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COVID-19 Update: Chapter Visits

The Fraternity Service Center has been closely monitoring and assessing the impact that the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is having across the realm along with decisions made by our host institutions. We realize that the impact this will have on a number of your operations and future programming could be altered, we encourage you to ensure that you are adhering to your institution’s directives.

In light of the decisions occurring across the country, we are conscious of our traveling staff. We have made the decision to halt the Chapter Development Team from traveling to various chapters to conduct their visitations.

Effective immediately, we are implementing the following temporary adjustments to our chapter visit schedule:

  • If your chapter was scheduled for a visit either by a Manager or Coordinator of Chapter Development, these visits will still occur but will be done by virtual platforms such as Google Hangouts or other platforms
  • If your chapter had already been visited our team will continue to engage in follow up calls, virtual meetings, and interactions with you as normal 

By moving these meetings to online-based interactions it will enable all officers to still meet with our staff regardless of their locations. We want to make sure that while we may not be able to be there physically that you can receive the same level of support and guidance without disruption. We will ask for your cooperation as we begin setting these up with your respective staff member.

We ask that you please continue to closely monitor your email and phones for follow up communications from the members of the Chapter Development Team. There will be continued guidance and follow up provided to each group impacted by this change, and we want to make sure that we are maximizing our outreach and support.

We appreciate your patience with this change and certainly want to ensure your chapter’s overall success for the remainder of your spring terms. Our team is here to answer any questions, address any concerns and manage any impact COVID-19 may have on your operations or overall chapters or colonies. If there is anything our team can do in addition to what has been outlined above please don’t hesitate to reach out to your direct Chapter Development Team representatives.

The Fraternity Service Center hopes that you all remain safe and healthy and follow any additional guidelines you have been provided with to limit your exposure or transmission of the virus. It is our hope that this is a short-term impact and we can once again resume normal operations. We will continue to update you if any additional changes are made or future impact occurs.