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Sigma Alpha Epsilon contracts with numerous companies from time to time to produce official Fraternity merchandise. In turn, the organization receives a portion of the funds from sales. Sigma Alpha Epsilon encourages its members to support its affinity marketing partners and their respective products.

The Greek Marketplace for Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon sells a number of official merchandise for members to enjoy, from ties to flags to stationery. The Fraternity sells these items through a third-party vendor called the Greek Marketplace, which has a section dedicated solely to Sigma Alpha Epsilon members. To visit the Greek Marketplace and to order merchandise online, click HERE.

Affinity Marketing Partners & Officially Licensed Products

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has dozens of affinity marketing partners that offer specialized merchandise and services, from dues collection to composite photography to screenprinters. We update the list of merchants regularly and encourage our members to support them since they are officially licensed vendors. If you see the seal, you know we endorse it.

To see the list of current affiinty marketing partners and the services they offer, visit our custom site by clicking HERE.




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