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Sigma Alpha Epsilon offers the following video clips as educational tools so that our members and volunteer leaders can understand the dangers associated with hazing, alcohol abuse and breach of our health-and-safety policies and procedures.


The issues of the alcohol-related death of George Desdunes are discussed in a NBC Today Show report. Included is a discussion the chapter's responsibility in the incident. (Clip is owned and copyrighted by NBC Universal. For educational purposes only. Not for duplication or distribution.)


In 2008, Tyler Cross, an accomplished athlete and student, pledged a Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter in Texas. He died several months later, and a number of members were charged in the case, which also shed light on practices that were not consistent with our risk-management and pledge-education guidelines and programming. In this video, Tyler's story is told through his family and friends and by recounting what happened during his pledge term. The national headquarters highly encourages every member, adviser and parent to view this presentation.


The parents of pledge member Carson Starkey produced this educational video that discusses the dangers of alcohol poisoning and poor decision-making by telling the story of how their son died during a pledge event.


This publication serves as the official governing law book for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Broken down into articles and further into sections, the laws are not determined by any one person.
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Equally as important as the Fraternity Laws is our official health-and-safety guide, which details expectations, protocol and crisis procedures that all members, including new members, are expected to understand and follow.
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We believe that our members should act as their brother’s keeper. With that concept in mind, the Supreme Council has adopted a Good Samaritan Policy.
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These various pieces are available to collegiate members and their advisers to communicate proactively protocols or other vital information in crisis situations.
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