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KU Runners Quick in Their Drawers

from The Reading Eagle
by Ron Devlin
photo by Susan L. Angstadt

Kutztown University senior Ben Drogalis, 22, a management major, flew like a penguin across the finish line to win the school's third annual Undie Run on Wednesday.

Hail to the runners who stripped down to the skivvies Wednesday and, despite a hailstorm, pulled off the third annual Undie Run at Kutztown University.

After a brief weather delay, about 50 KU students braved hail and rain to run a quarter-mile around the "DMZ," a football field-sized mall in the shadow of Old Main.

"It was freezing, so I wore jeans with briefs on top," said Megan Sarangoulis of Exeter Township, a junior elementary education major. "But most of the guys went all the way."

Eric Wilson, who started the fundraiser three years ago, said the event raised about $1,500 for the Children's Miracle Network.

In addition, Kutztown students donated about 300 pieces of clothing to the Salvation Army.

"It wasn't the best of conditions," said Wilson, president of the university fraternity council. "But we waited out the weather and it turned out to be a nice day for a run."

Students huddled under tents to escape rain and hail that arrived just before the run was to begin, delaying the race about 15 minutes.

Participants were given official undies: plaid boxers sanctioned by Kutztown's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, which organized the race.

In keeping with tradition, some Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers ran the race costumed as superheroes or animal characters.

A penguin, otherwise known as senior business major Ben Drogalis of Oley, was first to cross the finish line.

Unconfirmed reports have it that the penguin bested the record set by last year's winner, Captain Underpants, who streaked to victory wearing a cape, briefs and a big smile.


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