Statement in Response to March 13 Stephen Jones Press Conference

March 13, 2015 | 3:30 pm CT

EVANSTON, IL - Earlier today, attorney Stephen Jones held a brief press conference to announce that he has been retained by the University of Oklahoma SAE board of alumni, which is the group that oversees the Oklahoma Kappa chapter. The national organization is not involved in retaining Mr. Jones and, as of now, we have no further information about his intentions.

Our priority now remains squarely focused on making sure we continue to proactively address this issue in a way that reflects our zero-tolerance for any kind of discrimination and upholds the values of our Fraternity. We teach our members to serve as role models in their communities and to live up to our creed, “The True Gentleman.”

As such, when members fail to do so – as they did at the University of Oklahoma – we do not hesitate to take corrective action, starting with closing the chapter and initiating a process to take action against any members who were involved. As we continue to review this matter – as Mr. Jones stated – we are committed to following the due diligence and protocols that we have set forth in our Fraternity Laws, as they are designed to enable us to make deliberate, thoughtful decisions that reflect our commitment to our standards and to our members.

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