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New Member Reporting

When should I report new members?

You should report new members as soon as they accept their bids. Once a new member signs and delivers their bid, you have 96 hours to initiate the new member. All new member requirements, such as mySAE access and member onboarding should be completed before the initiation.

Where do I report new members?

All new members should be reported in Vault. Please see the image above that shows you how to add new members into Vault.

When do the new member requirements need to be completed?

Before initiation all new members should be reported, establish their mySAE access, and complete the Member Onboarding Module. Even if new members are physically initiated within 96 hours the chapter would still be in violation of the rule if a new member did not complete their requirements within 96 hours.

Where do the new members access their online modules?

After new members have completed their mySAE registration, members will have access to their mySAE dashboard. On the left-hand side of the screen there is a link, “Online Learning” where they will be automatically signed in. Once they complete Member Onboarding they will be finished with their new member modules.

I reported late, should I add new members as Collegians because they are already initiated?

No. All new members should have a member status of “Candidate for Membership”. This status reflects that the new member hasn’t completed their new member requirements and/or has not been paid for. They will be switched to Collegian – Active once those steps have been completed.

How do I check if the new members have completed their modules?

Go to Vault>Chapter>Member Initiation Reporting>Create Initiation Report. From there, if any new member has a red exclamation point next to their name, they are incomplete. Do not hit save and continue until you are ready to create the initiation report. LMS (Learning Management System) refers to the online modules.

How do I create the Initiation Report?

To create the initiation report, all new members must have registered their mySAE access and completed the Member Onboarding modules. All new members should be submitted on one report. Go to Vault>Chapter>Member Initiation Reporting>Create Initiation Report and follow the steps.

How long do I have to pay the Initiation Fees?

According to Fraternal Law, “Each newly elected Fraternity member is subject to an INITIATION FEE of three hundred and ten dollars, payable no later than ten days after initiation and payable by his Chapter Collegiate…” Any candidate for membership that rescinds their membership after 10 days must be paid for. Late fees will be applied 30 days after the initiation date.

How do I pay the Initiation Fees?

Please go to Vault>SAE>SAE Billing>Pay Now and enter the amount charged for initiation fees. This may be different than “Balance Due”, please check the “Current Balance” on the “Summary” page to see the full amount charged.

When will I receive the new member materials?

Materials will be shipped within 5 business days of payment and completion of membership requirements. If your chapter has not recently given shipping address information, this process could take longer.

Confused? Please reach out!

Contact Steve Chaves, Coordinator of Collections at or 224-754-2795.

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