Dr. Albert R. Frederick, Jr.Florida UpsilonFlorida
    Kenneth C. FrederickPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Patrick Taylor FredricksMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Mr. Charles S. Freed, PEOhio NuToledo
    Jon Charles FreedOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Larry A. FreedmanOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Arthur FreemanIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. James E Freeman, IIIPennsylvania ZetaBucknellChronicler
    Mr. R. Carter Freeman, Jr. CMCGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Richard FreemanFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Robert Nathan FreemanAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Vince Freese
    John W. FremdlingCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Fuller French
    Kelly French
    Kristin Frey
    Mr. Charles Louis FriedmanIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Thomas Nicholson FriersonAlabama MuAlabama
    Ryan Nicholas FriesDelaware AlphaDelaware
    Mr. David Eric FrimelMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Mark S. FrisinaPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mark G. Fritsch, RPhMichigan ZetaFerris State
    Eric Alexander FritzOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Mr. Frederick Charles FritzIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Ernest Robert FrizzleFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Glenn William FrohringOhio GammaOhioChronicler
    Mr. Bennett Lawrence FrostCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Jon Andrew FujiuIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Robert D. FulksKansas GammaWichita State
    Mr. Edwin D. FullerMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBostonMinerva
    Matthew John FullerArizona GammaNorthern Arizona
    Mr. Samuel W. Fuller, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. William Fuller, Jr.Tennessee OmegaSewaneeChronicler
    Dr. Thomas Mankin Fullerton, JrTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Dr. Daniel C. FunderburkCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Timothy R. FutrellKentucky EpsilonKentuckyHerald
    Mr. Brian Thomas GableVirginia MuJames Madison
    Mr. Tom P. Gable, JrCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Cooper M GabrichNew Jersey Rho-SigmaStockton
    Mr. Thomas T. GaffeyNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Marcus Andrew GahagenIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Emery James GainesTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee StateHerald
    Bruce R. GaleyCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Maurice Dale Galey, Jr.Indiana BetaPurdue
    Bernard J. GallagherOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Daniel Bennett GallantIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Randy George GallickIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Ann E. Gamble
    John E. GanderPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. William T. GannNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico StateArchon
    Thomas F. GannonFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Roger L. GansauerMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Anthony Jorell GarciaTexas SigmaTexas State
    Mr. Carlos Armando Garcia, JrCalifornia MuCal State-Los AngelesChronicler
    Mr. Kalup L GarciaTexas OmegaMidwestern State
    Shane Turan GarciaCalifornia PiCal State-Fullerton
    Mr. Heber Manuel Garcia MiglioreMichigan Delta-TauAlma
    Rev Robert S. Gardenhirei, III, DMinOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Gary L. GarnandIdaho AlphaIdahoArchon
    Mr. Austin Lee GarrettOhio SigmaMount Union
    James Thomas Garrett, IIIMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Jonathan David GarridoColorado PhiColorado-Colorado Springs
    Thomas B. GarshMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Frederick Pearson Garside, IIICalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Terry J. GarvertKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Gabriel Andres GarzoCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Brent Harold GasperMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. James D. GassTennessee EtaUnion
    Mr. Jack Andrew GasserIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Randy Joseph GassmanKansas BetaKansas State
    Andrew Eugen GastonTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. Stephen Doyle GatesArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mrs. Anna Marie Gath
    Mr. Logan Tom Gay, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Rev. W. Gedge Gayle, JrLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Chris P GaylorMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Pete GaynorTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Robert Alan GebbiaPennsylvania PhiCarnegie MellonChronicler
    Theodore C. GeierOhio EpsilonCincinnatiHerald
    Mr. David T. GendryIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Carroll L. GentryTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. Stacey Allen GentryIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Alex Joseph GeogheganKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Anthony Lewis GeorgeOhio NuToledo
    Mr. James F. GeorgisWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Stephen L. GepfordOhio NuToledo
    Ms. Vasiliki Gerentes
    Gary L. GerlingIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Michael Troy GerockFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Jack GershonCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Richard P. GetchellMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Arthur R. Getz, JrOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. Jonathan David GetzTexas ZetaTexas-Tyler
    Mr. Peter Mark GetzKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. Aaron Ameen GhaisMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Brian Burns Ghoshhajra, MDOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Robert John Giacovelli, CFREUtah UpsilonUtah StateChronicler
    Deborah Giammanco
    Mr. Ryan Neal GibbonsTennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Mr. William A. GibbonsConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Christian Robert Moore GibbsArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Ray A. Gibbs, JrWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Mr. Andrew B. Gibson, Jr.Tennessee SigmaMemphis
    Dr. Gilbert C. GibsonOklahoma MuOklahoma StateHerald
    Steven John GibsonIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Grant Donald GierNebraska Lambda-PiNebraskaWarden
    Mr. Donald W. Giffen, JrKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. William Bruce Giha, CPAOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Gregory Alan GilbertIllinois EpsilonBradley
    John Patrick GilbertOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Joseph R. GilchristAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. Marshall Brown Gilchrist, JrNorth Carolina DeltaNorth Carolina-Wilmington
    Mr. John P. GilesNew York BetaLong Island
    George K. GillTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Mr. Josh GillMontana BetaMontana
    Richard D. GillhamArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Jon Craig GillilandIndiana ZetaBall State
    Michael Richard GillinIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Greg Paul GillisNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Frank Clark GinocchioIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Bradley Jordan GinzigFlorida BetaFlorida State
    John C. GiorzaMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mark Alan GishOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Brendan Patrick GlanceyMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Mr. Evan S. GlanzPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Judith A Glasford
    Mr. David R. GlassOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. J. Bennett GlassSouth Carolina PhiFurman
    Mr. Thomas V. GlassTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    William Love GlassMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Alexander R Glauthier, IVOhio SigmaMount Union
    Jeremy James GlennIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Marion W. Glenn, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Mark W. GlickmanFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. Jon Donald GochenourOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Ralph H. Godbe, Jr.Wyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. William Calvin GodwardCalifornia SigmaSan Francisco
    Mr. Richard J. GoffMaine AlphaMaine
    Mr. Christopher Gregory GoinsOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Edward Franklin Goins, IIIKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Mr. James Riley GoinsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Sherwood D. Goldberg, EsqPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    John J. Golden, JrMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Gary W. GoldenbogenOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Ian Jeremy GoldsteinFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Frank R. GoleyOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Donovan Jake GolichOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Michael Kenneth GolubPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Wayne Anthony GomesCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. David L. GonzalezFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Ernest A. GonzalezNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Dr. Luis L. Gonzalez, Jr MDOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Ramon E. Gonzalez, IIIOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Collin Richard GoodFlorida Alpha-MuSaint Leo
    Mr. George Lory Good, JrMaryland AlphaTowson
    Dr. Thomas Gordon GoodaleIowa GammaIowa State
    Mark A. GoodmanOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Richard Charles GoodwinCalifornia PiCal State-Fullerton
    Mr. Craig Keith GoosIowa ChiNorthern IowaChronicler
    LTC Daniel H. GordonTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. James W. Gordon, IIIIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Seth Alden GordonIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Bradley Scott GoschNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Robert Gotovac, Jr.Texas DeltaSouthern MethodistHerald
    Robert E. GotschallIndiana BetaPurdue
    Stephen H. GotwalsPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Donald W. Gould, SrNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. Michael Robert GouldingOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Robert B. GowinCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Mr. Larry Robert GradisherIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Peyton Grady
    Kenneth James Graeber, JrMississippi GammaMississippi
    Wayne W. Grafton, AICPIowa DeltaDrake
    John B. Graham, JrKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Lewis W. Graham, JrFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Steven Alan GrahamOklahoma TauOklahoma City
    Taylor Jonathan GrahamNew York PhiBuffalo
    Dr. William Eugene Graham, JrIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Bill GraingerAlabama Alpha-MuAuburnChronicler
    Mr. Norman Grandstaff
    Mr. Daniel Edward GranfieldRhode Island AlphaRhode Island
    Mr. William GrantMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Amanda Granzow
    Mr. Chad S. GravesWashington BetaWashington State
    James L. GrayTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Keith Allan GrayIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Randy A. GrayNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Richard M. GrayNew York DeltaSyracuse
    Mr. Michael Anthony GrazianiIndiana BetaPurdue
    Mr. Keith J. GredysNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Brian Willard GreenNevada BetaNevada-Las Vegas
    Mr. Dalton Wade GreenKentucky SigmaLouisville
    Mr. Jeremy Alan GreenNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. John W. GreenIowa DeltaDrakeChronicler
    Mr. Lewis G. Green, JrIndiana BetaPurdue
    Richard Jason GreenNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Kevin Roy GreenawaltPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Dr. Joseph B. GreeneOhio TauMiami [OH]Chronicler
    Robert Andrew GreenwayGeorgia SigmaValdosta State
    Mr. Ben Edward GreenwellKentucky SigmaLouisville
    Mr. Douglas Glennie GreerNew York AlphaCornell
    Mr. Jamie GreganPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Ian Matthew GreggNorth Carolina OmegaWestern Carolina
    Mr. Robert E. Gregory, JrSouth Carolina GammaWoffordWarden
    Mr. Henry W. GrenleyTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Terry J. GrennanNebraska IotaCreighton
    Mr. Christian Erich GrethleinMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. Tanner Jeffrey GrevesenArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Mr. Alex GribbenColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Michael George GricoskiMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. David M.B. GriegoNew Mexico TauNew MexicoChronicler
    Mr. Arthur H. GriffIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. William A. GriffelWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Mr. Maurice Leslie GriffinMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Grant William GriffithKentucky KappaCentre
    Mr. James Robert GriffithsOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Warren Lon GrigsbyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Elijah Scott GrinsteadWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Claude H. GrizzardFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Earl Henry Grochau, IIMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Howard Evan GrodnickMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Alexander Johann GrohmannFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Charles F. Groom, JrAlabama MuAlabama
    Mr. Thomas W. GrossCalifornia KappaUC-Davis
    Walter L. Gross, IIIOhio TauMiami [OH]Warden
    Kathryn Grosscup
    Steven Uhing GrossoehmeNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Baylis M. GruberFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Dennis Bryan GrzeskowiakTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. Phil GuerreroIllinois Tau-AlphaIllinois State
    Mr. Samuel Albert Tilden GuertinIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. William D. Gunter, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Erik L. GuntherFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Lori Gurcsik-Bolone
    Mr. Clay D. GustafsonOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Raymond Thomas GuttendorfIllinois Delta-LambdaEastern Illinois
    Mr. Buddy V. GuynesMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Kurt Alexander HaabTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. William M. HaackMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. David Michael HaasIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Joseph Douglas Haas, JrIndiana EpsilonEvansvilleArchon
    Mr. Robert Antonio HacheConnecticut LambdaHartford
