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Chief Communications Officer to Complete Tenure

EVANSTON, IL – After more than 15 years of professional service at the national level and in a number of key capacities, Chief Communications Officer Brandon Weghorst has chosen to complete his tenure at the end of December 2017.

“On behalf of the Supreme Council, the staff, our volunteers and our members worldwide, we thank Brother Weghorst for his loyalty and service to Sigma Alpha Epsilon,” says Mike Sophir, Chief Executive Officer and Eminent Supreme Recorder. “I first met Brandon shortly after he started as an Educational & Leadership Consultant. Over the years, we have worked together on several occasions and built a friendship that I hold in high regard.”

“It’s hard to believe that I first walked through these doors two decades ago,” Weghorst says. “Time flies, and now it’s time to embark upon the next chapter of my life, hopefully in the Mountain West. I’m thankful for all of the opportunities, experiences and friendships I’ve enjoyed with members and non-members alike. Those moments never can be replaced. I’m also grateful to the brothers who believed in me, and I leave proud knowing that SAE has earned more than 80 communications and marketing awards during my tenure. I will miss many people and am excited to see what the gentlemen working with me will do as they carry the torch.”

During his time on the Fraternity Service Center staff, Weghorst has written hundreds of articles and crafted more than 300 media statements. He has provided leadership to refine our brand; created the True Series recruitment campaign and developed new communication methods. He also served as President of the Fraternity Communications Association, the first brother since William Levere to hold that role; managed the production of The RecordFirst Informed and 5 from 1856; drove convention management; and helped to guide Sigma Alpha Epsilon through some of our most challenging incidents covered by media.

“Brandon has had significant impact on the organization and has served with integrity, rigor, honor and heart. SAE is a better place and a better organization as a result of his contributions. Although we are sad to see him depart, we understand his desire to seek new adventures,” Sophir says. “This is our chance to thank him for his loyal service and acknowledge the impact he has made to Sigma Alpha Epsilon.”

More information about opportunities with the communications and marketing team will be forthcoming under separate cover.