Our Brand Identity

The "Be True" brand, now in its fifth year, is one of the most recognizable Fraternity logos to non-members. It reflects directly on our creed, "The True Gentleman," and should be used for all external communications. When you click on the links below, the image link will be enabled. For JPEGS, your browser will launch the image. Simply right-click on it and select "Save Picture As" to save it to your own system. For TIFFs, you will be prompted to download a zipped file. For EPSs, you will be prompted to download the postscript file. 


Brand Identity

The current brand identity for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, introduced in 2006.

Fraternity Brand (JPEG)
Fraternity Brand (TIFF)
Fraternity Brand (EPS/VECTOR)


Fraternity Logo

Our brand logo, an element in our overall brand identity.

Fraternity Logo (JPEG)
Fraternity Logo (TIFF)
Fraternity Logo (EPS/VECTOR)


Greek Letters

A stylized version of the Greek letters Sigma, Alpha and Epsilon.

Greek Letters (JPEG)
Greek Letters (TIFF) 
Greek Letters (EPS/VECTOR)



The name of our Fraternity, taken from the brand logo.

Wordmark (JPEG) 
Wordmark (TIFF)
Wordmark (EPS/VECTOR)



The current tagline for the Fraternity, inspired by our creed.

Tagline (JPEG) 
Tagline (TIFF)
Tagline (EPS/VECTOR)



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