Province Archons

Province Archons, or alumni volunteers, are a vital part of the Fraternity governance and structure. They serve as liaisons between chapters, alumni, university officials and the Fraternity Service Center. Each Province Archon is responsible for a group of chapters and colonies in a particular part of the United States and Canada. Their e-mail addresses are listed below.

Province Alpha
(Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Quebec [Canada], Rhode Island & Vermont)
Gavin Maxfield

Province Beta
(Western Pennsylvania)
Scott Kerschbaumer

Province Gamma
(Virginia & Washington, D.C.)
Robert Wood

Province Delta
(Ohio & West Virginia)
Gage Woolley

Province Epsilon
(Alabama & Western Florida)
Tracy Anderson

Province Zeta
(Kansas & Missouri)
Michael Kimberlin

Province Eta
(Colorado, Utah & Wyoming)
Barrett Zehner

Province Theta
(Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee)
Peyton Chiasson

Province Iota
Daniel Gammon

Province Kappa
(California & Nevada)
Damon Hirschensohn

Province Lambda
(Alaska, Oregon & Washington)
Christopher Mercado

Province Mu
(Illinois & Wisconsin)
Jon Grossmann

Province Nu
(New York)
John Sebalos

Province Xi
Joe Anderson

Province Omicron
(North Carolina)
Larry West

Province Pi
Daniel Woodcock

Province Rho
(South Carolina)
John Stringfellow

Province Sigma
(Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas)
James Balandran

Province Tau
(Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota & South Dakota)
Michael Evink

Province Upsilon
(Arizona & New Mexico)
John Antonio

Province Phi
(Idaho, Montana & eastern Washington)
Bill Rauer

Province Chi
Jesus Maldonado

Province Psi
Fred Fritz

Province Omega
Alex Urban

Province Epsilon-Alpha
Alan Moore

Province Zeta-Alpha
(Illinois & Missouri)
Luis Alarcon


Province Mu-Delta
Jason Andrick

Province Nu-Epsilon
Christopher Slott

Province Rho-Eta
(Delaware, New Jersey & Pennsylvania)
Ron Bell

 Province Chi-Alpha
(California, Nevada)
Austin Evans



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