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First Virtual Tri-Board Meeting

Evanston, IL — The Fraternity hosted its first virtual Tri-Board meeting on October 9, 2020. Members of the Supreme Council, SAE Foundation Board of Trustees, SAE Financial & Housing Corporation Board of Directors and select staff met via Zoom to discuss the current state of the Fraternity and future of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

The three entities are working together to develop an “Enterprise Plan,” which will align their strategic plans so that goals and objectives are shared and consistent across the entire organization. The main focuses will be on alumni development and engagement, communications, and relations between the three boards and their respective staffs.

Despite the COVID-19 impact, the Fraternity is still on pace of its goal to establish 20 colonies during the 2019-2021 biennium. Educational programming and services have been moved to virtual formats, and planning has begun for the 165th Anniversary Convention, scheduled for Des Moines 2021.

The Foundation has been performing above its historical averages and will be able to award the same amount in scholarship funds for 2021 as it did in 2020, thanks to a consistent approach and performance by the Investment Committee. Two new programs launched this semester: the TG Talks podcast and a quarterly newsletter for donors. The Board is also in the process of adding new Trustees.

Only two of the fifteen Financial & Housing operated chapter facilities have been closed due to COVID-19 and its related campus restrictions. Those still open have been successfully recruiting members while adhering to state and local health guidelines. Several acquisitions and colony housing opportunities are on the horizon.