    Mr. Larry Robert HackOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Fred S. HaddadMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Henry Noah HaddawayMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Mr. Shelby Morris HaddenTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Steven E. HaddockAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    James W. HaferMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. William Byrd HaferMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Dr. Matthew Sean Hagarty, DDSIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Philip W. HagenahArizona AlphaArizonaHerald
    Joe R. HaggardKansas BetaKansas State
    Dr. M. Felton HagoodGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Dr. George A. Hahn, JrPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. Thomas HaileyTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. David C. HainOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Dr. F. Joseph Halcomb, IIIKentucky EpsilonKentuckyArchon
    Glenn A. HaldanCalifornia GammaSouthern CaliforniaWarden
    Mr. Frank Sheffield HaleGeorgia BetaGeorgiaChronicler
    James C. HaleyTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Thomas Overton HaleyNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Dr. Bruce R. HalgrenMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Casey George HallMassachusetts SigmaSuffolk
    Charles W. Hall, IIIArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Donahue HallAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. Jack H. HallNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Jay A. HallArkansas BetaArkansas-Little Rock
    Mr. Jesse Lee HallColorado DeltaColorado State
    Donald G. HallidayOhio MuDenison
    Brian Eric HalliwellCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. James D. HallowellCalifornia IotaCal State-FresnoArchon
    Jonathan David Hamer, ODMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Curtis D. HamiltonCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Gary R. HamiltonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Dr. Gregory C. HamiltonMassachusetts KappaMassachusetts
    Mr. Jason John HamiltonCalifornia PsiUC-Irvine
    Joseph HamiltonMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Richard Stokes HamlinCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. David HammerPennsylvania GammaLafayette
    Mr. David M. HamptonArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Robert L. HamptonIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Jose HanaganCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long BeachChronicler
    Mr. Vernell Hance
    Mr. Christopher Wayne HancockIndiana SigmaIndiana StateChronicler
    Tyler HancockIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Charles C. Hanebuth, JrColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Carla Hankins
    Mr. Scott D. HannahIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    James C. HansbergerGeorgia BetaGeorgiaHerald
    Nelson E. HansenNew York DeltaSyracuse
    Eric Cotter Hanson, MDMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. Ian Richard HansonCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Adam Robert HanzalikKentucky SigmaLouisvilleHerald
    Mr. Gilsen C. HappelFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. David A. HardenbrookIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Mr. Douglas A. HardestyOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Dalton Patrick HardingWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. Austen Michael HardmanOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Gerald John HardyIndiana GammaIndiana
    Samuel J. Hardy, IIIMissouri BetaWashington [MO]Chronicler
    Mr. James F. HardymonKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Daniel Richard HareArizona AlphaArizona
    James Curtis HarmonGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Robert D. Harmon, JrMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Carlos Gabriel HarperNevada BetaNevada-Las Vegas
    Rev John Harris HarperGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mack Marcellus Harper, JrMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Dennis D. HarrellIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Jacob Marshall HarrisOklahoma SigmaCentral Oklahoma
    James O. Harris, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. John Joseph HarrisCalifornia IotaCal State-FresnoChronicler
    Lyttleton Tazwell Harris, IVMississippi GammaMississippiChronicler
    Mr. Michael E. HarrisIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Phillip E. HarrisUtah UpsilonUtah State
    Mr. William Stokes Harris, JrKentucky EpsilonKentuckyChronicler
    William S. HarrisGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. William V. HarrisMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. David E. HarrisonTennessee SigmaMemphis
    Mr. Morris E. Harrison, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Roger G. Harrison, JrMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Kenneth R. HarryLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    Mr. Paul J. HartGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Robert L. Hart, Jr EsqMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Ronald C. HartTennessee SigmaMemphis
    Mr. William A. Hart, JrMississippi GammaMississippi
    Dr. J. Michael HartiganIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Alfred H. Hartkopf, JrOhio NuToledo
    Dr. Richard A. HartmanMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Allex Robert HartogIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. George Christopher HartungTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. George C. HarveyMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Jason Daniel HarveyWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. John Thomas HarveyMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. John Joseph Harvey, IIOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Robert Earle HaslamTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    MAJ Michael Edward Hassel, USA (Ret)Indiana SigmaIndiana StateHerald
    Charles J. HasserMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. James William HatcherOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Thomas L. HatchettMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Jack Nelson HattawayGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. Kraig James HaubenstrickerMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Dr. Gordon D. HauganIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Asa William HausnerMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Dr. Thomas P. HavertyCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Mr. Herman Goiens HawMontana BetaMontana
    Mr. Jonathon HawkinsIndiana Iota-PiIUPUI
    John E. HawkinsonColorado DeltaColorado State
    Barrett K. HawksGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Stephen M. HawleyOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Thomas Richard HawleyIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mrs. Caitlin Haycock
    John Weber HaydenIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Edwin Roy HayekCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Jonathan P HayesSouth Carolina UpsilonCharlestonChronicler
    Mr. Zachary Michael HayesIndiana Iota-PiIUPUI
    James K. HaynerWashington BetaWashington StateChronicler
    Mr. Arthur G. Hays, Jr.Oklahoma MuOklahoma State
    John T. Hazard, Jr.Mississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Steven R. HeadleyWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Edmund M. HealyVermont BetaVermontChronicler
    Mr. Sean Matthew HealyRhode Island AlphaRhode Island
    Mr. Tom Patrick HealyOhio GammaOhioHerald
    Mr. Robert W. Hearn, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. David Charles HeathWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. James Randall HeathColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Ennis V. HeathcockIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. John B. HebardOhio MuDenison
    Dr. John E. Hebert, IIIOhio NuToledo
    Nanette Heffernan
    Honorable Jack Roger HeflinIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mark Francis HeggemOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Richard L. Heideman, ChFCCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Dean R. HeidrichNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Kevin Douglas HeilmanMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. John Russell HeinemanNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Dr. R. Gerald HeinzeWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Robert V. HeldmanCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Mr. Michael Scott HellerConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Peter Martin HellerVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Luke HellmichIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Theodore R. Helmbold, MDPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Nickalos HemmenCalifornia Alpha-AlphaSonoma State
    Mr. Augustine Hayden HendersonAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Chase Orrin HendersonIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Don K. HendersonColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Mr. Jonathan Wesley HendersonCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Dr. Walter James Henderson, IIINew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Robert G. HendonOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. James Gambrill HendricksonPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Dr. Joseph Mallam HendrieOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Beshoy HenenOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. T. Patrick HenneganMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Michael HenryArizona AlphaArizona
    Warren S. Hensel, JrOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. David Norman Hepburn, Jr.California GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Tyler Daine HepkeKentucky SigmaLouisville
    Robert Lee HerbageCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Jeffrey HerbertCalifornia ChiUC-San Diego
    Mr. Larry K. HerculesKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. Gregory Michael HermanAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. Jeffrey H. HermanNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Dr. Weber C. Hermann, JrWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Eugene HernandezCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. Charles H. Herndon, JrIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. William Gibbs HerndonKentucky KappaCentre
    Mr. Frederick W. Herpel, JrNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Casey Michael HerringIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Charles W. HerrmannOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Jerry M. HerronOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Jeff HershCalifornia SigmaSan FranciscoChronicler
    Steve J. HersonNew York DeltaSyracuse
    Mr. Edward Jacob Hertwig, IIISouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. Glenn J. HertzlerWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Mike Edward HessFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Honorable William C. HetheringtonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Robert D. HeuchanIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Jennifer Heyen
    Clarence D. HicksFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Paul D. HicksOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Paul B. Hiemenz, Jr.Illinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Patrick Joseph HigginsOhio ThetaOhio State
    Rev. Rayford B. High, JrTexas BetaTexas ChristianChronicler
    Mr. Peder Cliff HildreMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Heath Brandon HildrethVirginia OmicronVirginia
    Mr. John H. HildrethTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Brian R. HileIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. Brian Michael HilgerMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Mr. Dale E. HillOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Mr. Graham HillTexas RhoTexas-AustinHerald
    Harry Edward Hill, IIIPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University ParkHerald
    Mr. James R. HillTexas EpsilonHoustonHerald
    Mr. Matthew HillMississippi Delta-SigmaDelta State
    COL Robert T. Hill, IIIIowa SigmaSimpson
    William E. HillMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Yerger Hill, IIITexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    John Mauk HilliardNew Mexico AlphaEastern New MexicoHerald
    Ronald L. HillierTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Walter P. HinchmanMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Dr. Ralph H. Hinckley, MDMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. David Burt HindmanOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Kenneth B. HinermanWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Daniel G. HinnenkampNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. David J. HinrichsNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Alexander L. HinsonGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Michael Scott HipkinsOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Kevin T HirayamaNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Damon Bret HirschensohnCalifornia Alpha-AlphaSonoma State
    Mr. Travis Edward HiseMaryland MuMcDaniel
    Brother William J. Hisgen, MDWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Mr. Douglas Nees HiteIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Melvin D. HockensmithOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Charles E. Hodge, ChFC CLUOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Douglas Charles HodgeOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Nathan Paul Hodge, SrVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Thomas Henry HofbauerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. James Allan HoffmanOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Jeffrey Clyde HoffmanIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Ross F. HoffmanCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Joseph W. Hoffmann, Clu ChfcMissouri AlphaMissouri-ColumbiaChronicler
    Mr. Bryan Rodgers HoganTexas KappaNorth Texas
    Mr. Ivan A. HogeGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Curtis E. HogfossNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaChronicler
    Mr. Peter James HoistadNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaHerald
    Mr. Woodrow HolderMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral Michigan
    Lisa Holladay
    Mr. T.J. HollandVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    LTC Tyler James Holland, USMCKansas DeltaFort Hays State
    William W. HollandGeorgia BetaGeorgiaHerald
    Mr. Zachary Dalton HollandKansas AlphaKansasChronicler
    Mr. William S. HollensteinerMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Ronald C. HollowayOregon AlphaOregon StateChronicler
    Brian D. Holmes, CfpCalifornia DeltaUCLAHerald
