Health & Safety Reminders for 2017-2018

As we begin the fall term, Sigma Alpha Epsilon's staff would like to provide you several important reminders that will assist in your chapter or colony operations:

  1. Revised Fraternity Laws. The 161st Anniversary Convention adopted a new set of Fraternity Laws, which you can find HERE. The latest version is streamlined and user-friendly to assist our members. For a full explanation of the changes, CLICK HERE.
  2. Fraternity Events & Safety. Since we have started a new academic year, please review our health & safety regulations in Minerva’s Shield, which you can find HERE. Please remember the following: chapters or colonies cannot provide alcohol or use Fraternity funds to purchase alcohol; common sources, such as kegs and punch, are forbidden; and hard liquor cannot be present without a properly licensed and insured third-party vendor that operates a cash bar. In addition, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is committed to preventing sexual assault and misconduct, and our homes and functions should be a safe space for every guest. Recall the words and meaning of “The True Gentleman.” We offer a comprehensive Sexual Assault & Misconduct Prevention Workshop, and if you are interested in having it presented, contact John Kovalan at or Clark Brown at
  3. Recruitment & Public Relations. Your group should be an inclusive and welcoming environment for potential members, members and guests. If a prospect lives the values of our creed and commits to being a brother’s keeper, that person should be considered for membership, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age or physical abilities. Furthermore, remember that you represent SAE always, whether or not you are wearing our letters or badge. The same is true for your personal brand. In today’s digital age, all eyes are watching. How you act and what you say can have lasting and serious consequences. If you have not reviewed our Internet Posting Resolution, CLICK HERE.

We strongly encourage our members and advisers to commit commit themselves to living the mission of the Fraternity: Advancing the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life.




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