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Sexual Assault & Misconduct Response Plan

This response plan is part of Minerva’s Shield, which is available in the Resource Center of a member’s MySAE account. The Eminent Archon and Health & Safety Officer should have a copy readily available. Chapters should consider incorporating specific contact information for your campus Title IX Officer as well as any relevant university or college policies within this plan to ensure it accurately reflects your institution’s process.

Remember, all members should be familiar with the plan. The chapter should periodically review the program during both chapter and executive-officer meetings each semester.

  1. Contact and cooperate with all local authorities. Call 911 in the event you have direct information regarding an allegation of sexual assault and/or rape.
  2. Contact the Chapter Development staff for your district.
  3. Contact your Chapter Advisor and Province Archon.
  4. Contact your University Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor or appropriate campus-based professional. You should also notify the school’s Title IX office. Cooperate fully with the university and Title IX office’s Investigation.
  5. Submit an Incident Report online at
  6. Work closely with your Alumni Advisors and the House Corporation, if applicable.
  7. If a member is alleged to be involved, temporarily suspend the member pending the outcome of the Title IX, local authority and fraternity investigations.
  8. Be open and honest during all investigations.
  9. Refrain from contacting and/or investigating the alleged act of assault and/or misconduct directly, including refraining to contact the alleged assailant or victim.

If a member is a victim, the chapter should serve as a resource, seeking assistance from the university or college counseling office or the Chaplain’s committee.

If a member is the accused person, the chapter or colony should recommend he seek professional counsel in the form of an attorney – but to reiterate, the chapter or colony should refrain from investigating the alleged incident.

Please Note: Do not attempt to handle a Title IX issue by yourself. Make your advisers and the Fraternity Service Center staff aware of the issue and let us provide you with assistance.