    Mr. Bryan L. HolmesCalifornia EpsilonOccidentalChronicler
    Mr. Miller P. Holmes, JrMississippi GammaMississippi
    David K. HolmquistOhio GammaOhio
    Honorable David Herbert HolsteinColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Brett Harold HoltzNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Aaron P. HommellIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Andrew William HoodOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Clarence G. HoopPennsylvania EpsilonDrexelChronicler
    Jules E. HooperCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Ryan Patrict HooverMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Dr. Hampton HopkinsSouth Carolina SigmaWinthropChronicler
    Mr. John Wilson Hopkins, USAFNorth Carolina AlphaNorth Carolina State
    Mr. W. F. Samuel HopmeierMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Harold Brian HoppeCalifornia BetaUC-BerkeleyHerald
    Mr. John L. Hoppe, JrNebraska Lambda-PiNebraskaHerald
    Bruce T. HoppleOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Richard M. HoppleOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Charles E. HornbuckleIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. John T. HorneyOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Kenneth D. Horton, JrAlabama ChiSouth Alabama
    Mr. Kyle Robert HortonIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Edward Alan HorwitzNevada BetaNevada-Las VegasChronicler
    Mr. Jakob HorwitzNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    William C. HosieCalifornia KappaUC-Davis
    Mr. Emran Hossain SujonWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Jerry L. HotujacMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Rev William C. HoughtonCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Odis Delmar HouseTexas EpsilonHouston
    Christopher Houston
    Mr. Clarke Houston, IIIColorado DeltaColorado State
    Mr. William K. Houston, Jr.California DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Arlin L. HoutkooperSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    John E. HouxNew York RhoSt. Lawrence
    Mr. Scott Stephen HoveNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Gilbert E. HowardOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Jackson Allen HowardColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Mr. John Frierson HowardGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. James R. HowellColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Mr. Cole Thomas HowesNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Tom Smith HowesNebraska Lambda-PiNebraskaChronicler
    Mr. Earle T. Howey, Jr.Nebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Kristin Hoyd
    Mr. John James HradnanskyMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. Louis A. HronekVermont BetaVermont
    Mr. Stewart HsiehCalifornia MuCal State-Los AngelesChronicler
    Mr. Albert E. Huber, JrOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Harvey H. HuberNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Kenneth Edward HuberOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Thomas Edward HuberOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Dr. Jay W. HubnerSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Charles Foster HudsonIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Collin Mitchell HudsonTexas SigmaTexas State
    Mr. Robert C. Hudson, IIIIllinois AlphaMonmouthHerald
    Mr. Robert A. Hudson, Jr.Tennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. Mateo Camilo HuertaVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Thomas T. HuffMichigan GammaMichigan StateChronicler
    Brian L. HughesCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Clifton Young Hughes, IVOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Jack Patrick HughesNorth Carolina DeltaNorth Carolina-Wilmington
    Kyle Hughes
    LTC Michael A. Hughes, USA (Ret)Kentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    William Arnold HughesOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Michael Robert HuizarCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Robert M. Huley, Sr.New York AlphaCornell
    Mr. W. Deck Hull, JrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Ted R. HulseyCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mrs. Amanda Hulshof
    Mr. Dillan HumbardIllinois Tau-AlphaIllinois State
    Daniel A. Humiston, DDSIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Michael Reigh HumphreyTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. John Owsley HunekeVirginia TauRichmondHerald
    Scott Anthony HunkeNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Clayton Brackett HuntSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Fred W. HuntArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Howard L. HuntIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Samuel Barton HuntAlabama MuAlabamaHerald
    Mr. Douglas Jerome HunterSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Michael T. HunterIdaho AlphaIdahoChronicler
    Mitzi Hunter
    Mr. Shane Gregory HunterCalifornia Alpha-DeltaChapman
    Still Hunter, Jr. CFAAlabama MuAlabama
    Dr. Robert E. Huntington, DDSCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Mr. Brian David HuntleyMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Derald D. HurlbertIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Riley HurlbutOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Michael Lloyd HurleyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. W. Keith HurtTennessee TauTennessee-MartinChronicler
    Mr. Robert Perry Husband, DOCalifornia PiCal State-FullertonChronicler
    Gary D. HuseltonTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Peter Alvin HutchinsNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Lettie Huyghe
    Mr. John R. HyinkIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Matt W. HyzyFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. Taylor Chase IhlenfeldtTexas ZetaTexas-Tyler
    Mr. Howard C. ImhoffOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Frederick N. IndermaurOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Paul F. Inman, JrKansas BetaKansas State
    CPT Joseph Crist Innes, USNIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Frank B. IodiceTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Mr. Les H IrelandMaryland AlphaTowsonWarden
    Mr. John S. IrishIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Joel R. IrvineConnecticut LambdaHartford
    Mr. Michael F. IrvineMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. H. Richard Ishler, Jr.Pennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. John C. IsmertColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. Ronald Joseph IsrielFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Jerome C. IvesNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Ronald T. IwasakiOregon AlphaOregon StateHerald
    Jeff Jackson
    Mr. Jerry L. JacksonNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    S. Reed JacksonGeorgia PsiMercerChronicler
    Jeffrey Philip JacobsMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Warren JacobsenCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    David Charles JacobsonFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. James D. JaggersOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Nick H JakobeMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Richard D. JamesIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Richard K. JamesPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Thomas L. Jameson, JrArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Edward S. JamroMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Rizwan Ahmed JanMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Mr. Mark Claude JatonNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Christopher E. JayOregon DeltaLewis & Clark
    Jay W. JeffcoatCalifornia EtaUC-Santa BarbaraChronicler
    Mr. Chase Dean JefferyArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Toby Leon JeffreysMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Robert Lee JeffriesPennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    Mr. George L. JenkinsAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Robert D. Jenkins, IIIAlabama ChiSouth Alabama
    Mr. Tipton D. Jennings, IVFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]Herald
    Mr. Ryan Christopher JensenKansas DeltaFort Hays State
    Thomas A. JepsenIllinois BetaIllinois
    Gary Paul JerabekIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Matthew Scott JeterArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Robert A. JetmundsenTennessee ZetaRhodesHerald
    Mr. Michael Pascoe JewellOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. John J. JimenezMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Alan Adam JochimOregon DeltaLewis & Clark
    Dana B. Johannes, IIIFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Ben Johnson, IICalifornia PsiUC-Irvine
    Mr. Charles F. Johnson, IIPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Clayton E. JohnsonMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Dale A. JohnsonIowa GammaIowa StateHerald
    Devin JohnsonTexas SigmaTexas State
    Mr. Donald L. JohnsonArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Donald L. Johnson, JrOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Dwight L. JohnsonUtah PhiUtah
    Mr. Eric Michael JohnsonNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Frank J. JohnsonWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Grant JohnsonMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Guy Keven JohnsonCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Harrison Taylor JohnsonMississippi Delta-SigmaDelta State
    Mr. Jack Douglas JohnsonIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. James B. Johnson, JrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    James Johnson
    Mr. Jeff Dean JohnsonTexas KappaNorth Texas
    Dr. John P. JohnsonGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Kenneth R. JohnsonCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Phillip T. JohnsonKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Dr. Robert D. JohnsonLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Roger G. Johnson, PhDNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Roger W. JohnsonOhio NuToledo
    Roy F. Johnson, JrMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Russell V. Johnson, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Ryan Tyler JohnsonGeorgia MuGeorgia College
    Mr. Thomas E. JohnsonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    William Corry Johnson, JrMaine AlphaMaine
    Mr. Zachary Scott JohnsonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    John A. JohnstonOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Ricky Leake JohnstonMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Steven Gregory JohnstonMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Brian Stuart JollesMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    James R. Jolly, Jr.Georgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Michael Scott JollyMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Andrew Lovell Jones, MBAWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Benjamin Cutler JonesNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Brandon Lowell JonesOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Brenon Isaac JonesGeorgia AlphaGeorgia Southern-Statesboro
    Mr. Daniel S. JonesOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. David A. JonesFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Galen B. Jones, MDGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. James Lawrence JonesMississippi ThetaMississipi StateHerald
    LTC Mark William Jones, USAPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Matthew William JonesCalifornia Alpha-BetaCal Poly-Pomona
    Mr. Nathan Caleb JonesTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. Nicholas Patrick JonesIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Dr. Richard B. JonesAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Richard D. JonesWashington BetaWashington State
    Robert G. JonesLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    Robert Evans Jones, MDMississippi GammaMississippi
    Dr. Russell W. JonesOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Mr. Thomas A. JonesNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. William F. Jones, JrOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Michael Rankin JoplingSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. Austin Carl JordanOhio LambdaKent State
    Dr. James Madison JordanAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Lance Clayton JordanCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Michael Scott JordanTexas TauTexas A&M
    Pam Jordan
    Mr. Dennis D. JoryIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Cheryl Joshi
    Mr. Gordon L. JostMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Michael Ryan JoyceTennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Mr. Riley Keith JoyceGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Patrick Jerome JugovicIndiana BetaPurdue
    John P. JungKansas BetaKansas State
    Tara Jungkunz
    Walton A. Justice, JrTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Ronald JustissArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Christopher Bleu KaehnyMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. Nabil KahaleCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Edwin Michael KahoeOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. James Elmo KaiserNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Trijal KaisthaPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. Kirk Jamie KaludisIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Michael Ray KamishMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Douglas Lee KampeNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Paul Joseph KanarkowskiPennsylvania Sigma-MuAlbright
    James E. Kane, JrIndiana BetaPurdue
    Robert E. Kane, JrVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Louis A. J. KapicakLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Steven T. KappelIowa DeltaDrake
    Thomas J. KarazimOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Cameron John KarosisMaine AlphaMaine
    Mr. Jeffrey Martin KarpPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Myles I. KarpmanCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Josiah Daniel KarriemOhio NuToledo
    Joseph Reed KassMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. James E. KauffmanCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Kenneth K. KauffmanIowa DeltaDrakeHerald
    Isamu Kawabori, MDCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Robert F. KazimourIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Wilbur K. KeatingColorado DeltaColorado State
    Mr. Jaden Keckler
    J. David KeckleyIndiana GammaIndiana
    MG Dempsey D. KeeNew Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Dr. John S. KeeblerKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Grant B. KeeferMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Ryan KeelingKentucky SigmaLouisville
