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Statement Regarding Washington University Chapter

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon headquarters has released new information about sanctions following an incident with its Missouri Beta chapter at Washington University. The chapter brothers who had been in charge of the pledge-education program have been suspended until further notice. In addition, a membership review has been requested to ensure the men are in compliance with fraternity expectations and guidelines.

We have strongly encouraged the chapter to partner with other student groups to help further the mission of Washington University. Sigma Alpha Epsilon will not tolerate actions or behaviors that were displayed during Tuesday’s incident. We again apologize for any harm or embarrassment this incident may have caused to anyone. All of our members are expected to act as gentlemen and respect the communities in which they live as reiterated in our creed, “The True Gentleman.”

While alumni advisers have enforced measures against the individuals responsible for this incident, they will continue to monitor the chapter. We remain committed to educating these members so they understand their words have consequences and that bystander behavior is not acceptable. The overwhelming majority of the chapter did not participate in this incident, but their lack of intervention is disappointing as well.

We will continue to advise the chapter to begin rectifying the situation they caused on their campus. In the meantime, the chapter has issued an apology to the campus and surrounding community regarding the incident that occurred:

We offer our sincerest apologies to anyone who may have been offended or who was made to feel uncomfortable by what took place on campus. These actions are unacceptable, but we take responsibility for them. We do not condone this type of immature behavior.    
We are currently working with university officials, our national headquarters and the communities that have rightfully been offended so that we can clarify any misgivings and take part in discussions to move forward. Washington University prides itself on being a safe and welcoming place in which to learn and, in support of that, we are looking to take a key role in a collaborative effort.
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