Greek Community Hosts Alcohol-Awareness Seminar

from The Daily O’Collegian
by Sally Asher, General Assignment Reporter
photo by Josh Jackson

Greeks are banding together to battle binge drinking.

Oklahoma State University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon held its seventh annual alcohol awareness event last night on the fraternity’s lawn in front of more than 1,800 students.

Jim Skaggs, former Board of Directors president for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon board and head of risk management for the chapter, explained the reason behind the annual events.

“We saw a lot of binge drinking going on and a lot of risk that our kids were having, and I wanted to do something for the young men in the fraternity house,” Skaggs said.

Skaggs said that educating the students in the community is important.

“We feel that by educating the students and letting them know, giving them some important information, we can let them know that improper use of alcohol leads to death, and it’s happened all over the country,” he said. “We want to make that available to our Greek students…. Hopefully one day we might be able to take it campus-wide.”

While informing all students is important, the main target of this event is the new pledge students, Skaggs said.

“It’s something that we feel is important, with what’s going on at universities all over the United State and at this university,” he said. “We need to make sure that we give our kids as much education in alcohol use as possible.”

Speakers at the event included OSU head golf coach Mike McGraw, Assistant Executive Director of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon national office, Deran Abernathy, and Stillwater United Way Executive Director Sheri Carter.

Tyler Quinn, an OSU student and fraternity member, said the event has gone on for a number of years, but this is the largest attendance he has seen.

McGraw and Abernathy shared stories of students binge drinking has affected and the dangers and tragedies that followed, providing realistic examples to the students. A short video outlining the tragic death of a California Polytechnic State University student with testimonies from friends and family was shown.

“This could be you,” Abernathy said. “But it shouldn’t be.”

For more information or to seek help with alcohol and substance abuse, contact the OSU Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center at (405) 744-2818.


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