    Mr. John H. KeeseeTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. Jason Christopher KeithMichigan ZetaFerris State
    Mr. David Bart KellerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Robert E. KellerIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Stiles A. Kellett, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. James J. KelleyFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. John D. KelleyFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. Taylor Kendell KelleyTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Greg A. KellyIndiana GammaIndiana
    Joseph Braly Kelly, EsqWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Robert Michael KellyMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Bruce P. KelsoOhio LambdaKent State
    Erika Kemple
    Mr. Craig A. KennedyColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Mr. Larry L. KennedyKansas GammaWichita State
    Mr. Nathaniel F. KennedyConnecticut LambdaHartford
    Mr. Ray Kennedy
    Brent Allen KenneyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. John D. Kenney, IIILouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Thomas E. KenvilleNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. James W. KenyonWashington AlphaWashington [WA]Herald
    Kevin Jerome KeoughIndiana ZetaBall State
    Julia Kern
    Mr. Roy William KernIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Matthew Carl KernohanOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Matthew Franklin KernsOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. William Doug KernsOhio ThetaOhio State
    Andrew Lewis KerrTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. John P. KesterIndiana BetaPurdue
    Bert R. Keyes, JrTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Paula Keys
    Dr. Ronald E. KeyserPennsylvania GammaLafayetteHerald
    David Faris KhalilOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Kris Eugene KhoenleOhio NuToledo
    James R. KidderCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. James KieschnickTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    John C. KikolOhio GammaOhio
    Mrs. Mary Ann KilbChronicler
    Thomas Joseph KilianIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Lloyd C. KilmerNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    David A. KimballIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. John Michael KimberlinKansas DeltaFort Hays State
    John Ewell Kimbrough, IVMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Paul Robert KimmelOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Herbert F. KinceyNorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    Doreen Kines
    Mr. Caeden William KingCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Dana L. KingCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Dennis J. KingCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Edward F. King, IIFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. James A. KingGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Jason Brian KingKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    John Olmsted KingGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Kevin Wayne KingOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Mason Daniel KingNew Jersey AlphaPrinceton
    Mr. Michael John KingMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Terry H. KingeryVirginia TauRichmond
    Robert G. Kinney, EdDTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. William L Kinney, JrSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Michael Peter KinsellaNew York PhiBuffalo
    Timothy Peter KinsellaIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Joseph M. KintIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Richard S. KinyonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Jeffrey John KinzlerIllinois Alpha-OmegaLoyola-Chicago
    Bruce E. KirkhamOhio NuToledo
    Jennifer Kirking
    COL Milton R. Kirste, USAF (Ret)New Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. R. Drew KistlerPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvaniaArchon
    Mr. Atley Langley KitchingsAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Prof. Brian Lee KittsColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Casey KleinKentucky KappaCentre
    Mr. Frederick J. KleisnerMichigan GammaMichigan StateMinerva
    Mr. Clifford A. Kleymeyer, JrIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Robert J KleymeyerIndiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    David B. KlimoskiColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. Jonathan Stuart KloosNew York AlphaCornell
    Mr. Steven A. Kmatz, CPANew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Joseph Michael Knecht, JrMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Kollin Wayde KnoxKansas BetaKansas State
    Mr. Frank Thomas KobePennsylvania Sigma-MuAlbright
    Mr. Alan H. KoblinPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    COL Dale H. KochMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. David Andrew KochArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Milton TOM KochPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. James F. KoenigOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Allan KoeppelOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Dr. Joseph P. KoestnerMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Cameron Kelley KoizumiConnecticut Nu-EtaNew Haven
    Dr. Gary Martin KolinskyNew York OmegaBinghamton
    Mr. Brenden Nicholas KolthoffTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Mr. Benjamin M. KoontzArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Craig J. Kopet, PTMontana BetaMontana
    Matthew Joseph KopffMissouri DeltaRockhurst
    Scott Alan KoppelmanIowa GammaIowa State
    Christina Koppin
    Mr. Rohan John KorahMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. Michael Richard KorczynskiNevada BetaNevada-Las Vegas
    Mr. Nicholas Michael KornasiewiczOhio NuToledo
    Daren D KostersOklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Donovan Peter KostersOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. David J. KotloskiKansas GammaWichita State
    Stephen Raymond KovacTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. C. Duane KraftNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Robert D. KraftOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Cory Alan KrajniakMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Curtis G. Kramer, JrPennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    Mr. Bryan Richard KranekOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Richard A. KrantzmanCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. James Stanley KrapencOhio SigmaMount Union
    Michael Barry KraskowNew York AlphaCornell
    Mr. Vern T. KraushaarIndiana DeltaDePauwChronicler
    Roger Curtis KrhounekNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Terry L. KrickFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Richard A. KriegerOhio LambdaKent State
    John Knight Kritser, SrTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Ronald D. KruchtenWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Robert P. KrumCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Joshua Alan KrusenklausIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. William E. KuglerColorado ChiColorado-BoulderChronicler
    Mr. Jeffrey Alan KuhnSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Mr. Devan Sah Lakshmi KumarIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Willard D. KunzUtah UpsilonUtah State
    Mr. Jordan S. KuperschmidPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. David John KupiecIllinois Alpha-OmegaLoyola-ChicagoHerald
    Mr. Ronald D. KuschCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Patrick Wayne KutasFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Steven Joseph KutilekNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Brent Tyler Kuwatch, MAIOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Grace Kwiatkowska
    Mr. John W. KwiecinskiPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Elijah Sean KyleIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Kevin KyleOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Hal W. LaBelleUtah UpsilonUtah State
    Mr. Arnold J. Labenz, Jr.Arizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Peter Brian LaberdeeOhio NuToledo
    Mr. William G. Lafferrandre, IIIOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Charles Scott LaffertyFlorida LambdaLynn
    Mr. Daniel Matthew LagrangeIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Brooks J. Lagree, JrOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Ms. Alison Lai
    William H. Lake, JrWisconsin BetaRipon
    Alan Lakomski
    Mr. Thomas Matthew LallyIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Thomas Christopher LaMantiaArizona AlphaArizonaWarden
    Mr. Madison C Lamar
    Mr. Neil V. LambertTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. Zach Taylor LameOregon AlphaOregon State
    Jeffrey Brent LamkinMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. David C. LamoureuxPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    B. Allen Lancaster, JrGeorgia PsiMercer
    Dr. Zachary David LancasterIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. David M. LanceOhio EpsilonCincinnatiHerald
    Thomas Robert LandIndiana ZetaBall State
    CAPT Walter J. Landen, USN (Ret.)Colorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Grant Thomas LanderIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Clark David LandersNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    William Marvin Landes, JrMississippi GammaMississippiChronicler
    Melanie Lane
    Mr. Edward Waddell Laney, IVTennessee OmegaSewanee
    Walter W. Lanford, JrSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. Jeffrey Howard LangWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Donald W. LangelohMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. William D. LangenesNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Jeffrey M. LangfordCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Taylor LangleyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Christopher LangtonOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Fredric T. LangtonWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Thomas Fredric LangtonWashington BetaWashington State
    Jerry L. LaphamMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Joseph Nicholas LapineNew York PiAlbany
    Mr. Ronald W. LapointeNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Gabrielle Larkin
    Mr. Edward Roy LarsenMassachusetts EpsilonEmerson
    Mr. Matt Steven LarsenNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. W. Daniel LarsenCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Mr. Charles W. LarsonColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. Galen L. LarsonNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. James R. LarsonWyoming AlphaWyomingChronicler
    James Warren LarsonIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Marvin G. LarsonNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Hank LatimerOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    LTC Kent W. Lattig, USAF (Ret)Missouri BetaWashington [MO]Herald
    Mr. Luke Alexander LattyakIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Scott Robert LauberOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Phillip D. LaueWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Edith LauerHerald
    James LauriaIllinois Delta-PiDePaul
    Rebecca Lauria
    Mr. Thomas Joseph Lavia, Jr CSACalifornia BetaUC-BerkeleyChronicler
    Mr. Christopher Todd LawrenceArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Colin Barry LawrenceMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Richard E. LawrenceCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Donald B. LawsonNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. John K. LawsonIowa GammaIowa StateHerald
    Dr. Boyce Mendenhall Lawton, IIISouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. John Francis Le DouxLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    James F. LeachSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Michael A. Leahy, IIMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Mr. J. Richard Leaman, IIINorth Carolina NuDuke
    Mr. Todd Everett Leamon, PETennessee DeltaTennessee Tech
    Charles H. LearoydNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Kenneth D. LeashOregon BetaOregon
    Mr. Gregori LebedevSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Zachary Imre LebovitzPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    James Edward LebowNorth Carolina XiNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Allen Donald LeckSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    George Tom LecometrosArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Albert Ji Wing Thomas LeeMassachusetts Beta-AlphaBoston Consortium
    Bruce Maxwell LeePennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Dan R. LeeColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. J. Fletcher Lee, MDTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. John W. Lee, IIArizona BetaArizona State
    Lansing B. Lee, IIINorth Carolina XiNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Michael Dixon LeeIndiana GammaIndiana
    Dr. Robert Allen LeeIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Shannon Max LeeIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Wayne E. LeeNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    William Gentry LeeMassachusetts GammaHarvardHerald
    Jeffrey J. LeechPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Michael Louis LehmanMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Robert A. LeichMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Jeff Michael LeidholmNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Eliseo LeistIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Joshua James LeiterOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Frederick B. LemayOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    William Scott LenkerSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Richard Patrick LeonardIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Joseph LeoneMassachusetts Tau-GammaSalem State
    Mr. Kevin M. LeongCalifornia SigmaSan Francisco
    COL Robert E. Leslie, USAR (Ret)California BetaUC-Berkeley
    William C. LeslieMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. George David LessleyCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Joe Lambeth LesterTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Robert L. LesterIowa SigmaSimpson
    Dr. Earl Dwayne LettNorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    Mr. Joey Guillermo LeusMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Thomas F. LeverMaine AlphaMaine
    Mr. Alexander LevereMassachusetts EpsilonEmerson
    Mr. Russell F. LevereConnecticut LambdaHartford
    John Michael LevinNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Michael S. LevineMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. James Kellner LevisIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Evan Joseph LevitskyPennsylvania Psi-EtaPenn State-Harrisburg
