Statement Regarding Yale Chapter Allegation

NEW HAVEN, CT – The national headquarters completed its investigation of alleged racial intolerance at a social event hosted by our Connecticut Omega chapter at Yale University last November. The facts in the case indicate that no “white-girls only” party took place during Halloween weekend.

University administrators conducted a separate investigation, which also found no evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color, according to their report. During the event, law-enforcement officials directed SAE members to stop admittance and to create clear walkways outside of the house. The alleged denial of entry happened during this time period, but members adhered to the guidance of law enforcement. Our chapter at Yale University is comprised of a diverse group of brothers, and the event likewise was attended by a diverse group of students.

This past year, the national headquarters hired Ashlee Canty, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion, who is responsible for overseeing the development, promotion and implementation of strategies that lead to enhanced diversity within our organization. Her position is the first such staff role established by a major North-American fraternity or sorority. As part of her responsibilities, Canty meets with chapters to ensure they are implementing initiatives set forth by the fraternity’s leadership and attends leadership conferences to have conversations with undergraduates and alumni about their personal identity, and she visited the Yale chapter to reinforce those measures following the incident last fall. The education provides a proactive focus on empowering our members to create a culture of acceptance, to ensure their chapter is welcoming and to educate them on bystander behavior in incidents of bias.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon also utilizes a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, a group that consists of undergraduates, alumni and non-members who are subject-matter experts on issues related to diversity. The committee proposed our Position Statement on Diversity & Inclusion, which was approved unanimously by delegates at our national convention last summer. Furthermore, all of our members must complete an educational module on diversity and inclusion, in addition to various educational topics, before they can be initiated into the fraternity.

Our national leadership has zero tolerance for any behavior or action that deviates from our values and creed, and we remain committed to collaborating with college administrators to ensure our chapters are acting in accordance with our mission.




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