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Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Alumni Questions

Q: What volunteer opportunities are there for me with Sigma Alpha Epsilon?
A: The volunteer structure has numerous opportunities: on the local level as chapter adviser or house corporation member, regionally as a province archon or province council member, and nationally as a board member or committee member. Less structured volunteer opportunities are also available. Consider mentoring an officer or undergraduate member, helping your chapter conduct a goal-setting retreat or an initiation ceremony, sharing career-planning tips or helping seniors prepare résumés. Contact your local Eminent Archon or Associate Executive Director of Alumni and Chapter Services Deran Abernathy at  

Q: How can I contact brothers from my chapter or my era?
A: Initiated brothers in good standing can access their personal membership record by logging into the members-only section of The members-only section allows initiated brothers to search for any member for whom the Fraternity Service Center has good contact information. Accessing the portal allows members to update their individual records, conduct searches of the membership database and access official documents such as meeting minutes and audited financial statements. The Gentlemen’s Circle area allows any initiated brother the ability to set up their own online social network of SAEs from all over the nation. Gentlemen’s Circle has message boards, personal profiles and social and professional networking opportunities as well as a job board.

Q: How do I join an alumni association?
A: Any member in good standing can join an alumni association upon paying the annual dues, which are set by the association. Many associations print member newsletters and communicate via e-mail. SAE has area and chapter alumni associations that have different objectives. Area alumni associations operate in metropolitan areas and focus on social events and professional networking, while chapter alumni associations have a relationship with a specific chapter and host events that benefit or relate to that chapter. Registered alumni associations pay annual dues of $100 to the Fraternity Service Center. Dues provide for service to alumni associations by the Fraternity Service Center and voting rights at the biennial conventions. There are also many local alumni associations autonomous from the Fraternity Service Center that operate with success. The alumni associations can be found on the directory section of this website or by contacting Associate Executive Director of Alumni and Chapter Services Deran Abernathy at

Q: If I volunteer, am I covered by the Fraternity’s liability insurance?
A: Volunteers of SAE are insured under the liability insurance program while acting within the scope of their volunteer duties. The general liability policy covers brothers for claims arising from allegations of negligence or personal injury. For more information, contact Director of Risk Management and General Counsel Frank Ginocchio at

Q: How can I financially support the Fraternity or Foundation?
A: Non tax-deductible gifts of support can be made to the Fraternity to support a member, chapter or program. Tax-deductible gifts can be made to the Foundation to support chapter educational funds, Leadership School, a named scholarship or The True Gentleman Initiative Program through supporting cash, checks or appreciated stock. To donate, click here or contact Director of Annual Giving Chris Speelman at (800) 233-1856, ext. 221, or at

Q: How do I recommend a young man for membership?
A: There are several ways to recommend a individual to become a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. You can send an e-mail to Coordinator of Extension Aaron HIll at or Coordinator of Extension Ryan Tolle at Include the individual’s name, university or college enrolled, any other relevant facts including hobbies, GPA, and/or athletics, as well as contact information, including e-mail address. This information will be forwarded to the chapter and chapter adviser. You can also contact the local chapter by using the directory on this site and ask to speak with the recruitment chairman. Please remember due to Fraternity Laws, the Fraternity Service Center cannot require chapters to pledge or initiate those men who are recommended to us. We can only encourage chapters to include them in their selection process.

Common Collegiate Member Questions

Q: How does Sigma Alpha Epsilon support its chapters and members with educational programs?
A: SAE has developed the web-based True Gentleman Initiative (TGI) Program, which is the framework for all educational programming. The program is based on 12-core areas of chapter development and builds partnerships between the chapter, host institution, alumni, parents, and Fraternity Service Center. Each chapter has a complete library of online officer notebooks to store and record officer information, files, and officer goals. The website also has a section dedicated to personal development, called the “Portfolio.” Chapters have the ability to have their outstanding programs featured as “programs of the week” on the TGI’s homepage area called “What’s New on the TGI.” The SAE Foundation sponsors the annual Leadership School to deliver personal development training and skill building to more than 400 brothers each year. The SAE Foundation also recognizes top students with a generous scholarship program. The TGI program was awarded the “Outstanding Educational Programming Award” by the Association of Fraternity Advisors in December 2002.

Q: What does Sigma Alpha Epsilon require for new member education or pledgeship?
A: Pledge requirements are stated in the Fraternity Laws, Section 47, stipulating a pledgeship from four to twelve weeks during which a complete course of education prescribed by the chapter shall take place. The Fraternity Laws state that the education should include orientation on the history, laws and traditions of SAE on both national and local levels. Also included is instruction as to standards, culture and gentlemanliness, which are expected of a member of SAE. The Fraternity Laws do not require any written or oral examinations at any time during, before or after pledgeship. Hazing is prohibited.

Q: Does Sigma Alpha Epsilon have a preferred philanthropy and community service project?
A: SAE encourages all chapters to become involved in their campus and local community through various organizations. The Fraternity’s preferred philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network because of its great capacity to impact children’s lives and the proximity of numerous hospitals to active chapters. On April 6, 2002, the Fraternity launched its “True Gentleman Day of Service,” with more than 35 chapters participating in a community service program. This event has grown to involve hundreds of chapters. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a national partner with National Youth Service Day.

Q: What do collegiate dues pay for?
A: Collegiate dues pay for a number of functions of the Fraternity: the member services department at the Fraternity Service Center, the regional director program, a portion of the costs of the annual John O. Moseley Leadership School, TGI Institutes, risk management services, upkeep of the Levere Memorial Temple and many other general services provided by the Fraternity Service Center. The dues also cover the case costs of The Phoenix pledge manual, badge, and membership cards.

