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The Fraternity Service Center is always available to assist our alumni, alumni associations and alumni volunteers with resources and information. The staff member who is in charge of alumni services is:

Ryan Gibbons
Coordinator of Alumni Engagement
(847) 424-3031
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Province Archons

The vision for Province Archons is to maintain communication with the Fraternity Service Center and Supreme Council related to chapters in his given province (region), attend both regional and Realm-wide events, and conduct business efficiently and professionally including: ensuring that a province officer visits chapters and alumni associations annually, maintaining and using province by-laws, ensuring that province (chapter & alumni) contact information is current, communicating with the staff and province council, and conducting a province event each year (Leadership School, convention, sports tournament). Additional volunteer opportunities are available within each province archon’s council.


Chapter Advisors

Chapter advisors are the most vital asset to a chapter other than university support. The vision is to offer professional leadership and management that offer continuity to the chapter’s operations and long-term success. Activities include, but are not limited to, assisting with alumni events and communications, encouraging the chapter’s attendance at both regional and national events, and communicating effectively with the university, Province Archons, and staff, and assisting the chapter in setting and evaluating goals, and ensuring that the chapter is properly reporting membership and contact information to the province and Fraternity Service Center. Chapters can have numerous advisers in their advisory board with defined roles under finance, Ritual, scholarship, recruitment, member education, alumni relations, or health & safety.


House Corporations

Chapter houses and lodges are a focal point of the fraternity experience for many chapters. Sigma Alpha Epsilon currently has more than 140 structures across the country. The responsibility of these structures is the shared partnership between the undergraduates and alumni that serve as house corporation board members. House corporation members provide leadership in maintenance, collections, food service, taxes and other regulatory measures required by the state, university or local community. House corporation members are provided resources by the Fraternity Service Center, as well as, information from the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC).

Alumni Associations

Two forms of alumni associations exist that offer members the opportunity to network and meet other brothers with a common understanding of friendship. Area alumni associations refer to a particular metropolitan area or state region, while chapter alumni associations have a specific tie to a chapter and have programs either associated with the chapter or benefiting the chapter. Alumni associations require volunteers to preside over their functions, communicate, recruit and attend the national convention as a voting delegate. If you have a question whether there is an alumni association in your area, check the directory or with our Coordinator of Alumni Engagement. 

Leadership School Faculty

For more than 80 years, the Fraternity has conducted our most successful program that is dependent on alumni involvement as faculty. Every August, alumni volunteer their time to come to leadership school and work with other distinguished alumni and undergraduate leaders on personal development and chapter-operations issues.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Numerous other opportunities exist for alumni to share their personal and professional experiences with the chapters collegiate by conducting professional development workshops (resume writing, interview skills, financial planning), attending recruitment events, assisting with ritual ceremonies or just being a mentor. Many of these opportunities require a limited investment of time, while offering a significant reward.

For specific information on any of the above opportunities, contact Coordinator of Alumni Engagement Ryan Gibbons at (847) 424-3031.



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