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Fraternity Headquarters Prepares for Hearing Process
March 14, 2015 | 2:00 pm CT

EVANSTON, IL – The Sigma Alpha Epsilon headquarters is preparing for the judicial process that will hear the case for suspended University of Oklahoma members. Our national governing laws dictate the procedures in all trial proceedings that determine membership sanctions, and our brothers have an opportunity to have their cases heard fairly and justly.

In the case of the University of Oklahoma chapter, our leadership has identified a special trial commission composed of impartial alumni who will hear each brother’s case. Those suspended members are given advanced notice of the date of proceedings and, during the trial, the men will have an opportunity to defend themselves and present information or facts for review. Members have a right for someone to represent them in their absence. As part of the proceedings, the commissioners will recommend to the board of directors one of several penalties, which include retaining the current suspension until their graduation or expulsion from the fraternity. The board will then vote on the commission’s recommendations.

Members also have the right to appeal the board’s sanctions, and appeals are heard by a separate, higher governing body. Sigma Alpha Epsilon remains committed to providing a positive membership experience and to addressing any behaviors that deviate from our morals, creed and values.


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What is SAE doing about the recent video from the University of Oklahoma?
Like others, we were shocked and appalled at the despicable and unacceptable behavior shown in the video of students at the University of Oklahoma. We expect our members to serve as role models and to live up to our creed, “The True Gentleman.” When members fail to do so – as they did at the University of Oklahoma – we are committed to swift, corrective action. Guided by our bylaws, we are now reviewing the actions of each individual of the chapter under our disciplinary procedures to determine their status within our Fraternity. We are committed to a thoughtful and deliberate process as we make these determinations.

When did SAE learn about the video?
Within an hour of learning about the video on Sunday, March 8, we put the OU chapter under temporary suspension, which was followed by a formal closure notice within several hours.

What is SAE doing about other allegations of racial insensitivity?
Discrimination and racial bias of any kind has no place in our organization and will not be tolerated. Our priority remains squarely focused on making sure we continue to proactively address this issue in a way that reflects our zero-tolerance for any kind of discrimination and upholds the values of our Fraternity. We have launched an investigation into other allegations that have come to our attention and will report our findings, as well as any corrective action, when complete.

How diverse is SAE?
Based on data gathered since 2013, approximately 20 percent of our members self-identify as a minority or non-Caucasian.

Has the national organization of SAE hired attorney Stephen Jones?
No. Mr. Jones was retained by the University of Oklahoma SAE board of alumni, which is the group that oversees the Oklahoma Kappa chapter. The national organization is not involved in retaining Mr. Jones and, as of now, we have no further information about his intentions.



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