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The main phone number for the Fraternity Service Center is (847) 475-1856 or (800) 233-1856. The extensions for staff members are listed below unless another phone number is listed. Please note, office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

To see a listing of our field-staff team members, who are not based at our headquarters and who work specifically with our groups, alumni and campus communities, CLICK HERE.

To contact us, please CLICK HERE, and your inquiry will be routed to the correct department.


Office of the Executive Director

Eminent Supreme Recorder &
Executive Director
Blaine Ayers
Ext. 246

Manager of Special Projects and Services
Teresa Hightower
Ext. 233

General Counsel and Director of Health & Safety
Clark Brown
Ext. 210

Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Ashlee Canty
Ext. 220

Associate Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
Deran Abernathy
(847) 513-2376


Chief Financial Officer
Bill Nelson
Ext. 204

Manager of Finance
Dalphin Thomas-Hill
Ext. 206

Dan Stanczak
Ext. 205

Information & Technology

Chief Information Officer
Patrick Stiff
Ext. 207

Communications & Marketing

Associate Executive Director of Communications/Media Spokesperson
Brandon Weghorst
Ext. 238

Director of Communications
Matt Alaio
Ext. 226

Educational Programs

Director of Educational Programs
James Irwin
Ext. 232

Coordinator of Educational Programs
Gage Woolley
Ext. 227

Member Services

Director of Member Services
Mary Ann Kilb
Ext. 228

Coordinator of Member Services
Ross Pometta
Ext. 217


President and CEO
Will Grimsley
(847) 309-9177

Chief Information Officer
Patrick Stiff
Ext. 207

Director of Advancement
William Winstead
(847) 513-2374

Associate Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
Deran Abernathy
(847) 513-2376

Manager of Annual Giving & Database Operations
Evelina Lipecka
Ext. 208

Foundation Coordinator of Advancement
Alistair Moussa
Ext. 231

Coordinator of Advancement
Sydney Clark
Ext. 213

Financial & Housing Corporation

Associate Executive Director for SAE Financial & Housing Corporation
Gregory Somers
(773) 590-1056

Finance Manager
Jonathan Sharp
Ext. 216

Coordinator of Leasing and Membership
Rachel Mitchell
Ext. 240




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