Foundation Mission

Established  in 1927 as the Levere Memorial Foundation, the non-profit corporation of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was created to generate funds for the construction and maintenance of the Levere Memorial Temple and its artifacts; to establish and grant scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate brothers; and to “receive funds, donations, bequests, legacies, endowments, and gifts, both real and personal for the furtherance of the objects and purposes of the Foundation.”

It was not until eight years later, when John O. Moseley organized the first Leadership School in 1935, that the Foundation began raising private funds to defray costs of educational Fraternity events. Presently, in addition to preparing undergraduate SAEs for life during and after college by co-funding Leadership School, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation, which adopted its current name in 1993, also funds the True Gentleman Initiative.

More than 50,000 brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have made at least one charitable contribution to the Foundation over the past eight decades. More than 6,000 of them, known as Founder Members (see annual and lifetime giving levels), have contributed a cumulative lifetime total of at least $1,000 and are recognized as such on the walls of Nippert Hall in the Levere Memorial Temple.  Of these distinguished brothers, more than 20 have joined the Foundation’s highest gift recognition level, Foundation Fellow, with cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 or more.


Since 1927

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