Fraternity Laws & Policies

Sigma Alpha Epsilon issues a number of publications with the purpose of informing and educating our members and other constituents. All of the major publications and resources can be found at our educational-resource website, know as the True Gentlemen Initiative, at

Two of the most important publications related to protocols, rules and regulations in Sigma Alpha Epsilon include the Fraternity Laws and Minerva’s Shield, our health-and-safety program. You can view the digital version of each of these documents below. They are public documents that serve as excellent resources.



The Fraternity Laws

This publication outlines the national by-laws and governance of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and its entities.

Fraternity Laws (PDF)



Minerva's Shield

This guide contains the health-and-safety regulations for Sigma Alpha Epsilon's members.

Minerva's Shield (PDF)



Scope of Association

This link includes text for the Scope of Association, which applies to every one of Sigma Alpha Epsilon's members.

Scope of Association



The Good Samaritan Policy

This link includes text for the Good Samaritan Policy, which encourages members to dial 9-1-1 when the situation merits such action.

The Good Samaritan Policy



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