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Season 2, Episode 1: This is NOT reading, writing or arithmetic

The first episode of season two features SAE alumnus Stephen Simon.

Tune in today for an honest conversation with the future owner of the Indiana Pacers on mistakes made, lessons learned, and keys to success (aka everything you won’t learn in school). Foundation CEO, Steve Mitchell, interviewed Stephen over Zoom, and the two of them re-lived fond memories of their time at Indiana University. This episode is jam-packed with advice, wisdom, and of course, great stories.

Stephen is the son of Herbert Simon, Founder of Simon Property Group and owner of the Indiana Pacers.

Ever been to a mall? As the largest mall owner in the US, it’s likely owned by Simon Property Group.

Although he admits that he didn’t have much direction as a young adult, Stephen is successful in his own right as the Founder and Managing Partner of Simon Equity Partners, a private equity firm based in California. In addition to SEP, Stephen is a director for the Herbert Simon Family Foundation and on the board of directors for the Pacer’s Basketball Corporation, a team he will eventually inherit from his father. Stephen also serves on the boards of Central Indiana Land Trust, Conscious Alliance, and HeadCount.

Stephen speaks to some of the common themes that we’ve seen throughout Foundation episodes; be curious, never stop learning, and do what you love. He also discusses what he attributes his success to, from owning and learning from mistakes, and things he would change if he could go back in time. We also couldn’t let him go without talking Pacer’s basketball!

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