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TG Talk: Season 3, Episode 4 – Values-Based Leadership

The fourth episode of season 3 features SAE alumnus and the 33rd Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum. Foundation CEO Steve Mitchell interviewed Governor Burgum over Zoom earlier this year. Governor Burgum grew up in a small town of just 400 people in North Dakota. He attended North Dakota State University, where he became a member of the North Dakota Beta chapter. After graduating with a degree in university studies and attending graduate school at Stanford University, Governor Burgum decided to jump into the tech world and started Great Plains Software in 1983. Microsoft acquired Great Plains in 2001. In addition to building this successful start-up and running for office, Governor Burgum was also a senior vice president for Microsoft and started several other businesses – A real estate development firm and a venture capital firm. Tune in today for this episode, which focuses on the lifelong significance of fraternal membership and the importance of values-based leadership. Governor Burgum says that lessons learned as an SAE through leadership opportunities, friendships, and the True Gentlemen are assets and have guided him throughout his professional career.

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