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Are you a collegiate brother who wants to take your knowledge of the Ritual to the next level? Learn from some of our top ritualists during a weekend of Ritual education, discussions, and training. This institute is a great way for brothers to learn more about our Ritual and how to apply it to their daily lives.


Ritual Academy provides initiated, collegiate brothers and alumni with the experience of learning about the Ritual of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and its application in both chapter and individual life. This weekend event provides attendees with knowledge of the application, history, and use of our Ritual in daily life and chapter settings. In addition, Ritual Academy gives brothers a memorable experience by using our historic headquarters at 1856 Sheridan Road as a backdrop.

This program is open to all initiated brothers.

Upcoming Event Dates

The next Ritual Academy will be held on August 2-4, 2024.


Ritual Academy educates brothers on the Ritual of Sigma Alpha Epsilon through four areas: knowledge, execution, education, and accountability.

By attending the Ritual Academy, members will: 


Some of the leadership competencies participants will gain include:

  • Personal Values: Understands that acting in alignment with one’s own values can contribute to one’s authenticity as well as inspire others.
  • Organizational Behavior: Understands the ways in which individuals and groups behave toward each other and the organization and how this behavior affects the organization.
  • Facilitation: Understands ways to effectively manage the group process during a meeting, presentation, or gathering without inputting one’s opinion by directing the flow of the discussion, asking prompt questions, and keeping a group on track.
  • Follow Through: Believe that it is important to see things through to the end, even in the face of adversity, in an effort to carry out a commitment to complete a task as well as demonstrate trustworthiness and dependability.


Please review the information above for full details on the program before registering. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with the Education Department at