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Health and Safety Allocations

Sigma Alpha Epsilon distributes the Fraternity’s insurance expense among the chapters in the Realm based on the principle that each chapter’s performance related to health and safety management should be reflected in the per-man health and safety management fee. Chapters may receive reductions or surcharges based on the chapter’s health and safety experience and other categories that are detailed below.

BASE FEE:  Every chapter starts at the same base fee, which is currently projected to be $280 per man, then reductions and surcharges are applied.  Please note that the final base fee has not yet been finalized, but we wanted to get the allocation information to you early.  It is anticipated the fee will remain at or near the same amount. The final base fee will be announced in the spring.
Some changes have been made to the allocations from last year, so please review the information below:

Claims History/Loss Exposure:

15% or 30% surcharge based on a chapter’s health and safety claims.

Risk-Management Incident and Behavior History:

15% or 25% surcharge based on a chapter’s health and safety history, including fines, and official communications from staff or host institution regarding health and safety, performance warnings, probations or suspensions.

Chapter Achievement Awards:

15% reduction for chapters winning a Chapter Achievement Award for the 2018-2019 academic year, including The Harry S. Bunting Outstanding Colony of the Year Award recipient and the Most Improved Chapter recipient.

Chapter Advisory Board:

5% reduction for chapters with a certified advisory board of at least five (5) advisors.
10% reduction for chapters with a certified advisory board of at least eight (8) advisors.
To receive this reduction, a chapter must have no less than 50%, or no fewer than 4, of their alumni advisors participate in one web-based advisor training program hosted by FSC staff or attend either the Executives Academy or a District Academy.

Housing Type:

15% surcharge for chapters with a house or a lodge.
No surcharge/reduction for chapters with a dorm floor or without any designated location.

Alcohol-Free Housing:

5% reduction for chapters opting into 100% alcohol-free housing.
Alcohol-free housing is defined as: No alcohol whatsoever for any reason or any purpose at any time is permitted on or in a chapter or colony property or house, including all of the property and all buildings on the property.

Third Party Vendors:

15% reduction for chapters who fully opt into using licensed, insured third-party vendors with signed, approved agreements and who require all members on their roster to agree to the same requirement for all social events for which alcohol is permissible under Fraternity policies, including those held on Fraternity properties, third-party locations, and any location at which an event may be construed to be an SAE event. Chapters will be required to have every member complete an online agreement stating they will only use third-party vendors utilizing licensed, insured bartenders.

Housing Inspection:

No surcharge/reduction for chapters that receive a “good” inspection.
5% surcharge for chapters that receive a “needs improvement” assessment.
10% surcharge for chapter receiving a “poor” assessment.

National Programming:

Executives Academy:
2.5% for each of the following officers of chapters or colonies that graduate from the January 2019 Executives Academy:
*Incoming or current Eminent Archon
*Incoming or current Recruitment Chairman
*Incoming or current Health-and-Safety Chairman
*Incoming or current Chapter Advisor

Emerging Leaders Academies:
5% reduction for any chapter or colony with two (2) members who graduate from the Spring 2019 Emerging Leaders Academy.

Ritual Academy:
5% reduction for chapters that have at least one (1) member graduate from the Ritual Academy.

Academic Achievement

5% reduction if cumulative grade-point average is above the all-male average.

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