April 20 - 23, 2017
Evanston, IL

The Levere Leadership Institute provides guidance for our next generation of Fraternity leaders as they approach graduation. Attendees will spend the weekend at the Levere Memorial Temple and will be able to engage members of the Supreme Council, as well as guest speakers, in conversations about Fraternity involvement after graduation. Membership in Sigma Alpha Epsilon is lifelong, and this Institute seeks to provide the next critical steps for involvement — be they locally, regionally or nationally.

The program will be held in Evanston, Illinois, at the Levere Memorial Temple.

For additional questions about the Levere Leadership Institute, contact Director of Educational Programs James Irwin at jirwin@sae.net or at (847) 424-3032.



The program is limited to those who are current members of collegiate chapters and who will graduate by no later than December 2017. More specifically, this program is targeted toward seniors who will graduate soon and who seek involvement in the Fraternity following their graduation.


The mission of the Levere Leadership Institute is to prepare soon-to-be-graduates for post-graduate involvement in Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

By graduating from the Levere Leadership Institute, attendees will:
• Increase their appreciation for Sigma Alpha epsilon as a national organization through time spent at the Levere Memorial Temple.
• Be more likely to stay involved as alumni as a result of their time spent in the program.
• Develop personal relationships with members of the Supreme Council through small-group discussions.


Attendees of the program will engage not only with members of the Supreme Council but also with a selection of top chapter advisers, alumni association presidents, Province Archons and Foundation Board members in discussions about lifelong engagement in the Fraternity. This year's speakers includes:

Ben Johnson (UC-Riverside '87), Chapter Adviser

Mike Steur (Cincinnati '78), House Corporation President

John Sebalos (SUNY-Oswego '05), Province Archon

Nick Kreifels (Loyola '11), Alumni Association President

Todd Buchanan (Southern Mississippi '90), Past Eminent Supreme Archon

These speakers will share with attendees their SAE experience, as well as how to get involved at each of the various levels within the organization.


Applications are now available and will close on February 22, 2017.


Brothers who submit completed applications by the deadline will be divided among the members of the Supreme Council. Between 25-30 attendees will be selected, and will have their travel costs to Chicago covered by the Fraternity.

The Fraternity will provide lodging accommodations and all meals for attendees.

Selected brothers will be notified by no later than early March 2017.


All attendees will stay at the Levere Memorial Temple, and all travel will be coordinated by the Fraternity.


The program will be held April 20-23, 2017. Attendees will be encouraged to arrive on April 20. The program will begin at noon on April 21 and will conclude following breakfast on April 23.

You can see the draft schedule for the weekend HERE.


As an attendee of our Institute, you will be asked to agree to the following terms, which help designate us as true gentlemen and leaders:

I do hereby agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct while I am an attendee of the Levere Leadership Institute. My conduct will at all times be a reflection of “The True Gentleman.” I will not violate the laws of the land, the regulations of my university/college or the Fraternity Laws and health and safety policies of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

If I fail in any way to follow this Code of Conduct, I fully understand that the Eminent Supreme Recorder or his designee has the right to remove me from the Institute immediately and send me home at my own expense, or with my chapter being billed by the Fraternity Service Center. I also understand that if this occurs, my membership in Sigma Alpha Epsilon may be terminated.

As a gentleman, I understand that some t-shirt slogans or pictures can be vulgar or tasteless. I will refrain from wearing such a shirt while I am a part of the Levere Leadership Institute. If I have a question as to my shirt’s acceptability, I will ask staff for guidance. I realize that this type of dress reflects on the image of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

I further agree that I shall continue to abide by the Scope of Association, which I signed upon claiming my sae.net account.

I understand that if my poor attendance at general sessions, seminars or meetings or inappropriate conduct warrants my failing the Levere Leadership Institute, I will be responsible for reimbursing the total tuition cost paid by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. If I am selected and do not attend the program, I will reimburse the Fraternity for any costs associated with my attendance. Additionally, I understand that if my actions cause injury to someone or something, I will indemnify and hold Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Foundation harmless from any claims arising from my actions.



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