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COVID-19 Update: Membership Materials

Due to many campuses closing and moving to online classes that has made the shipping of membership materials extremely complicated. As the situation of COVID-19 is rapidly changing day-to-day, it is impossible to guarentee that individuals will be at the designated address to sign for a package. Because of this I will be waiving all shipping & return fees for packages that have already been sent out.

What if my chapter paid their initition fees?
Packages may be delayed for the near future. I will attempt to send packages when I am able, but at this time I cannot guarantee anything, please reach out to me at

What if I still owe initiation fees?
Initiation fees are still expected to be paid. Membership is for life. Our Fraternity has faced many trials and challenges over the past 164 years, we will face more challenges in the future. Please continue to collect initiation fees from your new members. If you have any questions please reach out to

What if I have no new members or have already received my materials?
Then there is no action needed. If you do plan on taking more new members as part of the 365 recruitment, please do so provided such activity is sanctioned by your University.

Should I still report new members?
Yes. New members must be reported as soon as they accept their bids. You have 96 hours from bid to initiation. Exceptions will be made rarely and on a case by case basis. Please email if you have any questions. The assumption will be that if your insitution is allowing recruitment then there should be no barring of initiation and reporting. MySAE registration and Member Onboarding modules are completely electronic and are expected to be completed.

If you have any questions please email me at Regardless of what issue you are having I expect and hope you will do as you have always done as responsible officers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and communicate with me about your issue. This will be a challenging time for all of us, but I am confident in our ability to adapt and make the best of this situation.