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SAE and KD Host Light It Up Blue

from The George-Anne
by Krystal McMath

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Delta held an event Monday night to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day.

As many iconic buildings around the US change their lights to blue at sunset to show support for autism, the SAE and KD fraternities made all of their lights blue inside and surrounding the house for the event.

Bud Burruss, philanthropy chair of the Executive Counsel, has been working to inform Georgia Southern University’s population about autism.

“By starting this, I want other organizations to support funding for autism.  After today, we hope this can grow to be a campus wide event and it will bring awareness about autism,” Burruss said.

Burruss has also held cookouts to raise awareness outside of pioneering the annual Light It Up Blue The goal of the fraternity involves bringing awareness to campus about the severity of this disorder.

Burruss’ own case of autism makes this even more meaningful to him and has inspired him to help make a difference, Burruss said.

“This event is very meaningful and personal to me because even though my case is not as severe, there are one in eighty-eight children that are born with autism and they may not have what I was given,” Burruss said.

“I am a bad example of what autism means. I was privileged enough to have great parents and funding to improve my form of autism.  I want to bring awareness about the people who are less fortunate and have a more serious form of the disorder,” Burruss said.

All of the brothers of SAE participated by driving their cars on the yard and covering their headlights with blue paper to shine over the SAE house. They were just as enthusiastic as Burruss and wanted everyone to be informed.

“It is awesome that we are helping to get the word out about autism. It is a good cause and I am glad to be involved,” Brenden Mikvlak, member of SAE, said.

Hunter Nixon, member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said, “I think it is great that we are showing support.  A lot of the brothers are out here showing interest in raising awareness and making a difference.”

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