    Jon L. Levy, SrLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Dr. Milton G. LevyOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Donald Edward Lewis, Jr.Ohio AlphaYoungstown State
    John South LewisMississippi SigmaSouthern MississippiChronicler
    Mr. Leon O. Lewis, JrTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Mr. Mark Lewis
    Mr. Robert E. LewisFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    LTC Thomas M. LewisVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    William A. LewisCalifornia MuCal State-Los AngelesHerald
    Mr. Bryan D. LeyFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. Joshua Clayton LeyhewTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Jean-Paul Yi LiePennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Matthew Lieberman
    Mr. Richard Lorenz LiesIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwesternWarden
    Kevin Warren LilesTexas TauTexas A&M
    Mr. Jefferson Davis Lilly, IIIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Charles William Lindbeck, JrMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Richard W. LindgrenNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Erik Edward LindholmIllinois Alpha-OmegaLoyola-ChicagoChronicler
    Mr. Steven J. LindleyTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Alex Bryce LindrothNorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    John P. LinhartOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. John E. LinkNew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    COL H. Thacher Linke, USANew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. Derek Jeffery LinkousIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwesternHerald
    William Shannon LinningSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Robert S. LipmanKentucky EpsilonKentuckyChronicler
    Mr. Jared Bryant LisenbyAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Mr. Peter Johnston LisnerMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Lawrence M. LittellNew Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Rev. Dr. Bryce Little, JrWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Joseph Samuel LittleMaryland AlphaTowson
    David R. LittlefieldOregon AlphaOregon State
    Rebecca Littlejohn
    Ryan P. LittletonTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Mr. Eddie Edwin Litton, IIFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. Marshal Lee LittonKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Mr. Charles Yuran LiuWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Larry K. LivingstonMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. Mitchell John LivingstonFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mark Calder LivingstoneMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Stephen L. LloydOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Trudi Lockwood
    Jody Loepz
    Mr. Herbert C. Loewlein, PEOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Dalton Scott LoftisIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Thomas E. LoftisMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. William G. LoganFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. William F. LohrerOhio GammaOhio
    Dr. Steven Edward LomanIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Gregory Eugene LomaxMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Charles Dominick Lombino, Esq.Illinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Dr. Charles G. LongFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Jesse L LongGeorgia AlphaGeorgia Southern-Statesboro
    Mr. Joel Ward LongNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Lawrence E. LongOhio ThetaOhio StateChronicler
    Mr. Phillip C. LongLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Scott Ryan LongArizona AlphaArizona
    Dr. Spencer Alan LongMichigan Delta-OmegaCentral MichiganChronicler
    Mr. Thomas Oliver LongIllinois Delta-LambdaEastern Illinois
    Mr. W. Charles LongOregon BetaOregon
    Mr. Anthony G. LongarzoGeorgia EtaOgelthorpe
    Ralph J. LongfellowIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Matthew Lee LooneyTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Albert Lopera, JrCalifornia Chi-MuUC-Merced
    Mr. Erwin Alexander LopezTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Gloria Lopez
    Mr. Warren H. LortieCalifornia GammaSouthern CaliforniaHerald
    Dr. Stephen Anthony Los, DDSCalifornia OmicronUC-Riverside
    John W. LosaPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. Jamshid Jim LotfiMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. Darrin Loughmiller
    Mr. Robert A. LoughmillerIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Stephen B. Love, IIICalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Hubert C. Lovein, JrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    James L. LovejoyPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. David Stith LoweNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Angel Jesus Lozano, LozanoCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. John A. LucasMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Linda Lucas
    Mr. Gilbert C. Luck, JrVirginia TauRichmond
    Ann Luent
    Mr. George M. Luhn, JrTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Luke W. LumbyFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    James Roger Lundquist, MBASouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Joshua Jarell LussVirginia ChiVirginia Commonwealth
    Mr. Andrew D. LuttrellArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. James Gilbert Lyerly, IIIGeorgia PsiMercer
    CAPT Donald Eugene LyleNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Timothy James LyleNorth Dakota AlphaNorth DakotaHerald
    COL Daniel J. LynchMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Joseph MaCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Thomas Arthur Mabel, MDOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Donald M. Mabry, DDS, MAGDLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    Reno J. MacCardiniMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Dr. Dean Judson MaccarterMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Donald R. MacDonaldMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Dr. Anthony V. MackFlorida NuNorth Florida
    Thomas L. MackMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. John R. MaddoxGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Noah Taylor MadmonArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Ralph C. MadsenNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Duane Thomas MageeIowa DeltaDrake
    Robert W. MageeMississippi SigmaSouthern MississippiChronicler
    Mr. William Daniel Magee, JrMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Charles B. MaginnisLouisiana EpsilonLouisiana State
    Mr. Will D. MagruderGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. George Wallace Mahn, IIIMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Michael P. MahoneyIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. Robert M. MaileyWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Harold E. MainsOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Austin MaizeTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    Dr. John J. MakayMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. William Russell Makepeace, IVNorth Carolina AlphaNorth Carolina State
    Louis A. Malizia, JrPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Marc Adolfo MalnatiIndiana GammaIndianaHerald
    Brooks T. Mancini, Sr.California ZetaSan Jose StateHerald
    Mr. Kevin MancusoMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Joseph Anthony Mandato, Jr.Pennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    Mrs. Molly Mandernach
    Dr. J. Kevin ManeyOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Jeffrey L MannOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Wayne Manning, CPANew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Brian Matthew MannixPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Lukas ManomaitisPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Richard V. ManoukianOhio ThetaOhio State
    Cathy Manqueros
    Brian David MansfieldPennsylvania GammaLafayette
    Norwood Mansur, JrMaine AlphaMaine
    Samuel J. Manzitto, Jr.Nebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Leon Stuart Mapes, Jr.Washington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Jeffrey Phillip MarchNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Robert M. MarchiPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    Mr. Noah Christopher MarcumKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Mr. James M. MarinePennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Lucas MarinelloIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    David S. MaringNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. John B. MarkNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Chiel W. Marlow, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    David Arthur MarshallVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Dwight William Marshall, JrMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Mr. James O. MarshallNew York AlphaCornell
    Mr. John Michael MarshallKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. John David Marshall, JrOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Richard E. MarshallMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Stewart Andrew Marshall, III, Esq.Florida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. Nicholas MartellIndiana GammaIndiana
    Alan MartinOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Bill R. MartinTennessee EtaUnion
    Mr. Brett Allen MartinIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. David Charles MartinNew York AlphaCornellChronicler
    Mr. Douglas William MartinIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Gary C. MartinAlabama Alpha-MuAuburn
    Gregory R. MartinIllinois BetaIllinoisChronicler
    James Lewis MartinAlabama EpsilonTroy
    John E. MartinNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Malcolm E. MartinMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Nelson F. MartinNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Nicolas Darryl MartinMississippi Delta-SigmaDelta State
    Mr. Peter A. MartinKansas BetaKansas State
    Robert J. MartinOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Stanley E. Martin, JrGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Thomas W. MartinMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Warren L. MartinIdaho AlphaIdahoWarden
    Mr. Andrei Pablo MartinezCalifornia Alpha-GammaCal State-San Marcos
    Mr. Juan Abraham MartinezCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. Zachary David MartinezColorado PhiColorado-Colorado Springs
    Mr. Brett Daniel MartzkeSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    LTC Melvin M. Marvel, USAF (Ret)Idaho AlphaIdaho
    Mark Anthony MascarenhasPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Grant Edwin MashekTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. John S. MasonOhio ThetaOhio State
    Rick Mason
    Antonio Louis MassenelliOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Daryl A. MassengillTennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. Ellington F. MasseyMississippi ThetaMississipi StateChronicler
    Mr. J. Steven MassieOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Anthony G. MassoudPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Dr. Lawrence E. MastArizona AlphaArizona
    Mr. Brian MastervichTexas SigmaTexas State
    Mr. Ernest Mastorides, JrOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. Fred MasuokaIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Mr. Michael Temers MasurLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Michael Charles MatelichWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Daniel James MathiaNebraska IotaCreighton
    Mikal John MathisenWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Baron Danzey MatthewsMississippi DeltaMillsaps
    Mr. James M. MatthewsTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Kent R. MatthewsOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Philip L. Mattison, JrIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Zavier Drake MattsonMissouri Kappa-ChiMissouri-Kansas City
    Mr. Gene B. MaudlinIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Fred Maulden, Jr.Alabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Charles W. Maurer, JrIowa GammaIowa State
    Paul R. Maurer, IIOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Paul Reed Maurer, IIIPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Samuel H. Maw, JrSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Jeffrey Kenneth MawbyTexas KappaNorth Texas
    Mr. Baylor T. MaxwellOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. Daniel Michael MaxwellNew York DeltaSyracuseHerald
    Mr. Eric Boyce MaxwellMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Mr. Michael Jones MaxwellSouth Carolina NuClemson
    Bill J. May, JrTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Frederick B. MayIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. M. Gregory MayIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Ronald A. MayFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Dana Joseph MayerleNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Dr. Stanley Pat Mayers, JrPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Stephen Keith MayesKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Mr. Michael C. MayhallOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    LTC Ronald E. MayhewOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. Walter J. MaykulskyArizona AlphaArizona
    Dr. Robert Eugene Mays, Jr.Nevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Mark A. MazzieIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Robert C. McAdam, JrIllinois BetaIllinois
    Scott T. McAdamIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Bruce D. McAllisterGeorgia PsiMercerWarden
    Alan R. McBaneOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Garrett Lane McBlairKansas DeltaFort Hays State
    Alan L. McCallArizona AlphaArizona
    B Dennis McCallIndiana GammaIndianaHerald
    Donald L. McCannIllinois DeltaMillikin
    James Francis McCannCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. William V. McCann, Jr.Idaho AlphaIdahoHerald
    Mr. A. Bernard McCarthyCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Mr. Melvin G. McCartneyWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Mr. Bertrand J. McCarty, JrCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Michael L. McCauleyFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. John R. McClainCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Dr. Charles W. McClaryTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Robert E. McClaryIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. David Michael McClendonTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Larry R. McClendonArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Miss Kayla McCloud
