A gift of your appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares is an ideal way to support the Campaign to Advance SAE. In addition, transferring the securities prior to liquidation will help you to avoid capital gains taxes.

Gifts of stock may be made via electronic transfer. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation maintains a brokerage account with Pershing LLC for the purpose of processing stock transfers.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation cannot initiate stock transfers on your behalf. You must contact your broker directly.

If securities are electronically transferred, the gift date is the date the securities enter our account at Pershing LLC. For hand-delivered securities to the Foundation, the gift date is the date received. If the securities are mailed to the Foundation, the gift date is the date of the mailing (recommended by registered mail).

Stock market fluctuations after the date of delivery will not affect the charitable deduction for tax purposes.

If you are making a donation of stock near the year end, please be sure to call both the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation and your brokerage firm to ensure the stock is transferred before the New Year.

Given the nature of the transaction, if you wish to make a gift of stock, please contact Patrick Stiff at the Foundation at (847) 424-3007 or




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