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Season 2, Episode 2: Phoenix Member Education Program

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is back with another great show. Tune in today with new hosts, Jeremy Bellman and Cody Delmendo, as they discuss the Phoenix Member Education Program with the Coordinator of Educational Programs, Eric Eidson. Two undergraduates from the University of Nebraska and Harvard University also join the conversation to provide examples of how they have implemented or plan to implement the education into their chapters.

Every chapter or colony is looking for creative ways to engage and educate its members. The Phoenix Member Education Program provides a step-by-step process for engaging and educating all members of your chapter/colony whether you’re meeting in person or online. In this episode, Eric dives into the opportunities, activities, and accolades available in the new 2021 edition of The Phoenix Member Education Manual with Cody and Jeremy.
Listeners can learn how to implement these program updates in their own chapter or colony and hear from their fellow brothers, Garrett Rolph (Eminent Archon at Harvard University – Massachusetts Gamma) and Nolan Rinn (Member Educator at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Nebraska Lambda-Pi). Brother Rolph and Brother Rinn share and reflect upon their chapters’ experiences implementing The Phoenix Member Education Program and ask key questions regarding the new 2021 updates.
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