    James M. McClungTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. John R. McClure, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. John Michael McClureIndiana GammaIndiana
    Dr. Scott L. McClure, DDSGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    John Robert McClymondsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Joseph D. McCollum, JrIdaho AlphaIdahoChronicler
    James M. McCormickMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. John E. McCoyIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Robert F. McCoyOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. James Robert McCraryCalifornia EtaUC-Santa BarbaraChronicler
    Mr. Richard McCulloch JonesOhio MuDenison
    Honorable Richard P. McCullyTennessee SigmaMemphis
    William R. McCumiskeyNew York AlphaCornell
    James McCurley, IIIPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Hugh M. McCutcheonGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Roy Bates McCutcheonGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. James Donald McDaniel, JrNevada BetaNevada-Las VegasChronicler
    Mr. John Spencer McDanielTennessee SigmaMemphis
    Mr. Matthew G. McDanielTennessee RhoChristian Brothers
    Mr. Christopher McDonaldMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Douglas R. McDonaldCalifornia AlphaStanfordChronicler
    Greggrey Dean McDonaldOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Michael Lee McDonaldNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Stephen P. McDonaldCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Mark William McDonoughOhio AlphaYoungstown StateHerald
    Mr. Matthew Joseph McDonough, MBA, PMPOhio AlphaYoungstown State
    Mr. James F. McDowell, IIINew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. George W. McEachenNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Craig Leslie McElwainOklahoma MuOklahoma State
    Dr. J. Brent McFarlandAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. John T. McFarlandOhio ThetaOhio State
    Thomas M. McFarlandKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. Lai’Erricx Jamon McGahaMississippi Delta-SigmaDelta State
    Mr. Richard Kent McGaughyTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    Charles M. McGeheeTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. Chaz McGowanArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Thomas J. McGrath, JrWashington City RhoGeorge Washington
    Randall B. McGrutherOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth McGuire
    Mr. Robert D. McIlroyIndiana BetaPurdue
    CPT Carey Eugene Lawrence McIntyreFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Christopher William McKeanMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Dr. Harris B. McKeeNew Hampshire AlphaDartmouth
    Greg Allan McKenzieOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Michael J. McKenzieCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Ray Walton McKewon, JrOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mac A. McKichan, JrWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Errol S. McKinneyOregon AlphaOregon State
    J. C. McKnightMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBostonChronicler
    Mr. Christopher Brendan McLaughlinPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    John M. McLeanGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Bryan Kelly McMahonMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore County
    Mr. Jerre Lee McManama, JrIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. John A. McManus, JrMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. Todd Robert McMartinSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Dr. Stanley McMillenOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Jay McMullan
    John W. McMullenCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Matt Ryan McMullinColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Mr. Patric G McNeillNew Jersey Rho-SigmaStockton
    Donald E. McNulty, USAF (Ret.)North Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    James P. McNuttOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Lee William McNutt, IIITexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    James John McPartlandIowa BetaIowa
    Mr. Derek Tyler McPhersonSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. Patrick Frank McPhersonVirginia ZetaVirginia Tech
    Michael McShane
    Mr. Doug McTigheFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    1LT Phillip Gunn MeadIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mrs. Susan Marie Mears
    Dr. Donald S. MeckIndiana BetaPurdueChronicler
    Mr. Douglas MedcalfMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Julian A MedranoMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Matthias P. Meehan, Jr.Florida AlphaMiami [FL]
    A. James MeerpohlOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Steven C. MeffordCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    William R. MeideFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. David B. MeierIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Anthony Richard MelilloGeorgia EtaOgelthorpe
    Mr. James A. MellOhio NuToledo
    Howard W. Melton, PhDNew Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Mr. Van MenardPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    George Mencia, JrFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Steven C. MendellCalifornia EtaUC-Santa Barbara
    Mr. Craig Boyd MendenhallWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Donald L. MendenhallIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Frank Mendicino, IIWyoming AlphaWyomingHerald
    Mr. Bryan Roel MendozaNew York ZetaOswego
    Joseph Jeffrey MengisOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Jeffrey Richard MenzIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Christopher Jason MercadoWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Michael Dean MercureIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Gabriel Ivan MernikOhio SigmaMount Union
    Thomas H. Merrill, MDOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    David Gerhard MertensIndiana ZetaBall State
    Howard J. MessmerOregon BetaOregon
    Dr. John Isaac Messner
    Dr. Richard W. MetcalfeFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Mr. Tyler Jordan MetcalfeOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    David Anthony MetzIowa SigmaSimpson
    Bernie Meunier
    Brinn Meunier
    Mr. Brian MeyerVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Carl E. MeyerNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Charles Victor MeyerKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Lester E. MeyerKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Todd Kent MeyerIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Andrew Meyers
    Mr. William Christian Meyers, EsqVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Michael Walter MezeyIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Kirk J. MichauxTexas RhoTexas-Austin
    George J. Michel, JrMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Mr. William C. MichelsMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Richard Alonzo Mickelsen, JrUtah SigmaWeber State
    Arthur H. MiddletonTexas DeltaSouthern MethodistChronicler
    Mr. Frank Faison Middleton, VGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Dr. Jerry N. MiddletonMissouri GammaWestminster
    Gary Mielcarek
    Mr. Greg Paul MigdallArizona AlphaArizonaHerald
    Mr. John C. MilesNebraska Lambda-PiNebraskaChronicler
    Mr. Schuyler MillarTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Adam D. MillerPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Brook Benton MillerOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Christopher Miller, Esq.New York OmegaBinghamton
    Mr. Clark Evan MillerNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    George Andrew MillerIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Hugh Barr Miller, IVAlabama MuAlabama
    Keith G. MillerCalifornia IotaCal State-FresnoWarden
    Mr. Lee A. MillerOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Lloyd W. Miller, JrOhio GammaOhio
    Michael Alan MillerOhio MuDenison
    Nicole Miller
    Robert M. Miller, IIIOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Ronnie Lee MillerKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Timothy L. MillerTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Todd Joseph MillikenOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. A. Jackson Mills, Jr.Oklahoma KappaOklahomaChronicler
    Mr. Michael T. MillsKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. Riley James MillsMassachusetts SigmaSuffolk
    Richard N. MilnerWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. Michael Lynch MimnaghPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Kenneth D. MindellNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Bryan Michael MingesOhio NuToledo
    Micheal Bryan Minix, Jr., MDKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Edward B. MinningMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Ryan Daniel MinshallMassachusetts SigmaSuffolk
    Jacob MintyCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Phillip M. MinyardMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Todd Paul MisemerFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]Herald
    Mr. Thomas E. MistlerKansas BetaKansas State
    Dr. George Lewis MitchellAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. Gil MitchellFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mr. Marvin George MitchellGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Marvin Grant MitchellMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Steven D MitchellIndiana GammaIndianaArchon
    Mr. Timothy A. MitchellKansas GammaWichita State
    Mr. Michael MitevOhio PhiAkron
    Wayne Todd MixonMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Dr. Phillip W. MoeryArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    David McKenzie MoffettOklahoma KappaOklahomaWarden
    James C. MohanSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    LTC Mike T. MokryckiIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Dominic Michael MolfettaOregon BetaOregon
    Mr. Keith R. MolholmColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Mr. Peter MollerNorth Carolina NuDuke
    Lawrence A. MolnarMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Lou MoneymakerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Jose Hiram MonteroMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Dr. Charles T. MontgomeryFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Kenneth Emerson Montgomery, IITennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Robert W. MontgomeryVirginia TauRichmond
    Dr. Thomas Edwin MoodyTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Mr. Vincent Keith MooneyFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Kelly Moor
    William Louis Moor, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Beau Ray Allen MooreGeorgia EtaOgelthorpe
    Mr. C. Richard Moore, JrAlabama MuAlabamaChronicler
    Mr. Edward A. MooreOhio AlphaYoungstown StateChronicler
    Dr. John Malcolm Moore, JrArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Dr. Richard L. Moore, IITexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Robert Malcolm Moore, IVAlabama EpsilonTroy
    Mr. Ronald T. MooreTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee StateWarden
    Mr. Terry J. MooreMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Anibal Morales, Jr.Illinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Alexander Paul Martial MoranOhio LambdaKent State
    Mr. James C. MoranPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Dean Kelly MorellOregon BetaOregonHerald
    Antonio Luis Moreno, Jr.Florida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. Jose Luis Manuel Morera KochGeorgia OmegaKennesaw State
    Mr. Duke Higdon Morgan, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Eddie M. Morgan, Jr.Mississippi GammaMississippiChronicler
    Mr. J. Ken Morgan, JrVirginia TauRichmondHerald
    Mr. John J. MorganMississippi GammaMississippiHerald
    Nichole Morgan
    Dr. Robert Ray Morgan, JrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Glenn Morissette
    LTC Kenneth S. MoroSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Armando F. MorrellTennessee AlphaEast Tennessee State
    David S. MorrillMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Benton Duane MorrisWest Virginia GammaWest Virginia
    Mr. Dennis J. MorrisCalifornia SigmaSan Francisco
    Jerry MorrisTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    John Patrick MorrisMissouri BetaWashington [MO]Chronicler
    John Joe MorrisIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. Robert E. MorrisColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Tyler MorrisArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    David H. MorrishFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Ryan MorrisseyGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Mr. Kenneth J. MorrowIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Edgar M. Morsman, JrCalifornia AlphaStanford
    Mr. Bertram Spivey MortimerMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Donald H. MortonIndiana BetaPurdue
    Thomas Staley MortonWashington GammaPuget Sound
    John Charles MoserKansas BetaKansas State
    David G. MossIowa BetaIowa
    Mr. Daniel F. MosterIndiana ZetaBall State
    Mr. Dennis MotscoMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Jeffrey MotscoMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. James W. MotternIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Raymond L. MotzIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    James R MountainMontana BetaMontanaWarden
    Mr. Michael B. MountjoyKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Charles J. MoyerPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    William Sterner MoyerPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Mr. Litha Sonwabile MsikinyaIndiana Iota-PiIUPUI
    Mr. Ross Julian MuelheimWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. Gregory Paul MuellerNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Kent C. MuellerMissouri GammaWestminsterHerald
    Mr. Reinhold MuellerOhio NuToledo
    Thomas J. MuellerPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Peter L. Mulford, LFACHEVermont BetaVermont
    Becky Mullen
    Mr. Neil Jacob MullenOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. James Michael MullinIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Douglas F. MundrickPennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Christopher James MundyMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Dean William F. MunsonIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Ralph D. MurdyIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. Bruce Edward MurphyOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Ira E. MurphyRhode Island AlphaRhode Island
    Jad Devin MurphyIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. James P. MurphyMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Mr. James T. MurphyMichigan ZetaFerris State
    William Dakota MurphyKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Ben MurrayGeorgia BetaGeorgia
