The Good Samaritan Policy

“The True Gentleman” teaches that a man’s “conduct should proceed from goodwill and an acute sense of propriety.” Toward this end, an Good Samaritan Glassundergraduate member should never hesitate to call 911 when an individual’s appearance or conduct would reasonably cause one to be concerned for another’s well-being. In most instances, early intervention will result in a favorable outcome for the individual in need. 

The Supreme Council has adopted the following Good Samaritan Policy to promote a health-focused response to the incident rather than a disciplinary consequence:

  1. If a member assists another in receiving appropriate medical care, then that member, as well as those who are assisted, will not be subject to Fraternity Service Center disciplinary action with respect to the incident. This is the case even if the member who is assisting was a contributing factor to the cause of the emergency. 
  2. When a member fails to respond when an individual’s appearance or conduct would reasonably cause one to be concerned for another’s well-being, his failure to respond shall be deemed conduct unbecoming of a gentleman. 

This publication serves as the official governing law book for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Broken down into articles and further into sections, the laws are not determined by any one person.
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Equally as important as the Fraternity Laws is our official health-and-safety guide, which details expectations, protocol and crisis procedures that all members, including new members, are expected to understand and follow.
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We believe that our members should act as their brother’s keeper. With that concept in mind, the Supreme Council has adopted a Good Samaritan Policy.
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These various pieces are available to collegiate members and their advisers to communicate proactively protocols or other vital information in crisis situations.
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