Gifts to the SAE Annual Fund

The SAE Annual Loyalty Fund is the annual giving program of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation.

In recognition of the 150th aniversary of the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 2006, the Annual Fund was renamed the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund. Your donation to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund provides resources not only for the Fraternity to operate, but provides funds for Leadership School, the preservation of the Levere Memorial Temple, and other leadership and educational initiatives of the SAE Foundation.

The Fraternity has three principle sources of annual revenue:
          1) The membership dues of undergraduate members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
          2) The income from investments of fraternity assets
          3) Grant funds from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation for qualified programs

Because of the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund and its ability to support qualified programs of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, services to undergraduates are enhanced, experiences are enriched and the Fraternity sustains its enviable position at the pinnacle of the Greek World.

Gifts to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund are received and expended each year from July 1 to June 30.  Hence, the need for a successful SAE Annual Loyalty Fund every year and the need for SAEs to make gifts every year.  The sooner your yearly gift is received, the sooner it can go to work benefitting Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Gifts to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund are tax-deductable (as allowed by the IRS for charitable contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations).

Please note that all undesignated and unrestricted gifts will be credited to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund. 

Thank you for your support of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

SAE Annual Loyalty Fund FAQ

Q: Do 1856 Society gifts count towards lifetime giving? 

A: Yes, all gifts, whether unrestricted or restricted are credited to lifetime giving recognition levels.  

Q: Is a gift designated to Leadership School considered a restricted or unrestricted gift? 

A: "Unrestricted gifts" are credited to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund.  Because the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund, through annual budgeting, appropriates monies to Leadership School, the Levere Memorial Temple, the True Gentleman Initiative, and other annual fraternity programs, unrestricted gifts to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund provide financial support to all such programs.

"Restricted gifts" are contributions to specific programs or funds and are to be used for endowment, capital, or restricted operations.  Such restricted gifts are credited, in their entirety, to a specific and named account like a scholarship fund, chapter education fund, chapter allocation fund, loan fund, Levere Memorial Temple fund, or Leadership School fund. 

Generally, "unrestricted gifts" are for supporting all annual operations and programs of the Fraternity and "restricted gifts" support specific programs of interest to the donor.

Q: I have given for a number of consecutive years, during what time period must I make a gift to see that this consecutive-year giving record continues? 

A: The fiscal year of the SAE Foundation runs from July 1 to June 30. To ensure that your consecutive-years giving streak continues, you must contribute at least once during this time period annually.


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