Q: What is the True Gentleman Initiative (TGI) Program?
A: The TGI is an award-winning SAE Foundation program that delivers resources to all undergraduate members and chapters. The program focuses on uniting stakeholders – the host institution, alumni, FraternityServiceCenter and undergraduate chapter – to support and develop the chapter. The TGI is a key component of continuing member education beyond the pledge period with a focus on internet and campus resources. The TGI develops its resources around 12-core areas of chapter operations. Visit for more information. Key resources include more than 150 core area resources to review, download, or print. These files include sample programs, time-tested ideas from chapters throughout the Realm, training presentations, and event fraternity music files! Additionally, each chapter has a complete online library of officer notebooks. Chapter officers can record officer goals, update job descriptions, save important files, and print officer notebook information. The TGI’s online officer notebooks saves chapters time by creating a notebook framework and solves the problem of misplaced officer notebooks. Chapter officers can archive their work so that future chapter officers can learn how previous officers organized chapter work.

Q: How do you submit articles for publication in The Record?
A: Send news items about chapter activities, alumni events, community projects, achievements, etc., with pictures if you have them. This can be done by any brother but is the responsibility of the eminent correspondent of each chapter. Items should be of wide interest rather than just describing individual members’ accomplishments. Send news items to the editor of The Record at Digital images must be shot or scanned at 300 dpi (dots per square inch) to be published. All submitted materials cannot be returned but are instead forwarded to the chapter’s scrapbook here at the Fraternity Service Center.

Q: What reports does the Fraternity Service Center require of its chapters and when are they due?
A: Listed are the reports required, when due and by whom they should be completed:

  • Initiation Report (Formerly Form A) – within ten days after initiation
  • Eminent Archon Semi-Annual Report (Formerly Form B) – December 15 and May 15
  • Active Membership Roster (Formerly Form C) – August 15 and November 15
  • Election Report (Formerly Form D) – December 15 and May 15
  • Pledge Roster (Formerly Form P) – due within ten days after pledging

Updated and accurate forms allow the FSC to remain in communication with chapters and to produce accurate bills.

Q: How do I apply for a student loan, scholarship, or Fraternity award?
A: The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation student loan and scholarship applications are available by visiting The student loans are available year-round, while the scholarship applications are due in the spring. The individual, chapter and alumni awards application is also available on the TGI site. You must be a member or chapter in good standing to apply for a scholarship, loan, or award. For more information, visit to download the application.


Common Visitor Questions

Q: What are general benefits of membership offered by Sigma Alpha Epsilon?
A: Benefits of membership include an environment for the creation of life-long friendships and academic success, a network of more than 190,000 living alumni, numerous leadership and educational programs that complement the goals and objectives of the host institution, a scholarship and loan program offered by the SAE Foundation and a lifetime subscription to the award-winning The Record magazine.

Q: How do I start a chapter of SAE at my campus?
A: Bringing SAE to your campus begins with the colonization process. Becoming a founding father of a colony, and future chapter, is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You have the chance to leave a legacy behind for future brothers to follow. For an overview of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s extension process and procedures, contact Coordinator of Extension Aaron Hill at or Coordinator of Extension Ryan Tolle at    

Q: What are the costs associated with membership?
A: It cost an individual $85 to pledge a local chapter and $225 to initiate. These are one-time fees. The risk management program fee is an average of $170 per member each year and annual dues are $105 per member each year. Membership dues are voted on by the general convention every two years. Local chapter dues are separate from national fees and can vary depending on membership numbers and programming. Undergraduates in good standing are encouraged to take full-advantage of all the membership benefits. Local chapters may have additional dues or fees associated with their own budgets, including housing, meal and lodge fees.

Q: How does SAE educate its members on alcohol, hazing, and risk management?
A: SAE uses a risk management guide titled Minerva’s Shield that covers risk management policies. We also provide education at our Leadership Schools, both regional and national. SAE has a hazing hotline in place for individuals to reports any hazing concerns anonymously at 1-888-NOT-HAZE. SAE also addresses these issues regularly in publications such as The Record and through our educational resources. Any questions about alcohol, hazing or risk management can be directed to Director of Risk Management and General Counsel Frank Ginocchio at  

Q: What is the support network provided to members and chapters?
A: The support network consists of a university adviser, chapter adviser, house corporation member, a regional volunteer president (Province Archon), a regional director and the Fraternity Service Center staff based in Evanston, Illinois. These stakeholders understand the mission and goals of the organization and can assist the member or local chapter with any programs or challenges. The True Gentleman Initiative Program also offers a framework to develop the chapter or individual’s goals. Visit for more information.

Q: How do I join Sigma Alpha Epsilon?
A: Membership with Sigma Alpha Epsilon begins at an active chapter or colony at a college or university. Existing members extend invitations to new members and pledge them during a pledge term not to exceed 12 weeks. Pledgeship assimilates new members to the active chapter and prepares them to make contributions to advance the ideals of the organization and chapter. If you are interested in joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and there is an active chapter or colony on your campus, contact the recruitment chairman of the chapter or send an e-mail to Coordinator of Extension Aaron Hill at or Coordinator of Extension Ryan Tolle at Sigma Alpha Epsilon does have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.3 for initiation.

Common Parent Questions

Q: What volunteer opportunities exist for parents?
A: Many of the strongest chapters have strong participation by mothers and fathers. This can include an active parents or Minerva Club or being a member of the house corporation or advisory board. Parents can also assist in the organization of Parents’ Day, House Improvement Day, homecoming, etiquette dinners or golf outings. Experienced adults can always improve any undergraduate event.

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