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Arizona Beta alum honored with 147th Distinguished Service Award

Recognizing a lifetime of service and loyalty to the Fraternity, the Distinguished Service Award is the highest individual award a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon may receive. Their actions exhibit their understanding of the Fraternity’s teachings, adherence to Fraternity Laws, attention to the promotion of its welfare, and exemplary conduct that guards well its honor and high standing.

The Fraternity has 345,000+ initiated members; only 147 have been recognized with the Distinguished Service Award. Curtis R. Frasier (Arizona State ‘77) is the most recent recipient, presented during the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees meeting by Eminent Supreme Archon Greg Brandt (Drake ‘84) and Eminent Supreme Warden Mike Rodgers (William & Mary ‘92).


“The Fraternity has always been an amazing place for me. A place where brotherhood is just inherent” said Frasier after receiving the award. “I’m humbled, I don’t deserve it, and thank you.”

Frasier was initiated at Arizona State University (Arizona Beta) in 1973 and held the positions of Eminent Herald, Member Educator, Recruitment Chairman, and Eminent Archon. After graduating in 1977, he served as Province Upsilon Archon, providing leadership for the collegians in Arizona and New Mexico and later as Province Sigma Archon for Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Frasier also served as a faculty member of Leadership School for ten years. In 2012, he was named to the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees, serving most recently as its Secretary.

In addition to his commitment to the Fraternity, Frasier spent over 30 years with the Shell Oil Company, ultimately serving as Executive Vice President & General Counsel, and eventually on its Board of Directors. He also assisted with the first-ever IPO to exceed $1 billion and served as the Distinguished Visiting Dorwart Chair in Energy Law at the University of Tulsa’s College of Law. He also served on board roles for The Center for American and International Law, the Institute for Energy Law, and Arizona State University, his alma mater.

Never one to boast of his achievements, Frasier’s best work was done behind the scenes, providing guidance and counsel to the Fraternity, Foundation, and his profession. There are countless people who have felt his reach and leadership, and even more so who will benefit for years to come.

Congratulations to Curtis R. Frasier, the 147th recipient of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Distinguished Service Award.