    Mr. Douglas A. MurrayMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Norman E. MurrayNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Robert E. Murray, IIIPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Robert Murray
    James E. Musgrave, MDMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Ted MusialGeorgia PsiMercer
    Mr. Bernard John MusterFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. Kenneth Lee MyersMassachusetts Iota-TauMIT
    Roger A. NadlerOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Richard Paul Nagy, CPAOhio NuToledo
    David Leon NarramoreSouth Carolina NuClemson
    Mr. Lester G. NashLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Dr. Richard Wils NashWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Robert C. NastSouth Carolina PhiFurman
    Mr. Massimo Alessandro NavarrettaCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Mr. Jeff David NealKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Lane Rudder NealOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Larry Dan NealOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Jason David NeedhamTexas TauTexas A&M
    Mr. Henry Coble NeeseNorth Carolina AlphaNorth Carolina State
    Graydon H. NeherWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Dennis L. NeiderPennsylvania EpsilonDrexel
    1SG Daryl Neil, USA (Ret)New Mexico SigmaNew Mexico Highlands
    Mr. Arthur Kier NeillMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. Ronnie NeillTennessee TauTennessee-MartinChronicler
    Richard J. NeimanIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. John F. NellerFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Gary M. NellesMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Brenda Nelson
    Mr. Charles John NelsonIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Gale M. NelsonMontana AlphaMontana State
    Paul B. NelsonIowa SigmaSimpson
    Paul T. NelsonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Roger E. Nelson, JrPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. Steven L. NelsonNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Virgil Glenn NelsonVirginia ZetaVirginia Tech
    Mr. Curt C. NerenbergIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Brice Ian Daniel NesbittOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Harry S. NesbittVermont BetaVermont
    Mr. John S. NesheimIowa GammaIowa State
    James A. NesmithArizona BetaArizona State
    Thomas W. NeubertIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Robert T. NeuinMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Douglas Martin NeumeierCalifornia TauCal Poly-San Luis Obispo
    Jonathan NevenhovenIowa GammaIowa State
    Mark A. NevilleIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Joseph H. NewbyPennsylvania Sigma-PhiDickinson
    Mr. David A. NewmanMichigan Epsilon – Section BKettering
    Mr. Zachary Ellis NewmanMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Charles George Newton, JrKentucky BetaWestern KentuckyChronicler
    Mr. Stephen August NewtonCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Alexander NguyenTexas EpsilonHouston
    Mr. Conner Scott NicholsIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mrs. Jennifer D. Nicholson
    Mr. Nolan Alexander NicholsonSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Sam G. NicholsonTennessee NuVanderbiltChronicler
    Heather Nichting
    Michael Sylvan NichtingNebraska IotaCreighton
    Chris S. NicksCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Ms. Margaret Nielsen
    Mr. Nicola Giovanni Niglio, IIITexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Christopher J. NigrelPennsylvania DeltaGettysburg
    Mr. Anthony Christopher NinoNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Joshua J NinoNew Mexico TauNew Mexico
    Mr. Michael Gene NittlerColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Mr. John T. Nix, JrMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Mr. Christopher David NobbeIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Michael Michael NolanKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Mr. William Richard Nolan, IIIMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Steven Andrew NollsCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Augustus Y. Noojin, IIINew York AlphaCornell
    Michael O. NordmarkenTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Joyce Nordstrom
    Mr. Thomas E. NordykeIowa BetaIowa
    Mr. Alexander F NormanPennsylvania Beta-PhiMansfield
    Randall E. NorthernArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Robert Allen Norvell, C.P.A.Kentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Ms. Patricia Anne Nostrand
    Mr. Michael NotarobertaOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Gregory Andrew NourseOregon AlphaOregon State
    William Casimir Nowicki, CPAOhio NuToledo
    James R. NoyesOhio DeltaJohn Carroll
    Mr. Channing M. NuckolsNorth Carolina AlphaNorth Carolina State
    Mr. Mark Steven NunnArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-FayettevilleChronicler
    John Herman Nussbaumer, IIOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Torrie Carl NuteCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Philip H. Nye, JrIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Edward James NykielMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Francis Xavier O’Brien, IIIMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mrs. Melissa O’Brien
    Michael Francis O’ConnellCalifornia SigmaSan Francisco
    Robert Hugh O’ConnorOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    London Scott O’DowdArizona GammaNorthern Arizona
    Mr. Thomas Joseph O’GradyNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Mr. Kurt A. O’KeefeMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Mr. Andrew Martin O’MaraMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. John E. O’RadnikIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Kimberley O’Sullivan
    Mr. Timothy W. OakesVirginia OmicronVirginia
    Adam Oakes-LottridgeFlorida GammaFlorida Southern
    Mr. Arne R. ObergPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. David Lee OdeanColorado LambdaSchool of Mines
    Paul L. OffuttTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Mr. Stephen Caldwell OgunjuobiIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. Thomas L. OldOhio SigmaMount Union
    Igor OlenicoffCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Dr. Robert E. OlesonIowa SigmaSimpson
    Mr. Angel Oliva, IIIFlorida UpsilonFloridaHerald
    Mr. Robert G. OlmsteadOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Frank X. Olney, JrOklahoma KappaOklahomaArchon
    Carl C. OlsenWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Jeffrey Dennis OlsonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Jeremy Alan OlsonNorth Dakota AlphaNorth Dakota
    Mr. Kent Russell OlsonIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Joshua Paul OnffroyMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Bryan Thomas Op’t HoltAlabama ChiSouth Alabama
    Mr. Scott OppenheimVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    SPC Clayton Dominic OpsteenWisconsin SigmaWisconsin-Stout
    Mr. Charles Theodore OrihelLouisiana Tau-UpsilonTulane
    Mr. Donald J. OrmondIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. John Richard OrrGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    William F. OrrAlabama IotaBirmingham-Southern
    Mr. William A. OsbornIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwesternHerald
    Mr. Fred J. OsborneArkansas BetaArkansas-Little Rock
    Mr. H. Montague Osteen, JrSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-ColumbiaChronicler
    Mr. Ben John OsterhausIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. John L. OstnerArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Dr. Jerry D. OswaldCalifornia ThetaSan Diego State
    Mr. Joseph OttavianiOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Kevin Thomas OverbeyOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Allan S. OxmanNorth Carolina ThetaDavidson
    Stephen Michael OzyckConnecticut BetaConnecticut
    Earl K. PaaschIllinois AlphaMonmouth
    Mr. Gary H. PaceTexas BetaTexas Christian
    Mr. Robert M. PachecoColorado DeltaColorado State
    Mr. Charles E. PackardOhio NuToledo
    Robert W. PaglieraniMassachusetts Beta-UpsilonBoston
    Mr. David A. PahlOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Alexander Kevin PajorCalifornia Alpha-BetaCal Poly-Pomona
    Mr. Andy Steven PalaciosFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Gerald M. PalladinoCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. John Keith PalladinoCalifornia TauCal Poly-San Luis ObispoChronicler
    Mr. Brandon Vearle PankeyCalifornia Alpha-DeltaChapman
    Peter N. PanosNew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. Savvas Nicos PantelidesFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Christos G. PantosNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Thomas Francis PanyKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Lawrence John PapagniPennsylvania ZetaBucknell
    Kurt Friedrich Papenfus, MDColorado DeltaColorado StateChronicler
    Socrates W. Pappas, MDArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Alan Christopher ParadisoCalifornia PsiUC-Irvine
    John S. PardeeMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Ronald D. ParhamKentucky EpsilonKentucky
    Mr. Carson Jude ParkSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Donald J. ParkerNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Mr. Frank Bartholomew ParkerOhio NuToledo
    Michael W. ParkerMississippi SigmaSouthern Mississippi
    Mr. Thomas Andrew ParkerNorth Carolina OmegaWestern Carolina
    Mr. Garrett Ryan ParkhurstOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Richard R. Parkin, JrColorado ZetaDenver
    Mr. Ethan James ParksFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    James Ewing ParksMississippi GammaMississippi
    Mr. Julian T. Parks, IIIKentucky GammaMorehead State
    Robert M. ParksMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Michael Peter ParmerleeTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Dr. Reagan Royse ParrTexas ThetaBaylor
    Brainerd S. ParrishTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. Donald Stephen Parsons, EsqVirginia AlphaRandolph-Macon
    CPT Kent ParsonsCalifornia DeltaUCLA
    Harold S. PascalOhio MuDenison
    Mr. David Pascarella, IIIIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Dr. Hudnall Weaver PaschalSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr. Stefan PastorCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Mr. Edward Donald PatonMaryland DeltaFrostburg State
    Leland B. PatonMassachusetts GammaHarvard
    Barry R. PatronMichigan Iota-BetaMichigan
    Brett Douglas PattersonTennessee KappaTennessee-Knoxville
    Mr. Charles Edward PattersonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dwight F. Patterson, JrSouth Carolina GammaWofford
    Mr. James M. PattersonIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Jeff Thomas PattersonOhio LambdaKent State
    Tommy R. PattersonTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Darin Patton, CFP,CHFCFlorida EpsilonCentral Florida
    Mr. James C. Patton, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Lowell E. PattonOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. Frank M. Patty, JrMississippi GammaMississippiHerald
    Charles B. PaulinMassachusetts KappaMassachusetts
    Mr. Joshua Nicholas PaulsenIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Dr. Eric L. PaulsonIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. John E. PaulsonNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. William Michael PaulsonIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Merle G. PautschWisconsin AlphaWisconsin-Madison
    Robert E. PaxsonNew Mexico PhiNew Mexico State
    Mr. Tyler Klarer PayneKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Mr. Michael Karl PazdernikCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long BeachChronicler
    Mr. Kim H. PearmanCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. David Brown PearsonIndiana GammaIndiana
    James R. PearsonIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. William Joseph PeartreeNebraska Lambda-PiNebraska
    Thomas Matthew PeckPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvania
    Mr. Ried L. PeckhamWashington BetaWashington State
    Joe Daniel PelattMontana AlphaMontana State
    Mr. John D. PeltonGeorgia PhiGeorgia TechChronicler
    Mr. Chase Montgomery PembertonKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. William D. PenfoldColorado DeltaColorado State
    Mr. Aaron Thomas PennMaryland Omicron-PiMaryland-Baltimore CountyChronicler
    Charles D. PenneyLouisiana AlphaLouisiana
    Roger P. PenrodIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Scott Michael PerezIllinois BetaIllinoisChronicler
    John M. PerinOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    John Joseph PerkinsIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. John Casey Perkins, JrKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Rev. Edward M. PerkinsonOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. David L. PerraultCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Charles H. PerrinOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Brody PerrineIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Jonathan Joseph PerroneFlorida Alpha-MuSaint Leo
    Kristin Perrone
    Leonard B. Perrone, IICalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    Claude F. Perry, SrGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. Harrison Herbert Perry, IIITennessee BetaMiddle Tennessee State
    Mr. John Allen Perry, CFREIndiana DeltaDePauw
    Mr. Reid David PerryOhio NuToledo
    Timothy Patrick PerryNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. William Wesley PerryOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Matthew Edward Perry-MillerTexas DeltaSouthern Methodist
    Michael E. PerssonWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. C. Gregory PetersIowa DeltaDrake
    Dr. Dale T. PetersOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Mervin Dansby PetersTexas TauTexas A&M
    Mr. Richard D. PetersMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Gary L. PetersenCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr. Pete L. PetersenIowa DeltaDrake
    Dennis R. Peterson, DDSCalifornia KappaUC-Davis
    Derek Stephen PetersonIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Donald K. PetersonMassachusetts DeltaWorcesterChronicler
    Edward A. PetersonMissouri BetaWashington [MO]
    Mr. Eric N. PetersonOhio MuDenison
    Mr. Jade Thomas PetersonIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. James I. PetersonMaine AlphaMaine
    John M. PetersonMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Lee C. Peterson, CPAMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. Randall W. PetersonColorado ChiColorado-Boulder
    Mr. Thomas R. PetersonIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Troy Edward PetersonTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. George PetreeNorth Carolina DeltaNorth Carolina-Wilmington
