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The Recrutiment Challenge

What is The Recruitment Challenge?

In an effort to support the Supreme Council and the Fraternity Service Center’s goals for growth, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is excited to continue the recruitment challenge for the Fall 2022 semester.

Using past chapter data Sigma Alpha Epsilon has created a recruitment challenge goal for each chapter. Chapters that meet their goal will receive a 3′ x 5′ official SAE flag. The five chapters with the largest percentage increase of active members will receive a recruitment package that includes: mini-flags for each member, a custom table cloth, a pop-up tent, and custom spring recruitment t-shirts. for future recruitment efforts.

There is no better time for Sigma Alpha Epsilon to invite deserving men to our order.

*To qualify for the Fall 2022 Recruitment Challenge new members must be paid and reported by December 15th.

Tips on where to find potential new members from the new Recruitment Planning Guide:

1. In the classroom.

Sit in the front row, ask questions, engage with other students during group exercises, and wear SAE apparel. Show classmates that SAE brothers are leaders in the classroom and recruiting become easy. Once relationships are developed in the classroom and potential new members (PNMs) have been identified, ask PNMs if they have ever considered joining a fraternity.

2. Campus events.

Attend campus events and contribute to the event. Listen, ask questions, be proactive in meeting new people and again wear SAE apparel. Law of Attraction: Become the member SAE would like to recruit (leader, engaging, community builder, relationship builder)

3. Social Media

Consistent posting (1 post per week) about the chapter displaying SAE values (friendship, scholarship, leadership, service.) Additionally, following PNMs on social media and sending personal messages asking about a respective PNM is a great way to build relationships. Follow different pages searching for PNMs to build a recruitment list (ex. Class of 2023,2024 at (school name), (school name) Activities Council, (school name) Writing/Psychology/Art/Business/Engineering clubs)

4. Friends Network.

Have SAE members go through their social media pages and phone contacts messaging friends about the opportunity to join the fraternity. Most students never join a fraternity because they are never asked. Take the time to ask friends about joining.


If your chapter needs assistance in developing a recruitment strategy for the Recruitment Challenge program, or for next semester, reach out to your Chapters Services Consultant. If you are unsure of who your chapter’s Chapter Services Consultant is please use the Chapter Coverage Map resource.

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