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First of Online Certification Programs Launched

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has launched the first in a series of online certification programs designed to enhance the experience and knowledge of our collegiate members, including our officers and pledges. Our inaugural program, The Carson Starkey Pledge Certification Program, is designed for pledge members to complete at the beginning of their pledge term. This online certification program is part of our Strategic Plan and its initiatives by creating new leadership-development opportunities.
The Carson Starkey Pledge Certification Program covers an introduction to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Minerva’s Shield policies, our Scope of Association and crisis-management protocol as well as information about events, websites and resources. The program concludes with a quiz regarding the material to determine the pledge’s level of understanding on the content. In addition, member completion of these quizzes will be tracked.
Once a pledge member is reported to the Fraternity Service Center and added to the database, he will receive an e-mail that includes the link and his login information to complete the online certification program.
Participants must achieve a 100-percent score on the quiz in order to pass. The program may be retaken an unlimited number of times to ensure all pledge members understand our policies, procedures and educational programming. Pledge members will be required to complete and pass the program before their initiations will be processed in the database.
Please note, members will still be required to follow the standing requirement to read, understand and sign our Scope of Association Agreement in the members-only section of Pledges must complete both the Scope of Association Agreement and the Carson Starkey Pledge Certification Program as a condition of new membership.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be implementing additional certification programs that will focus on the positions of Eminent Archon, Pledge Educator, Eminent Treasurer and Risk Manager. Other programs for specific roles and offices may be introduced in the near future.

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