Levere memorial temple

Levere Memorial TempleHistory

Completed in 1930, the Levere Memorial Temple stands as the crown jewel of the Greek letter world.  The historic structure still preserves the past and works for Sigma Alpha Epsilon's future.  It houses the offices of the Fraternity Service Center composed of the three administrative and management organizations of Sigma Alpha Epsilon: the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation, and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Financial and Housing Corporation.

For more than 80 years, the Temple has been admired by those who have worked within its walls, toured its majestic rooms, and even lived under its roof.  It has been lovingly perfected, preserved, and protected, standing today as testament to the vision of those who dreamed, so many years ago, of building a national shrine to Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The Levere Memorial Temple depends on donations made to the SAE Annual Loyalty Fund.  Please consider donating to help us maintain and preserve this architectural treasure.



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