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The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation raises and manages funds to support the educational initiatives of the Fraternity as well as the upkeep and operation of the Levere Memorial Temple. We depend on your generosity to help elevate our members’ experience to the highest levels at all times, learning how to become True Gentlemen and taking that knowledge out into the world. Thank you.

Giving Programs
Annual Giving

All money donated to the Annual Loyalty Fund helps finance national SAE educational events, scholarships, awards, and your beloved schoolhouse, the Levere Memorial Temple

Monthly Giving

Join the Phoenix Circle with a monthly gift of at least $25 and help provide a strong, steady foundation on which SAE stands.


The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation Scholarships help SAEs pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. These scholarships are made possible by generous donors.

Chapter Funds

Each chapter has an education fund established with the Foundation for its specific use for educational purposes.

For chapters with an established allocation fund, you can support your chapter’s housing needs.

Search a Chapter Fund:

Featured Campaigns

Shrine of Minerva

OF OUR $150,000 GOAL

Total Donations 631



Phoenix Circle

OF OUR $100,000 GOAL

Total Donations 93

Support SAE both locally and nationally. Join the Phoenix Circle with a monthly gift of at least $25 to the Annual Loyalty Fund, with the option to allocate half of your gift to your chapter's education fund. We must build a strong Annual Loyalty Fund through steady, recurring donations that help keep this Fraternity strong year to year.



Assist with tuition needs for future brothers

Give to Our
Greater Good

Your gift supports SAE where it’s most needed

Maintain the

Help preserve this piece of living history

Develop New

Support all our leadership initiatives

Ways to Give

Giving to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation is a personal commitment a donor makes, choosing to invest in the future of our brotherhood and the overall advancement of men.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation holds each of our donors in the highest regard and has established multiple opportunities to allow individuals to determine how they would like to give.

Giving Recognition

It’s our honor to recognize those who support the efforts that let our brothers rise up and become the True Gentlemen they strive to be. As a donor, we celebrate your belief in the transformative power of education and the capacity of individuals to better our world through leadership, scholarship, service and friendship

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