    Allen B. Petrich, JrWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. Joseph Baran PetroVirginia KappaWilliam & Mary
    Mr. Louis Joseph PetrucciPennsylvania OmegaAllegheny
    J. Michael Petty, Jr.South Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Mr Peter E. Petzold, MAIArizona BetaArizona State
    Thomas Edward PfeifferFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Marissa Pflueger
    Michael Edward PfluegerTexas TauTexas A&M
    Mr. Bernard Thomas PhelanWyoming AlphaWyoming
    Mr. Merrill D. PhelanOhio ThetaOhio State
    Dr. Fred D. PhelpsNew Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Mr. Mark Arthur Phifer, JrPennsylvania Beta-PhiMansfield
    Henry P. PhilippsOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Dylan Rae PhillipsMassachusetts DeltaWorcester
    Ronald P. PhillipsOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. James W. PhippsTexas BetaTexas Christian
    LTC David R. Pia, USMC (Ret)New Mexico AlphaEastern New Mexico
    Dr. Michael Kent PiazzaCalifornia ZetaSan Jose State
    CPT Kenneth Robert PichaFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    William R. PickeringCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Mr. John David PierattTexas EpsilonHouston
    Mr. Daniel J. Pierce, CPAOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Mr. Gregory David PierceArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Mr. Brian Scott PiernMaryland AlphaTowson
    Mr. Vincenzo Joseph PierroOhio SigmaMount Union
    Mr. Frank Michael PierucciniVirginia ZetaVirginia Tech
    Mr. Carson Phillip PiesOregon GammaWillamette
    Mr. Michael K. PietrasOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Daren Bruce PietschGeorgia PhiGeorgia Tech
    Henry Cox Pilkinton, IVMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    George D. Pillow, JrMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Andrew Sykes PinkertonOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Jerry D. PinsonArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Patrick J PinsonWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mitchell Neal PipkinTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Wiley Cornelius PippengerTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Julius M. Pittman, Jr.Alabama EpsilonTroy
    LTC George S. Place, USA (Ret.)Ohio ThetaOhio StateChronicler
    Arthur G. PlattIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    James S. PleasantOregon AlphaOregon StateChronicler
    Gary S. PleauCalifornia XiCal State-Sacramento
    Walter E. PledgerPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Victor G. PlumboOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Jimmy J. PlummerIndiana AlphaFranklin
    Mr. Kevin PlunkettOhio MuDenison
    Mr. Stephen Oliver PlunkettMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Capt Thomas R. Pocock, Sr.Utah UpsilonUtah State
    Mr. David A. PoeIdaho AlphaIdaho
    Mr. Donald L. PoeOhio DeltaJohn CarrollHerald
    Mr. James PogrebaWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Stephen Clark PohlmannIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Jacob Arnold PoindexterWest Virginia AlphaMarshall
    Mr. Scott Edward PointnerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Monique Pol
    Mr. Rilee Pierce Pollock, MrNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Tim Leon robert PolmanCalifornia UpsilonLa Verne
    Mr. Robert Michael PomerantzIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Ross Anthony PomettaIllinois Alpha-OmegaLoyola-Chicago
    Albert Pasquale PompeoOhio AlphaYoungstown StateChronicler
    Steve Craig PondIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. Michael Lee PontoMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Mr. Aaron Charles PontslerOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Aaron Elliott PopelCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Mr. Eugene A. PopielecOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Oliver L. Poppenberg, SrOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Adam Christopher PorterCalifornia ThetaSan Diego StateChronicler
    George B. PorterOregon BetaOregon
    Mr. Patrick Scott PorterArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Ross PorterOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Jeffrey Joseph PorterfieldTennessee RhoChristian Brothers
    Robert M. PortmanOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Marc Joseph PoskinIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. Henry Williams PotterMississippi GammaMississippi
    Richard F. PotterArizona BetaArizona State
    Mr. Shawn Michael PotterFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]Chronicler
    Mr. Brian Robert PottsOhio GammaOhio
    Mr. Kyle Eric PottsMissouri Kappa-ChiMissouri-Kansas City
    Robert L. PourchotOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Brian Allan PowellIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. H. Rainey PowellOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Sam E. PowellMissouri GammaWestminster
    Mr. William L. PowellArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. John B. PowerCalifornia EpsilonOccidental
    Travis Bartholomew PowersCalifornia Alpha-AlphaSonoma State
    Daniel Joseph PozdolMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. William H. Prather, JrFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Robert Lee PrattSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Dr. William Crouch Pratt, Jr.Oklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. David P. PrayMichigan AlphaAdrian
    Mr. Joel Alfred PrellopTexas TauTexas A&M
    Irving H. Pritchett, IIIVirginia UpsilonHampden-Sydney
    George Prochaska, JrTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Andrew Clifford A. ProuseCalifornia ChiUC-San Diego
    Paul Lee ProutTennessee OmegaSewanee
    Mr. Jason Daniel ProutyFlorida SigmaWest Florida
    Mr. E. Kemp PrughOhio TauMiami [OH]Chronicler
    Mr. Gabriel N/A PrunedaIowa GammaIowa State
    Mr. Mark C. PuliaficoPennsylvania PhiCarnegie Mellon
    Mr. Spencer A. PulsKansas BetaKansas State
    Carl Thomas PundtSouth Carolina SigmaWinthrop
    James Anthony Pupillo, CIMAIndiana GammaIndiana
    John G. PurdieIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Earl E. PurdueIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. John W. Purvis, Sr.Washington City RhoGeorge Washington
    James B. Puryear, PhDMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Kent Thomas PutnamCalifornia SigmaSan Francisco
    Mr. R. Kirk PutnamWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    William C. Putnam, JrWisconsin PhiBeloit
    Mr. William Malani Putz, JrNew Mexico TauNew MexicoChronicler
    Mr. Anthony Jason PyattIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. William Roger PyeattOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Fred Joe PylandFlorida BetaFlorida State
    Mr. Timothy James PyleNorth Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Nathan Carl PylesArizona DeltaEmbry-Riddle [AZ]
    Michael QuanNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    William Maurice QueenGeorgia SigmaValdosta State
    Mr. Dennis QueinMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Ronald J. QuineOhio NuToledo
    Mr. Dean Raimond QuinnTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Francis B. Quinn, Jr.Indiana GammaIndianaChronicler
    CPT Q. Karl Quinn, USCG (Ret)Pennsylvania Chi-OmicronPittsburgh
    Mr. Omar QusrawiMassachusetts SigmaSuffolk
    Mr. Robert J. RadderMichigan AlphaAdrian
    COL John W. Radke, USA (Ret.)North Dakota BetaNorth Dakota State
    Mr. Emil J. RagonesOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Sean Steven RailingCalifornia LambdaCal State-Long Beach
    Mr Joel Marbury RainerAlabama MuAlabama
    Mr. James H. RaineroSouth Carolina DeltaSouth Carolina-Columbia
    Charles W. RaingerOhio RhoCase Western Reserve
    Mr. Aarish – RajeshTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Roxanne Ramage
    James T. RamerOhio ThetaOhio StateChronicler
    Timothy Paul RamiaMaryland SigmaSalisbury
    Mr. David Jordan RamirezIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Joseph RamirezNew Hampshire BetaNew Hampshire
    Mr. Christian Jose RamosNorth Carolina OmegaWestern Carolina
    Mr. Victor Alfonso RamosCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Peter D. RamseyOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. James B. Randall, IIIMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Mr. Daniel W. RandleTennessee OmegaSewanee
    Alejandro Angelo RangelIllinois BetaIllinois
    Mr. William J. Rankin, JrFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    R. Sidney Ransom, Jr.Tennessee NuVanderbilt
    Dr. Hal S. Raper, Jr., DDSGeorgia EpsilonEmory
    Mr. Andrew Michael RascollPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University ParkChronicler
    Mr. Kenneth L. RasmussenIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Mr. David D. RathbunMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Mr. Daniel B. RatherGeorgia PhiGeorgia TechHerald
    David Timothy RatherColorado AlphaNorthern Colorado
    Eric Bradley RattsIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Mr. Bartlett Taylor RatzlaffMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Robert K. RauthIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Charles Lewis RautonArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Robert B. RavenscroftMichigan Iota-BetaMichiganHerald
    Mr. Greg Lee RawlingsCalifornia GammaSouthern California
    Mr. Stoney Roderick RawlinsArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. David E. RayIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Kasey Anderson RayFlorida DeltaSouth Florida
    Louis Francis Ray, IIIFlorida UpsilonFlorida
    Mr. Steven Scott RaybournOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Larry Michael RayburnOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Gerald Eugene RaynesOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Mr. Timothy F. RazzariUtah PhiUtah
    Mr. Dennis C. ReaWashington BetaWashington State
    LTC Walter B. ReadingArizona BetaArizona State
    Ben F. Reagor, IIIArkansas Alpha-UpsilonArkansas-Fayetteville
    Mr. Ron D. ReameMichigan GammaMichigan State
    Aaron Spencer ReamesOhio RhoCase Western ReserveHerald
    Mr. Tom J. ReavesSouth Dakota SigmaSouth Dakota
    Mr. Kapil Vuppala ReddyIndiana SigmaIndiana State
    Mr. Brian Dale RedmanIndiana GammaIndiana
    Mr. Gary L. ReedOhio KappaBowling Green State
    Mr. Jake Andrew ReedIllinois DeltaMillikin
    Mr. James H. ReedOhio NuToledo
    James H. ReedOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Robert L. ReedWashington AlphaWashington [WA]
    Mr. Wyatt Charles ReesmanSouth Dakota ThetaSouth Dakota State
    Don R. ReevesTexas ThetaBaylor
    Mr. Timothy Charles ReganIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Michael Isaac RegirerIndiana GammaIndiana
    Edwin J. RehrmanIndiana EpsilonEvansville
    Mr. Robert G. ReidKansas BetaKansas State
    Gary Edwin ReiffCalifornia IotaCal State-Fresno
    Mr. Edward F. Reilly, JrKansas AlphaKansas
    Mr. Gerald F. ReillyWashington GammaPuget Sound
    Mr. B. Franklin Reinauer, IIIPennsylvania ThetaPennsylvaniaChronicler
    Richard D. ReisIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Brian Scott RemnesIllinois GammaNorthern Illinois
    Harris B. Renfroe, PhDMississippi ThetaMississipi State
    Eric Paul ReumannPennsylvania GammaLafayette
    Mr. Charlie Nicolas RewoldMichigan Sigma-SigmaOakland
    Mr. Angel ReyesTexas GammaTexas-El Paso
    Mr. Ramon Santiago Reyes-FergusonOklahoma KappaOklahomaHerald
    Gary Hayden Reynolds, Jr.Connecticut BetaConnecticut
    Mr. Kenneth E ReynoldsKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Mr. Richard T. ReynoldsPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University Park
    Mr. Robert F. Reynolds, IIIMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Dr. Thomas J. RhoadsCalifornia GammaSouthern CaliforniaChronicler
    Mr. Gerald RhodeColorado DeltaColorado State
    S. William RhodeOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Mr. Daniel L. RhodesOhio LambdaKent StateChronicler
    Mr. Eugene S. RhodesTexas EpsilonHouston
    Mr. Earl Frank Rice, JrMichigan DeltaWestern Michigan
    Mr. Todd Christopher RichNevada AlphaNevada-Reno
    Mr. Wells Phillip RichardsTennessee ZetaRhodes
    Mr. E. Taylor RichardsonTennessee SigmaMemphis
    Mr. James A. RichardsonKentucky EpsilonKentuckyChronicler
    Kevin Duane RichardsonVirginia AlphaRandolph-Macon
    Mr. Robert Scott Richart, EsqMissouri AlphaMissouri-Columbia
    Mr. Joseph Benjamin RicheyPennsylvania Alpha-ZetaPenn State-University ParkChronicler
    Mr. Elek Loren RichmondIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Dr. Stephen L. RiderIllinois EpsilonBradley
    Alan Edward RidgeGeorgia SigmaValdosta State
    Sen. J. Dorsey RidleyKentucky BetaWestern Kentucky
    Charles W. RiedelIllinois Psi-OmegaNorthwestern
    Mr. Thomas F. RiethmillerMichigan AlphaAdrianChronicler
    Mr. Raymond Richard Riha, Jr.Iowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. Ninion S. RileyCalifornia MuCal State-Los Angeles
    Steven Francis RingPennsylvania GammaLafayette
    Dr. Richard C. RinkKentucky BetaWestern KentuckyChronicler
    Mr. Antonio RiosTexas ChiTexas-Dallas
    Allyn W. RisleyKansas AlphaKansasHerald
    MG David J. Rist, USAF (Ret.)Pennsylvania OmegaAlleghenyHerald
    Mr. William M. RistoOhio ThetaOhio State
    Mr. Jerry L. RitchieLouisiana AlphaLouisiana
    Mr. Glenn Martin RitterCalifornia TauCal Poly-San Luis Obispo
    Mr. Ryan Joseph RiveraIowa ChiNorthern Iowa
    Mr. John RizosMaryland AlphaTowson
    Ms. Jody Lynn Rizzutto
    Barry Lee RoachWashington BetaWashington State
    Mr. Benjamin RobertsNew York AlphaCornell
    Mr. Bobby Dan RobertsTexas AlphaTexas Tech
    Mr. Derek RobertsNew York EpsilonRensselaer
    Glen T. RobertsOhio TauMiami [OH]
    Jeffrey Michael RobertsOhio NuToledo
    John Edward RobertsMaryland BetaMaryland-College Park
    Mr. Justin William RobertsOhio EpsilonCincinnati
    Thomas Andrew RobertsOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Walter G. RobertsMinnesota AlphaMinnesota
    Lawrence L. RobertsonUtah PhiUtah
    Timothy Niles RobertsonKansas BetaKansas State
    David Tanner RobinsonCalifornia ChiUC-San Diego
    Joseph J. Robinson, IIIMaine AlphaMaine
    Dr. Michael Thomas Robinson, IIIFlorida AlphaMiami [FL]
    Mr. Randolph W. RobinsonTennessee NuVanderbilt
    Mr. William E. RobinsonCalifornia BetaUC-Berkeley
    Frank C. RobsonOklahoma MuOklahoma StateChronicler
    Mr. Harry J. RobyOhio NuToledo
    Jack P. RochelleTennessee SigmaMemphis
    Mr. Nicholas Joseph Rock, RockOhio NuToledo
    Chris Anthony RodgersFlorida GammaFlorida SouthernChronicler
    Mr. David N. RodgersKentucky DeltaEastern Kentucky
    Mr. Michael S. RodgersVirginia KappaWilliam & MaryHerald
    Mr. Randy RodriguezCalifornia OmicronUC-Riverside
    Mr. William Daniel RodriguezIowa DeltaDrake
    Mr. John Harvie RoeOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Newton Charles RoeOklahoma KappaOklahoma
    Dr. Thomas W. RoeOregon AlphaOregon State
    Mr. William