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Internet Posting Resolution

The Supreme Council has in place an internet posting resolution which encourages members to use all internet and social media appropriately. The resolution is below. Be smart in your postings, please. 


WHEREAS: The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members based upon the ideals set forth by our founders and specifically enunciated in our creed; and

WHEREAS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a social fraternity that participates and is a part of a larger campus community, taking part in the regular activities of college students; and 

WHEREAS: The internet has become a prime medium for chapter communication, recruitment promotion and other useful activities; and 

WHEREAS: The internet is a public forum into which any individual can gain access; and 

WHEREAS: Each individual is afforded the freedom of speech and expression under their rights in accordance to the United States Bill of Rights; and 

WHEREAS: Our members are expected to present themselves and the fraternity in a positive way at all times, as described in “The True Gentleman” as “who appears well in any company,” as each member’s actions are a reflection of the Fraternity; and 

WHEREAS: Each member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is expected to be educated on local, state and federal laws and university and fraternity policy; and 

Now, therefore, be it resolved: That the Supreme Council, as the governing body of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, strongly encourages that each chapter and its members use the internet with Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s best intentions in motive; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That the Supreme Council expects the appropriate use of websites and internet postings at all times in which Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s name is displayed, insinuated or assumed; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That care should be exercised in the display of text, photographs or other mediums as it relates to the use of technology, and that such items should follow all Fraternity Laws, risk-management guidelines and gentlemanly intent; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That divulging any of the secrets or meanings of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, regardless of form, will result in expulsion from the Fraternity; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That violations under local, state or federal law transmitted through an internet posting can be held against an individual; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That violations of university or fraternity policy transmitted through an internet posting can be held against a chapter or individual; and 

Be It Further Resolved: That swift sanctions by the Supreme Council can be taken against a chapter or individual when said violations are transmitted in the public forum of the internet