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Fraternity Shows Its True Gentleman Side

from The University Leader

by Jordan Roston

Members of fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon could be seen in front of the Memorial Union yesterday, braving the cold to stand outside and open doors for anyone coming through. This semester, occurrence is a part of the fraternity’s Chivalry Days, a chance for Fort Hays State University to see what it means to be a true gentleman.

For almost two years now, senior Adam Rusk, scholarship chair and philanthropy chair, along with the other members of SAE, have been taking part in their chivalry days, using their kindness as tools to bring awareness to their organization and recruit new members.
Rusk said the idea for the days came from a very close outside source and has been a success since its induction.

“We got the idea from an SAE chapter in Wyoming, and they use it as an awareness thing, as a PR thing, but also as recruitment. So right now, we’re still in the process of getting our chapter used to it, but this year, our turnout has been better than it ever has before,” Rusk said. “It’s more about communicating the message about who we are. SAE’s motto, SAE’s state of being, is ‘True Gentlemen,’ and we do our day of chivalry as a reminder that chivalry is not dead, and it lives on in the hearts of the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.”

The day ties in to this week’s Greek week festivities, a campus-wide celebration of all that is Greek, which included a charity pie auction, lip-syncing contest and the Greek life award banquet taking place tomorrow.

This year’s theme is centered on the city of sin, but the 10 members of SAE broke out their inner angels to practice a sometimes-underestimated act of kindness.

“It’s a small stand. People don’t consciously notice when one guy on one random day opens the door. It’s a gentlemanly thing to do, and SAE’s aren’t the only ones that do that. But if we do it on this one day wearing our letters, it makes people notice it more,” Rusk said. “It’s not like it’s the only day we do it as individuals but it’s the only day the chapter organizes it.”

This event is one of the many SAE is taking part in this semester. Next week, SAE will be hosting its annual Jail n’ Bail, where teachers are jailed and forced to raise money for their return. All the proceeds collected from that event are donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Students who are interested in becoming a ‘True Gentleman’ and learning more about SAE and their events can contact the fraternity at


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