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Corelli was initiated into the Northern Illinois University chapter (Illinois Gamma) as part of its phoenix colony in 1998. He held many roles in the chapter, most notably three-term Eminent Archon. Corelli served the Fraternity on the national level as a Leadership School Staff Member, an undergraduate representative on the Permanent Committee on the Fraternity Laws, and undergraduate liaison of the Province Mu Council.

Corelli received his bachelor’s degree in health administration from Northern Illinois University in 2001 and, in 2009, he earned his master’s degree in education with a focus on college student personnel from Western Carolina University. Currently, Corelli serves as the Chief Operating Officer/Manager of Business Development for Eagle Environmental Solutions where he oversees the day-to-day business operations and growth of the company.

Corelli previously worked in Higher Education for over twelve years, where he worked with fraternity and sorority life student leaders, student clubs and organizations, student government, and oversaw an academic leadership minor and leadership development programs. In addition, Corelli has been recognized as a student organization advisor of the year, an outstanding university staff member in the division of student affairs, and has served as a member of a university strategic planning committee and chairperson for a quality enhancement plan, where he guided the implementation of an initiative to enhance the learning and involvement opportunities for students and campus community members.

In 2001, Corelli joined the Fraternity Service Center staff and aided in the growth of the organization and in chapter development for six years. As the Director of Extension and Chapter Development, he oversaw the addition of 54 new and phoenix colonies across the Realm as well as the overall chapter development, recruitment, risk management, and expansion of the brotherhood. As an alumnus, Corelli served in various roles, including both Illinois Gamma and North Carolina Omega Chapter Adviser, a faculty member for both province and regional Leadership Schools, and a faculty member for the John O. Moseley Leadership School since 2001. He also served as Province Omicron Archon, member of the National Education Advisory Council, and chairman of the National Recruitment Committee.

Since joining the Fraternity, Corelli has been awarded the Outstanding Eminent Archon Award and is a recipient of both the Order of the Lion and Order of Minerva Awards and, in 2013, was awarded the Merit Key Award.

Corelli resides in Southern Maryland with his wife, Kimberly, and their two daughters, Kaitlyn and Khloe.

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